EMBASSY self-titled LP (More Excellent 90's Hardcore!)

Like the DOWNCAST records I also posted, this is 90's emotional hardcore (aka "emo") at it's finest! So much was great about that era of music & camaraderie in punk. I can't even adequately explain it most of the time. It's just a feeling that I'll always have with me. Now THAT sounds emo! m//r

DOWNCAST 7" & LP Records In Full Here-- (Great 90's hardcore!)

Well well well...I hadn't really listened to this 7" record in about 12+ years or so, but I played it yesterday, along with DOWNCAST's self-titled album.  The music is on my hard drive, and it's labelled as the "original mix."  So I guess it was re-mixed (and maybe remastered?) and re-released.  I don't know for sure, but there was probably a situation where the whole band thought the original mix "can suck it" so they reinterpreted the record for future pressings.  This is what JUDGE did, eh?  The Chung King produced album mix wasn't up to speed--well either the mix or simply a shitty recording.  So JUDGE went ahead & re-recorded the album & thus "Bringing It Down" was born!  And Revelation Records pressed up 100 copies of the og mix, making it a collectors item!  Someone told me recently that a "Chung King Can Suck It" album went for $3,500 on Ebay!!! Holy shitzzle!  
But this post is about DOWNCAST  not JUDGE.  This raw-as-fuck recording is bloody powerful!!!  I'm digging it & feel the emotion seething through.  Good, good stuff!  Early 90's emotional-political-hardcore at it's finest! m//r

P.S. I'm sure you can find a download link somewhere. I did.

"Jesus The Real Story" BBC4 Documentary in Three Parts--

This is an excellent, in-depth, well researched & presented documentary. I have seens dozens & dozens of these types of films, but this one stands out above the rest.
I also recently watched a quality documentary about Jesus & Buddhism, a topic that I'm very interested in!  I have several books exploring the thesis that Jesus went to live, study, and teach in Eastern Asian countries. Cool stuff. m//r



"Mystery of the Man Who Fell to Earth" Short BBC Story--

This is just plain weird with a large dose of sad. African man falls from a passenger airline & lands in a British street. Apparently he was a stowaway in the plane's landing gear compartment and when the plane was preparing to land & the wheels lowered, he fell to earth. WOW.

UFOs Crop Circle In depth view Live Crop Circle made by UFO and Crop Cir...

This is incredible! Watch are UFO "orbs" make beautiful crop circle patterns in a wheat field. Amen. m//r


"Punk's Not Dead" Documentary Worth Watching--

I finally watched this documentary film all the way through. Well almost all the way, I skipped ahead several times because I was sick of hearing about PENNYWISE & OFFSPRING! I tried to watch it a few other times but it seemed too rudimentary & pedestrian for me. I suppose I was somewhat wrong because it actually turned out to be quite good! All the bigger "punk" (hardcore?) bands of the past 25+ years are discussed & interviewed. All told this is a pretty enjoyable documentary. Check it out, along with the dozen or so other features of this type that are posted on YouTube. m//r.....see ya' in the pit!

New Books That Have Arrived in the Mail--

Let me just say that I STILL LOVE getting mail! Real, physical, tangible mail.  "Snail-mail" so to speak. [I wonder where that term first originated? And by whom?]  In the early to mid 90's I had a post office box (p.o. box), especially useful when I was doing 'Book of Lies' fanzine (which incidentally never actually got finished & printed. In many ways this blog is a continuation of that 'zine) & receiving lots & lots of mail, music for review, letters, and ads for records & labels. Over a fifteen year period or so I had two different p.o. boxes. Nowadays the mail just gets delivered to my house & is more convenient than having to go check the ole' p.o. box everyday or so.  But little else has changed & I still get excited whenever the mail lady comes! I'm blessed to receive so many books, magazines, journals, fanzines, & letters! But in my insatiable thirst, it's still 'never enough.'  This is one of my biggest character defects. And believe me, I'm working on it (kind of).
Here are several books that I've received over the past week. m//r


Cleveland Bound Death Sentence Discography CD--

A masterpiece!!
Aaron Cometbus, the author/artist/mastermind behind Cometbus fanzine, plays drums in this band and wrote many of the lyrics!  He also played drums in legendary punkrock band, CRIMPSHRINE in the late 80's/early 90's (at least I THINK that's when they were active! Check the Lookout Records website from more info on CRIMPSHRINE.  Also check the Microcosm Publishing & Distro site for info on Cometbus 'zine!)  If you are NOT familiar with Cometbus, than I don't even know what to tell you.  Cometbus is one of the greatest fanzines ever produced!  Aaron's writing is just so awesome & he is hands down the BEST storyteller I've ever come across!  He's been doing the 'zine since the early 80's as well as being active in the punk scene.  From what I know, CLEVELAND BOUND DEATH SENTENCE is kind of a "superstar of punk" band.  At least one, if not two, of the members are also in Minneapolis punk-pop legends DILLINGER FOUR!  Get into it!  And get the CRIMPSHRINE album, "Duct Tape Soup" or the 7" record, "Sleep, What's That?" 


Large Project Underway at the M//R HQ!!!--

It's late right now (2:00 a.m. Fri nite / Sat a.m.) and I'm in the middle of starting a big project.  Sorting through thousands of books and fanzines in my storage units.  I want to post meaningful quotes from the tons of 'zines I have, as well as scan a lot of them.  I've gotta' find that blog that posts scanned fanzines from the hardcore scene.  There's also a blog that posts full fanzines from the vegan/animal liberation scene of the 80's, 90's, & 00's.  I've got some "Dressed In Black" & "Arkangel" fanzines--for the radical Animal Liberation Front types out there. I plan on getting dozens if not hundred's of fanzines scanned in the next couple of weeks.  I've also got tons & tons of flyers to scan into this here computer!
Yep, I'll have my hands full for a while!


DISCHARGE "Fight Back E.P." 1980 This is the tits!--

This is an awesome 7" record!!! I've gotta' be honest & say that I never got into these guys back in the 80's when I first discovered hardcorepunk. I can't say why & I just don't know. I dove head first (pun intended!) into hardcore & punk as a kid, but there's only so much you can hear in one era of life! Thank God for the internet & file sharing in 2013! But yeah, this is a classic record. The true originators of the style known as "D-Beat hardcore." Man, it seems like DISCHARGE released (pun intended, again! get it...) a shit-ton of 7" records in a very short amount of time. I'm going to post a lot of them as I find 'em. Get into it, NOW!!! m//r Take care of each other & the planet.


BAD BRAINS Live in Florida,1987--

-----> Edit June 22, 2013: Here we have an incredible set from BAD BRAINS in 1987!!!  This show starts off with an extremely pumped up HR at his finest! He knows all the lyrics, sings them just like on the album, & is chock full of energy! I love it! This video is about a year before I got to see BAD BRAINS for the first (& only???) time, here in Detroit at the legendary St. Andrew's Hall! I remember going to the show with, I think, Marshall Grady, Josh Rousseau  and Tatha Carli (R.I.P.).  Yeah, it was '88 or '89....That was such a fantastic fun-filled night! The club reeked of marijuana smoke, and there were positive vibes amongst all the punks, skins, hardcore kids, hippie-ish pseudo rasta's, and various other folks in the crowd. BB were at their peak, IMHO. The played a set, took a 15 minute break and then played the rest of their set! I remember a guy I knew from Ann Arbor was in the pit barefoot!!! LOL, yeah kinda' weird. Only at a BAD BRAINS show! Everyone knows that they kinda' went downhill after that. Not immediately after, but soon enough. HR lost his mind and went off the deep end. 
About ten years ago a friend saw them play and HR was wearing a motorcycle helmet singing to an imaginary bird in a birdcage he was holding! Haha!!! Also, HR doesn't seem to remember his own lyrics or even care enough to try miming them.  I will say that the rest of the band still seem to rip just as hard as they did in 1982! 
OK friends, enjoy this video.  I've got a bunch of stuff to do here at the MASS//RETALIATION HQ, sorting through thousands of books & fanzines from the past 30 years of my life.  I'll post more about this later. m//r


" Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer " Documentary--

Here we have an excellent movie on prayer & meditation. More specifically, the "Jesus Prayer." It is a prayer of the Eastern Orthodox & Eastern Catholic faith's. Thousands of monks & priests have been saying this prayer since who-knows-when! It is an ancient prayer, and a simple one. "Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Amen." There is also a great book that recently came out that is kind of the same thing as this movie. It's an interesting read.

THE BRETHREN: A Documentary About the World's Northernmost Orthodox Monastery--

Eastern Orthodox Christian monastery. Meditation time, solitude & prayers. I love this kind of stuff. One day I just may take monastic vows. I've been celibate for basically three years now, live simply & modestly, eat very little, & I don't own expensive, flashy things....Unless books, magazines, and fanzines count as "flashy!" I try to love. I try not to belittle and hurt people. Do I fall short? Yes, of course, everyday, every minute, all the time. I'm a puny human. But I'm also a child of God. I have a purpose, a reason, and a RIGHT to be here. I try to thank God everyday for giving me life. I try my hardest not to kill myself with alcohol & tobacco. I try. All I can do is try. m//r ♥



"The Heritage Of St. Paul In Orthodox Spirituality Pt. 1: A Word from the Holy Fathers"

Here we have a link to a great podcast from Ancient Faith Radio, one of my favorite Eastern Orthodox websites/podcasts/internet radio stations.   "A.F.R." has sooooo many GREAT shows & podcasts! 
Get into it! ♥ m//r

"The Heritage Of St. Paul In Orthodox Spirituality Part 1: A Word from the Holy Fathers" via Ancient Faith Radio--(link)

The Art of Punk - Black Flag - Art + Music - MOCAtv

A most excellent brand new documentary! Interviews with Rollins, Keith Morris, Raymond Pettibon, Chuck Dukowski, and many others (including Flea from RHCP!) This is really neat, and I'm psyched to have found it on YT for free! Get into it! m//r



Mikey Is Getting Old, Old, Old. It's His Time (Cat Content)

Warning, sad content: We have an old-ass cat here who must be 16-17 years old now. I think he has arthritis & obesity. He is over 20 pounds now. His fur is matted in thick, giant clumps. He doesn't do anything but eat and sleep. My mama can't afford him anymore. She has been asking us to take him to the Humane Society of Washtenaw County for YEARS now. My brother & I finally looked into it and it's a $20 "surrender fee" to have him euthanized.  So we will have to take him there this week. It needs to be done and I feel bad, but what else can we do?  His name is "Mikey" and he was my (our) cat for many, many years. Goodbye Mikey, it was a pleasure having your company. I'll see you on the other side.

Something To Think About


" The Apocalypse Conspiracy: Illuminati World War III " Manufactured False Flag Attacks via the US Govt--

Great, albeit long, documentary on....well, everything. 
Get into it! 
♥ m//r

Sat. June 10, 2005--

Yesterday was June 10. It would have been my 8th wedding anniversary. On that date in 2005 I married my soulmate. At least I thought she was my soulmate. We had been together for over five years then. Marriage seemed the logical next move, at least to her it did. Needless to say it didn't work out. Still, when June 10 rolls around, it's always a bit difficult for me. TODAY's meditation from one of my little books said: "Trust Me and don't be afraid, for I am your Strength & Song..." I like that. God is all powerful. He is always here with me. He is everywhere. There is nowhere that He isn't. He is the creator of everything I can & can't see. There is so much more to life than just THIS. Than just NOW. Yet THIS & NOW are all I have. And I don't even have it. Neither do you. Only one person does, and that person is God. Forever present in the Holy Trinity. Three Persons in One. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. 
Always here. 
Always with me. 

SHELTER "Saranagati" Lyrics & Video--

Such a great song! Such great lyrics!  Hare Krishna, love the Lord. Get into it.
Take care & use love, please. m//r

"People in this world actually claim they possess,

land and sky and water, but they try to forget,
That everything that they build and everything that
they kill, was handed to them by YOUR free will.
Second hand gods, that's all we are. Not
creating... manipulating, and leaving the scars.
Robbing form the earth and stealing from the trees.
Not out of need but greed and false prestige.
But it's all YOURS ! What can we own? Not family,
property,.... it's all on loan.
But our miserly minds, of "I", "ME", and "MINE"
Fight in wars for what's not ours so here's my plea
for SARANAGATI; surrender.
I'm trying to understand YOU'RE the Supreme Friend.
YOU'RE beside me and you guide me like no one else
Help me see YOU in everything and everything in
When will I appreciate all that YOU do?
Even pain in this world is to help us see the reality
of material misery.
Please help me transcend, I want it to end.
Happiness without YOU, I can only pretend.
And 'cause YOU'RE so kind, YOU give us a mind to
choose to love YOU or leave YOU behind.
Forgetting reality, we create this duality.. and I'm
sick of this fallacy......
YOU'RE the roots of creation and we're just some
Leaves. By fufilling YOUR desire, we find our relief.
Enjoyment apart form YOU just creates more grief.
These leaves become dry, we cry, and drop with the
I've tried to gratify my senses, but what have I
Gained? This so-called pleasure is just a cessation
of pain.
Fooled myself with love, again and again. Attracted
by romance and smashed in the end.
Surrounded by people, but left all alone. And even
amongst friends, I felt far from home.
We're one with each other, but You're different from me
Like a drop from the sea
....If we want to be free...."

SAMIAM " Home Sweet Home " One Of My Favorite "Emo" Songs--


" Pyramids of Bosnia " & " Exotic Energy Generation " Two Great Documentaries--

Did you know there are ancient pyramids in the country of Bosnia? I only learned this fact recently on my journey of pyramidology! I love this stuff! from what I know there is some controversy involving the pyramids & the Bosnian government. Ostensibly the govt is pretending like the pyramids don't exist, that they are simply hills that LOOK like pyramids! But when some notable pyramid experts investigated the situation, they concluded that these are in fact pyramids dating back 10,000 or more years! Like I said, I'm just learning more about these, so I don't know a whole lot yet. But I will mos def write some when I get it sorted out.

Cheers! m//r


" The Great Pyramid: Gateway to the Stars " Documentary Movie Based on "The Orion Mystery" Book--

This is great! Lots of great information in this 45 minute documentary movie. I love discovering new videos on YouTube, but I hate it when folks re-upload a video with a different name!  Ugggh!  I click on the video only to discover that I've already seen it.  Oh well, high class problems, I've got. m//r

" 97% Owned - Economic Truth " Excellent Documentary--

The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11


" Arkangel " Animal Liberation Fanzine available for download

 I found this neat little site that has many old fanzines available for download,
including "Arkangel."  This is cool because I just recently dug out an old issue
of this fantastic militant animal liberation fanzine/magazine from my storage
unit in the basement of my mother's apartment.  Surfing around the web, looking
for Pro-Life vegan websites (I simply cannot understand how one can be vegan
but NOT be anti-abortion?!?  WTF?!?  How does that work?
Anyhow, happy to learn that there are a significant number of Pro-Life & anti
abortion vegans out there, and they are VERY vocal about it!  OK, in the spirit
of full disclosure, I will say that I am NOT vegan anymore.  And I haven't been
for a long, long time.  I was vegan in the mid 90's but stopped for a couple of years
due to circumstances out of my control.  In 1998 I went vegan again, and sold out
in 2007 or so.  It is something that was very important to me at one time though
it no longer is the most important thing to me.  I am VERY anti-abortion though.
And I know that one day soon I will have an easier time with life & thus I will
be able to follow a vegan lifestyle at that time.
Check out this site and download some 'zines!!!

"Arkangel Animal Liberation Fanzine" (link)
(Edit Aug 10, 2013 --this link seems to be dead.  I will try to find another source for this great fanzine.)

Neumann Press Is Closing Shop--

Neumann Press are an awesome publisher of quality Catholic literature.  The founder, Dennis McCoy, passed away in April.
He wrote me a heartfelt letter & sent me two free books a couple of years ago, as well as several back issues of the magazine they publish, The Catholic Hearth.  Such nice, wonderful & beautiful people.    My thoughts & prayers are with his family.  R.I.P.

On This Date in 1967 Israeli Military Attacked an American Ship--

Terrorist attack. 
June 8, 1967 the USS Liberty was savagely attacked by the Israeli military ships & planes.  34 people were instantly killed--blown to bits, literally.  Hundreds more were wounded. There still has never been a REAL investigation into this.  An extremely sad day for the world. Israel holocausted our American serviceman while they were legally working in international waters.  After it was all said & done the crooked, dirty, lying Israelis claimed it was a case of mistaken identity, which is complete & utter bullshit. 

Our American government is occupied by a foreign power: Israel.  AIPAC has politicians in their front pocket. It can't get much worse than it is now. 

R.I.P. to those who lost their lives on that tragic day.


Current Playlist For the Soundtrack To My Life--

Do not be mistaken by this post, I am NOT suicidal.  Depressed some, maybe.  Pissed off & angry?
Yeah, some. I've been told by a couple of people lately that I seem to be "full of anger."  I wouldn't say that I'm full of anger though.  Like all human being, I am multi-faceted and at times a walking contradiction of myself.  I do want there to be love & understanding at every step of the way in my life.  I do want there to be peace everywhere in the world.  I do want for everyone to get along & work together for the common benefit.  But we all know that you can't always get what you want.  Even the ROLLING STONES knew that!  So some of the time I am extremely angry & bitter & some of the time I'm super positive, optimistic, happy & content.  I suppose that when I was younger, as a little punk rock teenager, I was very angry all the time.  That seemed to be the nature of being punk.  You were angry at society, the world, and the rulers of this fucked up system.  THAT's what punk rock was all about, or so I thought.
But now, today, being a bit older I don't necessarily see things the same way.  Also, being forced to play the hand I've been dealt has given me a different perspective on things.  However I suppose I'm a bit more outspoken when I'm angry, so I see how some friends could convict me of being "full of anger." Because, after all, when you stand accused of something, you must be ready to be convicted.
Still--as always--take care of each other & look out for one another. And enjoy the music here.
We're all in this together. m//r







New Books I'm Digging--

Well, of course we here at m//r love books & love reading in general!

I spend more than I earn, on books. Huh? No, it doesn't make any sense to me either.

Here's what I've got new to dig into:

"Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel"
  -by Len Kasten

"On Being Catholic"
  -by Thomas Howard

"The Secret History of Consciousness: Ancient Keys to Our Future Survival"
  -by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

"Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny, and Fate"
  -by Gregg Braden

"Breaking the Mirror of Heaven: The Conspiracy to Suppress the Voice of Ancient Egypt"
  -by Robert Bauval & Ahmed Osman

"Forbidden Science: From Ancient Technologies to Free Energy"
  -edited by J. Douglas Kenyon

"X - Events: Complexity Overload & the Collapse of Everything"
  -by John Casti

"Pope Francis"
  -by Matthew E. Bunson, D.Min.


Got Several New Books In the Mail Today & Learned To Control My Mouth & My Brain--

It was a good mail day today. After being a shitty day early on, the mail lady came & brightened things up for me a bit.  Other than that my "boss" still didn't pay me today!!! I called him last night to ask him if he could please drop off my check to me this morning, since he DID say he was going to pay me today, and he told me no, he couldn't bring it to me because he wasn't even gonna' be around today!  What?!?  He told me two Friday's ago that he couldn't pay me that day but he would pay me on Tues., after the holiday. Then on Tues. he said we weren't working that day--ostensibly due to rain--but we would be working on Wed. So I assumed he'd pay me Wed. Nope. He told me there wasn't much more work for me, but he'd have a check first thing Mon. morning for me. That's why I called him last night. I tried calling him today but there's no answer. He DID tell me last night that he had another big job & needed me this week, so we'll see. But he already owes me over $300 and I'm not sure I want to work for him anymore. Things could change, and I do need the money. I've got some serious bills that need my attention, not to mention rent that is past due now. Last night he promised me a check this Friday. Hmmm. Seems like he's dodging me. Fortunately for me I made him cut me a check last week for $240, but he asked me not to cash it yet, that he'd pay me my full amount due a.s.a.p. So I've been holding off on putting this check through, but if, by this Fri., he doesn't pay me the full sum of what I'm owed, I'll cash this check and cut me losses. Lesson learned. when dealing with racist, half-assed, inbred, 21 yr old chodes, BE CAREFUL. 
That's my rant on the b.s. of the day. If it's not one thing it's another. I've had some comfort with my Christian meditation lately. Between Eucharistic Adoration & some mystical Christianity (of the Roman Catholic variety) books I've got my nose in, I've been able to sleep a little easier, and calm down when my mind gets to racing. I take comfort in knowing that my Lord, Jesus Christ, is with me all the time, at every step of the way. I try to picture Jesus sitting with me, at the end of my bed, verbally telling me, "it's all right My son."  THAT is a big help. Say what you may about my religious/spiritual leanings, but it works for me. "Restraint of pen & tongue" is about the greatest piece of advice I've ever read.
Use love. ♥ m//r
Here's a few of the titles the mail lady brought me today:

"The Dynamics of Israeli-Palestinian Relations: Theory, History, and Cases"

  -by Ben Soetendorp

"UFO Religion: Inside Flying Saucer Cults & Culture"
  -by Greg L. Reece

"The Station: Travels to the Holy Mountain of Greece"
  -by Robert Byron

......and a couple of history & religious books.


" Beings & Things: The Story of Love " (a short film of wisdom) Excellent Food For Thought--

Word to the wise. 

An excellent short film made by a Hare Krishna devotee, ostensibly to teach a lesson on the harmful element of "attraction" that is in all of us.  "One man's trash is another man's treasure."  He teaches us how we go through this life using people to meet our needs, to make us feel better, or to try to solve our problems.  I like the idea behind this vignette, but I feel like the filmmaker is assuming that we are all just simply materialist's with no spirituality injected into our day to day lives. I know for me at least, that isn't the case.  I TRY to be conscious of who & what I am using. That at least is a beginning. Though I don't consider myself to be a spiritual beginner, I'm also not a spiritual giant. Perhaps I'm somewhere in-between.

Watch this. Learn from it, perhaps. And give yourself a break. 
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is THAT bad in your life. A problem shared with someone else is a problem split in half. That's what my spiritual teachers always tell me. And I've found it to be the truth.
Use love. ♥ m//r 

" PSYCHEDELICKY Pt.1 " Playlist by Vadermask Check It Out // Remember We Are All Unique Beings--

I've got some pretty sweet playlists on my YouTube channel that are worth checking out!
This one is chock full of psychedelic music, as is part 2 of this theme! I think you will discover a bunch of new bands & artists by checking this out. I know I did, and that's why I decided to make some compilations of psychedelic rock-n-roll & folk music. I've also got some rad comps. of "death rock, dark-folk, pagan-folk, & Gothic music" on my channel, as well as other various interesting things!  David Icke says that we are each like an antenna, pulling in our own channel of knowledge & information in this world. I may not have explained that as eloquently as he does, but i think you catch my drift. And shit, if it isn't so true! If you look at this blog, my YouTube channel, my Tumbler & Flicker accounts, you will see a unique composition of who I am. sure, it won't be a complete picture of me, but it's a small representation. Nothing will replace face to face conversation, however. My human shell of a body is pulling in a completely unique set of "signals" thrown around by this material universe. Word to the wise.

Go easy. Step lightly. Stay free.
Get in to it! ♥  m//r


The EXPLOITED "Death Before Dishonour " Released in '87--

WOW, this is a great album! I've never heard it before. The only real EXPLOITED album I ever owned was the cassette version of "Live at the White House." Had that bad boy back in high school and I listened to it almost non-stop! Such a great album! Later on I heard them on one of those Oi! compilations, can't remember the name of the comp., but it seems like there were AT LEAST ten or more of them. "Oi! Chart Busters  maybe (???)

Well, enjoy this one, I know I am!

Another Friday night here in Little Detroit. Stayed sober all day, went to Eucharistic Adoration at 10pm - 11pm with Br. Mike & Br. Dave from the Benedictine monastery in Oxford, MICH. Had a very relaxing hour in front of & with, Jesus Christ. 'Twas a great way to wrap up my evening. I think I'm gonna stay up most of the night & edit this here blog. Maybe this weekend I'll re-do my Flicker page, and touch up my Tumblr. Might even condense some of my play lists on my Youtube channel. I think I ought to permanently post links, here on m//r, to all my other online manifestations. Yeah, that sounds like a plan for the weekend. Probably go to the huge AA meeting on Sat. night. Of course Sunday is the usual: Morning Holy Mass, followed by some reading here, then a nap, then some more reading.

LOL, listening to EXPLOITED always will remind me of the feud between SLAPSHOT & them. More like Choke (singer of SLAPSHOT) vs. Wattie. SLAPSHOT wrote that awesome song, "Punks Dead, You're Next" that appeared on the great "Sudden Death Overtime" LP in '88 or so. Some kids in Boston made the infamous stencil, to be spray painted everywhere, of a profile of Wattie in the cross hairs of a rifle, with the words, 'Punk's Dead, You're Next' above it! Man, when I was a teenage young punk hanging out in Boston, I saw that (now) iconic stencil all over the place, especially painted on the backs of leather jackets worn by straightedge kids & skinheads. Fun times. Fun times for sure. ♥
Take care of each other. m//r

" Journey Through the Universe at the Speed of Light " Awesome HD Video Exploring Our Universe!--

This is amazing to watch on full screen in 1080p! I'm pretty sure it's Alec Baldwin narrating this video. He has narrated at least one other video of this type, so it's a good guess he did this one. I think this might be from Discovery Channel but there are no breaks in it or annoying logos. It takes you on a guided tour all over our solar system & beyond, stopping off at various planets & moons to investigate! Pretty cool if you ask me! Get in to it! It really makes you realize how small and inconsequential & insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. ♥ m//r

" The Lost Gospels " An Excellent Documentary From BBC 4

This is by far one of the best mainstream documentaries on the Nag Hammadi & other Gnostic books that I have yet to come across. The host is an Anglican priest, but he is far from a closed minded Christian, unlike many other's in high-church Christology. I love reading about the different scts of early Christianity & hope to one day be able to visit the Holy Land. m//r