FRAIL " Live at Atomic Cafe " pt. #1

FRAIL was a hardcore-emo-punk band from the early to mid 1990's. They released a few 7" records and maybe one or two split 7" records. I think they were put out on the Kidney Room Records label, Yuletide Records, and Bloodlink Records. Later on in the late 90's maybe? Bloodlink put all their recorded material onto a convenient CD called, "Make Your Own Noise." They were a great live band, though unfortunately I never got to see them. :( I still listen to them regularly and I am amazed at how great & important hardcore was in the 90's. Here's a cool video from a live show in that era.   Enjoy!


" ConsciousMate: The Nag Hammadi Library "

 ConsciousMate is a fantastic website/blog!!!  HAD to post this link up here! Get into it!

ConsciousMate: The Nag Hammadi Library (link)   

" Hidden Human History" Excellent Documentary

I really enjoyed this animated documentary on the history of the human race.  This is certainly in direct contrast to what we learned in school growing up!  Check it out & see what you think. Remember, always use love. ♥♥♥


The Chronicles of Thomas Frith, O.P.

The Chronicles of Thomas Frith, O.P. (link)

  I want to read this book. The life of a Dominican Friar whilst he was traveling around Eastern Europe. I love books like this, particularly chronicling the travels & exploits of an unknown (to me) brother from the Order of Preachers (O.P.). In some ways books like this remind me of all the punkrock travelogue-fanzines I used to read. "In Abandon" done by a kid from Tampa, FL named Mikey, comes to mind. That was a damn good 'zine! God bless you all! ♥♥♥


"The Book of the Secrets of Enoch" Free .pdf Link!!!

Here I am posting a link to a nice pdf copy of "The Secrets of the Book of Enoch." This, from what I understand, is also referred to the "Slavonic Enoch." Not so sure of what that means but it's what I have been told. I enjoy reading the Book of Enoch, and I'm told this "Secrets of Enoch" is a different book, though it's related to the Book of Enoch. I don't quite know what else to say about it. I'm not a biblical literature expert, or extra-biblical literature or apocryphal literature or whatever it would be called. I am a Catholic Christian with a HUGE interest in all the apocryphal writings that surround the Bible! Who isn't though? LOL, actually many people couldn't care less about this stuff. But I have friends who aren't even Christian's or believers in Jesus' life, but they still have an interest in the Bible and all the mysteries surrounding the spin-off writings such as this. Remember the (three part?) book called "The Bible Code"? I have the first one, and my friend has either the first or second one also. Yeah, I'm pretty sure there are three in the series. I haven't read my copy all the way through yet. But I have flipped through it and honestly it looks like a boring read. If I'm not mistaken it came out shortly after the "Davinci Code" movie came out. Yeah, that's when there was suddenly a HUUUUGE interest in all of this kind of stuff. Fine with me! Because even as a committed Catholic Christian, I still have a keen interest in it all. Remember, Always Use Love!
"The Book of the Secrets of Enoch (also called The Slavonic Enoch)" (link to a free.pdf)


" The Zionist Story " You must watch this!!! ♥

This is a fantastic video!  Educate yourself on the evils of modern day Zionism, as well as
it's terrible roots!  Then remember that modern Zionist's and their agenda(s) are promulgated
by pounding into everyone's head that  this Jewish Holocaust™ was the WORST thing that has
ever happened in the history of the earth!  Which is so laughable and so far from the truth that it
just makes one sick to keep hearing about it!  A farce!  A lie!  The Holocaust™ did NOT even 
happen the way the Zionist's keep telling us it did!

"A Devil in Disguise: Zionism and Its Threat to Christianity " pt. #1

Part one of a great series on the evils of Zionism, the massacre of the Palestinian people, the media manipulation, terrorist Israeli Jews, etc. Watch this. Have an open mind, don't be fooled by the garbage the Zionist run media tells you. You will learn a lot and it will surprise, sicken, and sadden
you. ♥♥♥


" The Triumph of Orthodoxy "

An interesting Eastern Orthodox video from YouTube.  Yes, I do post a lot of these videos,
but then again, it's MY blog, eh? ♥♥♥

The Oldest orthodox wooden church in the World 1346- Romania

" Orthodox Videos from 'TheMistAnchorite' " ♥♥♥

This first video is a short set of interviews & opinions on Eastern Orthodox Christianity. This is also a link to a playlist from a YouTube user, "The Mist Anchorite." Many of his (or her?) videos are great, though I have not seen all of them so I can't really comment. Check it out, learn more about the Orthodox Church, and form your own opinion. Personally I am Roman Catholic, but I have a shit ton of books written by Eastern Orthodox saints & authors. I love collecting icons and displaying them in my home. I pretty much agree with all of the tenets of the Orthodox faith, though I have yet to participate in a liturgy. I also love to read about the monastic area of Greece known as Mount Athos. Such a beautiful land and so mysterious! I am making it my life's goal to visit Mount Athos! Yes, that's a nice goal to have. I can die after that for I will have seen heaven. ♥♥♥


" Hidden World History " Classic Movie by Al Fry!

Classic movie / documentary about the New World Order & Zionist takeover of everything that we love & value in this world. This is happening now, as we speak. Zionist & AIPAC have infiltrated our government, says this video. This was made in the late 70's / early 80's, but it is still very relevant. Get into it! ♥

" The Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer " New Movie!!!