Pulled this demo tape out of my boxes at my mama's house & I have been jamming it regularly in the car's tape deck!! Haha, yes, the car is THAT old! This demo still rocks! And I'm pretty sure these kids were Canadian! (I say "were" because I know they've long since broken up.) Along with DRUG X TEST & RISKY BUSINESS, they've stood the test of time. Get into it f00ls!!


Awesomely Great Blog I Discovered--

Great travel blog with cool art (link)


"It's Alright" --(Even when Push Comes to Shove) TRAVELING WILBURYS song in my head...

--things are gonna be okay.
It's all gonna work out.
I'm learning new things -beautiful things- everyday.
I've really got a lot of people who love me.
And I love them back.
It's alright...

this guy...

Fear of Losing the Known--

“Nobody is afraid of the unknown, what you really fear is loss of the known”
-Anthony DE Mello   (Catholic mystic, priest, & author)


Some More Books to Brag About & A New Picture of Me!! ♥

The past two weeks or so have seen me inundated with an amazing array of great reading material!
In addition to a shit ton of magazines & journals, I've been blessed with some mighty fine books.

Here is a partial list, which also includes some older books I've yet to read fully.
I did get thoroughly into a book I picked up several weeks ago, "Petrus Romanus: the Final Pope is Here"  by T. Horn & C. Putnam.   Despite it's obvious anti-Catholic bigotry, it's very interesting and an exciting read!


Some Awesome Quotes--

"The Lord has shown that we cannot have the good work of perfect love if we only love those from whom in turn we know the return of mutual love will be paid in kind.  Hence the Lord wishes us to overcome the common law of human love by the law of Gospel love, so that we may show the affection of our love not only toward those who love us but even toward our enemies."

  - St. Chromatius of Aquileia (d. 406)

"It is certainly a finer and more wonderful thing to change the mind of enemies to another way of thinking than to kill them... The mystery [of the Eucharist] requires that we should be innocent not only of violence but of all enmity, however slight, for it is the mystery of peace."

  - St. John Chrysostom (347 - 407)

R.I.P. to my beautiful & awesome Grandmother--

Mi abuela!  An incredibly generous & beautiful woman, who passed away yesterday at the age of 93.
She lived a full & amazing life.  I hope she is reunited with my Papi, who passed away thirty years ago.  And they are both comforted by the amazing beauty of our Lord & Savior, Jesus the Christ.  No regrets and little sadness.  Mostly I feel blessed to have her generosity & love all these years.
Here I'm posting a photo of her when she was a beautiful young heartbreaker in Bogota, Colombia.

My father flew to Bogota this morning.  I wish I could be there for her memorial & funeral, but it's just not possible. I will, however, pray for her soul in front of & with the company of, Jesus Christ tomorrow evening when I spend an hour with Him in front of the Blessed Sacrament at Eucharistic Adoration.  And of course, she is always in my prayers.  R.I.P. abuela.  I love you.  m//r


The Pain..... (an original poem & a SOIA song with it...) still lingers.  It probably won't  ever  go  away.
It's like a blanket I wear around me, all the time.
It's heavy. 
It hurts.
There is no "out."
What do others do?
What do YOU do?
My uncle took his life in 2011.
Some say he didn't end his pain.
He just passed it along to others.
I don't think he had the answer.
Who does?
What is it?
I look in the mirror & I see nothing.
The Mirror of Emptiness.
It's gone.
It fled.
It left me behind.
The pain it still lingers.
God knows. 
God knows it still lingers.


this sums it all up...SOIA  SICK OF IT ALL


Annunaki Don't Watch this Film!!! (great short documentary movie!!!)

SLAPSHOT "Insomnia" Get into it! ~

From the most hated SLAPSHOT album, "Unconsciousness" produced by the almighty Steve Albini.  Albini was, of course, the genius behind BIG BLACK, RAPEMAN, and SHELLAC.  He also played in PEGBOY for a bit. PEGBOY is ex-NAKED RAYGUN, of course.  Well this SLAPSHOT album does have a few gems on it, but "Insomnia" is not one of them.  It is an Ok song though.   Mos def weird for this "straightedge hardcore" powerhouse to write these kind of songs. Enjoy! m//r


A Plethora of New Buddhist Books--

Hot damn on fire!  Yesterday saw the arrival of seven awesome Buddhist books from the monks of the Thai Forest tradition monastery in Redwood, California!!  
I also picked up a few great titles from a used bookstore.  These are mostly of the contemplative & mystical Christian tradition.  My spiritual collection is coming along nicely.  I'm am surely blessed to have a veritable library of knowledge at my fingertips!!  That to a lifetimes' worth of reading material.  I shall not be bored again.  This is love m//r


Book List Book List Book List Book List Book List--

Holy smokes! Dug out three more boxes of books from storage!  Including doubles & triples of a few.  Those will go to my friends Catholic Men's House, "Friends of the Master" in Ypsilanti.  I've already donated around one hundred books to them, with about another hundred waiting to be transported.
I've decided I need to really make a serious inventory of what's here. And it's just as easy to put it on my blog as it is to put it in one of my hand-written journals. Wish me luck! m//r
note: I am NOT including novels & fiction (for the most part)

"Journey into Orthodox Alaska" A BEAUTIFUL short film--

"Ancient Voyages to America: Who Were The First Explorers?"


A Beautiful Post From an Anonymous Blog About Addiction--

This came from a blog that I subscribe to, which was lifted from ANOTHER blog. Both are about addiction & mental illness.  Check it out.  Please pray for all the addicts out there who won't get the chance to grasp this awesome thing called recovery. Thank you. m//r

Superhuman Strength, Incredible Sexual Prowess--

Nutty, wild, insanely vivid dreams the past few nights!  What's going on?  Not that I mind having these crazy dreams, but it's a bit overwhelming.  Last night I dreamt the world was ending & I was on some kind of huge, giant craft--like a submarine only it wasn't underwater--and there were hundred's if not thousand's of other people on board with me.  I was partnered up with some cute girl and we were looking for the safest place to be on the ship!  I guess we were trying to hide our bodies, while also having sex, as some sort of gigantic storm was about to pass over us.  It was like a weird kind of wind/solar/heat storm that also carried a humungous snake-like creature with it!  This "snake" or dragon was attempting to squeeze through one of the somehow open windows of the vessel.  I could see it.  It was terrifying.  We eventually reached our destination, which was a new and recreated version of Earth!!!  Somehow this girl & I were still running.  I got the feeling her & I were outlaws and we were wanted by the invading "creatures."  These creatures had successfully brainwashed the remaining humans into doing whatever they wanted them to do.....Just so fuckin' weird & scary.  I don't know what to make of it. m//r


"The Whole Jewish, Illuminati, Federal Reserve, Israel, Zionist, 9/11 Con" Controversial Video // Please Watch

...I may not agree with ALL of this, but Mr. Pierce does have many great, accurate, pithy, & succinct points.  Please watch this short video with an open mind, and then think for yourself, do your own research, and enter into debates & discussions with kindness, love, and well meaning
But don't hate.  It's just NOT worth it.  That is exactly what the crooked Zionist kosher killers of Wall St. & the Federal Reserve have been doing for the past several decades.  I will not fall for their hate.  My blood sometimes boils & I'm filled with anger, but I refuse to hate any longer.  This entire world is polluted with it.  I'm opting for love, understanding, and acceptance.  However, we still need to spread the word about exactly WHO the 1% is and the incredible influx & influence from a TINY minority of the American people collectively known as the Jews.  Again, I do not hate them & not all folks of Jewish heritage are "evil" or "out to get us."  But when you do the research (and it's not all that hard) you will learn some starting new facts that you most likely have NEVER known about before.  Good luck, and keep on keeping on.
Use love. 


Some More Reading Material Worth Mentioning--

This week the mailman brought me the new issue of "Sophia: Journal of the Melkite Catholic Church."  I plan on writing more about this real soon, because this issue is full of excellent articles (many of them reprinted from other more obscure & hard to find sources.)  Some great features about the work our new Pope & others in the Roman Catholic & Eastern Catholic Churches are doing to attempt to heal the schism between us & our Orthodox Christian brothers & sisters.

I also received the new issue (a double issue at that!) of "Orthodox Word" published by the St. Herman of Alaska monastery in CA., as well as two other Eastern Orthodox journals from two other monasteries here in America.

"Our Whole Attitude & Outlook Upon Life Will Change"--

I have been reading & re-reading many of my Buddhist "self-help" books lately.  There is something that I have been desperately been wanting to work on for a while now, and that is my extreme tendency to worry...  "Worrying is being afraid of being afraid."  Or, "worrying is borrowing pain that hasn't happened yet."  I'm not exactly sure where those two quotes came from, so I can't give credit, but they are very succinctly stated!  I made a conscious decision to STOP worrying & STOP filling myself with unneeded anxiety.  Tomorrow hasn't happened (yet) & nothing can be done about yesterday, it's finished.  Almost everything happening in my world is out of my control.  I need to fully surrender to God and do my best to follow His will.  Let things fall into place where they may and not "force" things to happen.  As it stands now, I do pray "unceasingly" as it says in the Bible.  My prayer life isn't restricted to any certain time(s) of the day; I pray continuously.  At minimum I recite the Jesus Prayer often: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner."  I also ask Him for help each morning & thank Him for His help each night as I'm falling asleep.  I try to make a gratitude list daily--either in my head or on paper.  I know I have a lot to be grateful for, and I have things that many people would love to have.  However, I seem to worry unnecessarily.  I feel my stomach tied up in knots more often than not.  And my heart seems to be constantly racing or palpitating.  I'm probably a good candidate for an anti-anxiety med such as Xanax or Klonopin.  But those things cloud my mind and create more problems than they solve.  So these Buddhist books on eliminating worry from my life are a huge help.  Again, just making a conscious decision to STOP the worry & mind racing is a huge help.  This is a problem I will continue to work on and I will continue to write about.
 Stay happy & keep your head up, kiddo. m//r