HEADACHES "Same Old Story" Catchy Hardcore from Australia!--

Real great catchy hardcore punk from Australia! This is great. I need to download some more new hardcore from the land down under! Kind of reminds me of SNUFF, at least the chorus does, anyhow. There are so many great bands from Australia & New Zealand these days! Makes me excited that hardcorepunk is still alive & wide awake all over the world! Just because we are getting older, less active & more jaded, doesn't mean that the rest of the "kids" are! It's admittedly much harder these days to be as involved with the "scene" as I once was.
But no matter what, we gotta' keep the faith! ♥ m//r 


Omni Christian Book Club // Short Tyrant on Zionist Jewish Interests

And yet another Traditionalist Catholic website for your edification!  
This website appears to be much more radical than the others.  In fact I found out about it through the
'Southern Poverty Law Center' site, where they explain that this "Traditionalist Catholic" movement
is anti-Semitic, hateful, and full of a bunch of "hate-mongers!!!"  These reactionist, Jewish Zionist's are so 
bloody quick to label everyone else as "hater's" & are nonstop whining (what Jewish Zionists do best!)
that everyone is 'out to get them,' & how they need endless protection from a plethora of so-called "hate groups," etc.  When pressed they will inevitably bring up the alleged six million, "gassed Jewish innocent's of Hitler's killing machine!"  Oy Vey!!  And you just know that if you DARE to question aspects of this Jewish Holocaust™ you WILL be tarred & feathered & labelled an "antisemite" while they systematically ruin your life.  (See Ernst Zundel, David Irving, etc.)  I just want to move out into the deep, deep woods somewhere, with only my books, blankets, and laptop machine.  
I love each and everyone of you but I can only take so much blind hate, lying, manipulative and mean-spirited behavior, 
before my eyeballs just wanna pop out of my head, my rib cage collapse in on itself, & all is lost.  I try my hardest to remain positive in this world.  I go to Holy Mass, abstain from drink & drug, help others, and pray ceaselessly.  Again, I love each & everyone of you, but I don't LIKE most of you.  Get it?
Peace out. ♥♥♥
Omni Christian Book Club [external link]

Catholic Research Institute

Just discovered this wonderful new site of traditional Catholic worship!  They have a nice online
store with a mid sized collection of Traditionalist Catholic literature, stickers, statuettes, books, DVD's,
CD's, awesome looking Rosary's, coffee mugs, and other nest things that I have not seen elsewhere.  I'm digging this website and I will be writing them a letter tomorrow.  It's always nice to have a new Traditionalist Catholic pen-pal!   God bless you all!


VERSE Aggression CD

VERSE Aggression CD



EXPIRE " Darker "@ Sound And Fury 2011

EXPIRE "Abyss"

Very beautiful orthodox russian voices

Magnificent russian orthodox song

Russian Orthodox Chant - Holy God

Evlogetaria For The Dead (Tone 5) - Fr. Apostolos Hill

Freddy Madball - New Breed

Real Ancient Technology Found in Cuzco Peru 2012 New

Alien Civilization Makes Contact!.mp4


Inside LSD (Full)

Of the Wand and the Moon - Time Time Time

This was the opening song to the award ceremony of the Flat Earth Society. Walking the dead line. The line line line. Splitt Lipp. Keep the sun up. The sun never sets on souls like us.
Old souls. Souls inhabited. Life. Love. Regret. Worldwide. Increase the peace. I must decrease
these needs. These needy ones. Ones in love. Love kills. Lovers kills. Sometimes gods fight. Not my God. My God my God, why have you forsaken me? Why the time. Times. No time like the times we shared. Time kills. We don't. He does. Increase the peace. Decrease the needs. keep it up, keep the sun up. Print lies & live a lie. Lye in the eye, for a fall guy. in the sky. Pie-eyed. Life. Love. Regret. California is sinking. NYC is rising. One is born, another dies. I love you all. God help me. Saint Francis, pray for me. I am a lowly animal. God save us all.

Spiritual Front - I Walk The (Dead) Line

Jesus Prayer (longing for Mount Athos)

" Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner. "

" Paint It Black " Eric Burdon & The Animals [ 1967 ]

Oh Lord God above! How in the heck has this flown under my radar? This is phenomenal!!! Get into it! Eric Burdon & The Animals!!! So great and just boiling over with passion! My only complaint is that it's too short! Really, this is great! Thank God for the interwebz!

Verse - The Selfless Of The Earth

I love this song! Can't wait for the new album to drop! Definitely one of the best bands
in hardcore today, hands down! Glad they got back together.

Bulgaria: A Hidden Life -Trailer

Catholic Apologists destroy Sola Scriptura

Backtrack "Darker Half" Record Release 12/17/11

Expire - Darker @ Sound And Fury 2011 (Part 1)

Expire - "Abyss"

Russian Prison System Documentary

Born Low - This Prison


Ceremony Full Set Part 1

PUNCH @ Fluff Fest 2011

La Dispute - "Said The King To The River"

Pianos Become the Teeth FULL SET (Red 7 11.04.2011)

The Saddest Landscape - The Sixth Golden Ticket

Holocaust™ "Facts"

This is a copy & paste of a simple comment on the YouTube video " 1/3 of the Holocaust™ " 

   Nuremberg: Kangaroo Court and Victors Show Trial -- Since ancient times,     the Jews play the victim card with claims of being Holocausted. 1906 NY Times  reports Six Million Jews facing a systematic and murderous extermination in RUSSIA! 1919 A Coming Holocaust Of Six Million Jews In Romania, Poland And Ukraine. After the First World War! 1921 New York Times reports Six Million Jews are going to die in Russia AGAIN IN RUSSIA! 1936 New York Times refers to a Holocaust of Jews years before WWII. 

Remember, the point of that post was to illustrate very briefly a few of the times the Jewish people have claimed that '6 Million' of their kin folk were going to be annihilated, or if you will, holocausted. Thank God for the interwebz, because we now have access to facsimile's of the actual newspaper, magazine, and book excerpts with the '6 million' claim, PRE - WWII!!! This is beyond disturbing. At first I didn't know what to make of it. How in the heck could Jewish sources state that there were going to be 6 million deaths, death in a great holocaust? I mean seriously, was this just a lucky guess? A stab in the dark? I am pretty pissed off. I feel like I've been lied to for so many years. I was taught being brought up that the evil Germans killed 6 million helpless, innocent Jews in the holocaust™ of WWII. With the advent of mod- ern science, that doesn't seem to be the case. There are just way too many discrepancies & fabrications in all of these stories. I don't WANT to believe something to the contrary of the traditional holocaust™ story, but what is one supposed to do? What do you do when you are presented evidence that is so incredibly glaring presented by sane, rational, educated, normal people. These folks aren't neo-Nazis. They aren't pushing for a new Fourth Reich, a return of national socialist policies. Most of them don't even hate Jews in the slightest. Scientific evidence is scientific evidence. A spade is a spade. If a reliable ground penetrating radar device, functioning correctly, does NOT show that the ground underneath it has been dug up, as in a giant pit excavated for the burial of tens to hundreds of thousands of bodies, then why the hell is that? Why doesn't that machine show that the ground was dug up, as the traditional holocaust™ supporters say it was. When a scientist takes samples from dozens & dozens of surrounding trees in the area, using the tests they have to determine the age of the trees, and the sample unanimously show that the age of the trees is much older than 1945, what am I to believe. Traditional holocaust™ believers say that "two hundred thousand bodies were buried here in a mass grave. The burial plot was 1200 ft by 1200 ft, and 26 feet deep. Then one month later the bodies were all dug up and cremated in giant fires." So people test the ground for soil disturb- ances & they find none! They even do a thorough search for human remains in the soil & they find none! They carefully calculate how many trees it would take to produce all the wood that would be necessary to cremate that many bodies (using modern knowledge of what it takes to cremate one human body times 100,000) and deter- mine that every tree in a five mile radius should have been chopped down to produce that much wood. Yet the tests show those trees standing today WERE NOT "re-planted" post 1945, when WWII ended, but are all much older than that! What am I to believe? Should I believe that there were incredibly hot blazing fires, hot enough to "cremate" 100,000 (this is a really low number I'm using, they actually claim something like 750,000 people were cremated) with no loss of trees in the area? And even inmates from the camp, when asked during the Nuremberg trials to make a sketch of the camp, made no mention of any "wood shed's" which certainly would have been necessary to house the wood, to cure it to be used for the massively hot-as-hell fires they claimed were use to cremate all those thousands of people. I could go on and on and on. Please watch "1/3 of the Holocaust" which is still up on YouTube. Peace. ♥♥♥

SLAPSHOT " The Day My Thoughts Turned To Murder "

Boss version, better than the LP version!!!



Misfits - Scream

Danzig-Am I Demon (1988)

DANZIG " Twist of Cain " [video with lyrics]

[Edit 1/20/2013]
-------> Here we have the very first song on the very first album by legendary punk rock/rock n roll band, DANZIG!!! I remember when this album first came out & the excitement & anticipation leading up to it's release. Me & Marc Galinis, my best friend growing up & in high school, skipped out on part of the day at school to walk to downtown Ann Arbor to purchase this record. I bought two copies on gatefold vinyl that day. I remember vividly being stunned at how "weird" the band looked in the center spread of the album! And by "weird" I mean "normal" and sleazy rock n roll/greaser type look. Greaser or long hair whichever. Chuck Biscuits from BLACK FLAG, D.O.A. and SOCIAL DISTORTION on drums, Eerie Von from SAMHAIN on bass, John Christ from no other band I'd heard of in guitar, and of course Glen Danzig on vocals. BUT, who cares how the band looked? This album, and the two albums after this, were AWESOME!!! OK, actually this one & DANZIG "II Lucifuge" were awesome. The third record was so-so, and everything after that wasn't really that great. I have to admit though, that I haven't listened to them very much and I can hardly name any songs from their third record onward. Which has me thinking, it's about time I listen to the entire DANZIG catalog, in one sitting! I think I'll do that right now. (My ex-gf just called my cell phone. I DO NOT want to talk to her. I've been doing just fine not thinking about her. I obviously didn't answer the call & have no intention of calling her back. Not now at least. It's time I moved on & try to forget about her. I'm doing just fine not emailing her or texting her. I'm not gonna' break my stride now! Nope, no way! She's treated me like shit, disrespected me, embarrassed me, hurt my feelings, and played me for a chump. I don't want her as a friend, girlfriend, or acquaintance. I'm perfectly fine without ANY of her presence in my life now!!! Thank God for willpower!)

DANZIG " It's Coming Down " [video]

>>>> [Edit 1/20/2013]

DANZIG video for "It's Coming Down." What album is this from? I suppose I could Google around or check back with YouTube, but I don't really feel like it right now. It's currently Sunday, Jan. 20 2013. It's cold as fuck outside, and almost as cold here in my apt. Plus, the fkn overhead fan is on. Why? What must we always have this damn fan on? Ah well, high class problems, as they say. At least I HAVE an apt., a bed, some clothes, a laptop computer, internet service, books, journals to write in, markers to compose art with, a cell phone to ignore ex-girlfriends phone call on, etc etc. I should be making a gratitude list every night, like I used to do on the regular. I'm having a hard time staying sober, this addiction is taking it's toll on me. I've been ultra depressed and in a lot of pain lately. Gotta do something, figure some shit out. I guess the last thing I need right now is some dumb bitch in my life to complicate things. God has found a way to keep all the st00pid bitches, cunts, idiot dykes and ex's out of my path for now. I must remember to thank Him when I meet Him. Whoever might be reading this, please pray for me. Or send me an email & ask how I'm doing. Maybe just to make sure I'm alive. >>>> Thx♥

DANZIG " Her Black Wings " [video]

>>>>>>> [Edit 1/20/2013]

Here we have an excellent video from DANZIG for the song, "Her Black Wings." This is from their second album, "II Lucifuge" which came out in 1990 or so. That album is almost as good as their first s/t album. Everything after this went progressively downhill. I think the next record was the last one with this classic lineup: Biscuits/Christ/ Eerie Von/Danzig. Then, every record after it seemed to have a different lineup playing. Oh well, it is what it is. I was lucky enough to get to see DANZIG a few times, including on their first tour ever, in 1988 or so. They didn't play Detroit, but they did play Grand Rapids, MI, which is a couple of hours west of here. Me and several friends made the drive. Fun time, for sure! One of those nights I will never forget! ♥

Danzig Rocks Obama

Misfits Documentary Part 3

Misfits Documentary Part 2

Misfits Documentary Part 1


New Books for this Week

Just a couple of newer titles that I'm trying to get through & finish this week:

"The Gnostics: The First Christian Heretics"  by Sean Martin

"The Story of The Virgin"  by Fr. Evagoras Constantinides

If I could learn, somehow teach myself to only read one book at a time, then perhaps I would read faster. Not sure if that will happen or not though.


YOUTH OF TODAY live in Brooklyn Playing the "Disengage" EP Live All Three Songs--

Excellent sound, excellent video in HD! This was the second show they played that night, to a packed crowd at (I believe) an invitation only party-show hosted by Andrew WK.


"KEMAL" Psych-Folk Band from Bosnia (1960's - '70's)

This is some really weird music!  I'm digging it though.  It kind of sounds Egyptian at times, as in traditional Egyptian folk music, but they were from Bosnia.  I wish I was born twenty years earlier that way I would've been able to experience the awesome 1960's music scene as well as the heyday of punk in the late '70s AND the advent of American hardcore in the early '80s!!   Thank God for YouTube and people willing to upload a ton of great, obscure rock bands!  I'm loving it!  m//r