AMERICAN FOOTBALL "s/t" album in it's entirety!

Here for you listening pleasure we have to entire self-titled album from the band AMERICAN FOOTBALL! Get into it! Actually I don't know much about these guys except that I remember hearing a lot of hype about them in the late 90's. Who is in this band? Isn't it a guy named Tim who was in CAPP N JAZZ & maybe BRAID and/or PROMISE RING? And weren't these guys from Chicago? Yes I could just hop over to Google and find out all the necessary info, but I prefer trying to wrack my brain and squeeze out the information! I'm listening to this as I write this, and it's very pleasant. Late 90's indie rock, the type you would hear at any of a number of hardcore fest's! Remember, indie rock, punk, metal AND hardcore at all the hardcore fest's? Michigan Fest of course being me favorite! Give this your undivided attention, please!



THE REPOS!!! Demo Tape 2003!

Here we have a link to an older demo tape from the band, The REPOS! I have never heard of these guys, but this demo buuuuuurrrrrns! Seriously, this thing is a ripper! Let's heare more & find out more about these kids! Get into it! Hardcorepunk lives on! ♥♥♥

Mort Garson "Plantasia" Weird Album! Weird Music! Weird Times!

This is weird, yet somehow enthralling! Am I a plant? Huh?


Interesting YouTube Channel for you to waste time on--

Interesting YouTube channel here--

Check out this YouTube channel! (link)

And here's the link to the website (link)

Sudevi answers the question, "Why do you now believe in Jesus and work w...

I love this woman's videos!  I honestly don't know a whole lot about her other than I have a

huuuge crush on her! She may be my future ex-wife!  LOL, well I don't know about all THAT
but I do know that I learn a lot from her videos and maybe you will too!
Chek 'em out and leave me a comment about what you think!
Peace to everyone.♥♥♥



Eerie Von was, of course, the bassist for SAMHAIN & DANZIG (up until 1995).
He was also one of the main photographers for MISFITS. He has a solo music
career as well as being an artist & photographer, still. Some awesome prints
are available for sale on his website. His music isn't that bad either. Country
Goth, if you will. check it out and get into it!

ABSOLUTE ELSEWHERE "In Search Of The Ancient Gods" 1976

Music based on the books of Erich Von Daniken? Cool. I'll try it. And I like it.

AMBOY DUKES " Journey To The Center Of The Mind " Ted Nugent! Psychedelic Rock!

This has always been my favorite AMBOY DUKES song! For those who don't know, that was Ted Nugent's--The Nuge!--first band. An awesome psychedelic-hippie-rock band from the '60's. This song, "Journey to the Center of the Mind" is ostensibly about LSD & hallucigenic use. Funny thing is though, Ted Nugent is VERY anti-drug use! Supposedly he has been his whole life. I heard--this is just a rumor--that he said he "didn't know this song was about drug use & tripping on LSD!" Yeah, right. I find that pretty hard to believe! This song was so popular & seemed to be the soundtrack to many hippies acid trips. But whatever the case may be, I really don't care. Sure, The Nuge is very pro-gun, conservative, a hunter, etc. He still made some great music in his earlier days. I'm pretty conservative myself, though I'm not a hunter (never hunted in my entire life and don't see what all the hoopla is about. So many of my friends talk about how much fun they have hunting and hanging out in the woods getting drunk with their pals. Sounds like the comraderie is the most important factor.) and I don't own a gun. I don't too much care about a musician's lifestyle or political bent, I enjoy the music regardless. I love that YouTube is chock full of excellent, under heard psychedelic music! There are a ton more bands & songs I want to put on m//r, but I'm tired of making a new post for every damn song that I run across. So I think what I'll do is just make a small number of posts, with several songs in each one. Maybe write something about the songs, how they make me feel, what they remind me of, etc. My passion is hardcorepunk, and that's the music that I know the most about, so I won't pretend like I know a lot about other genres. I don't know about other people, but I go through different moods with different likes. This moment I could be totally stoked on SKREWDRIVER, the notorious White Power band, and the next moment I could be all about The SPECIALS, the second wave Two-Tone ska band. Tonight I might be feeling the psychedelic rock sounds of the STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK then later listening to nothing but HATEBREED! In the morning it might be some monastic choir beautifully singing some ancient Russian Orthodox hymns, then I'll put on The CLASH & The BUZZCOCKS! My playlists very greatly, and I'm proud to say that I have a very eclectic taste in music. Now I'm getting off topic (is there ever REALLY a topic that I'm supposed to stick to?) but the two biggest genres of music I don't care for are contemporary hip-hop/rap & country! Yuck! Can't stand 'em! In the interest of full disclosure, I DO appreciate old, redneck country music: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Sr. & Jr., etc. And some of the early originators of rap music like: The FAT BOYS, RUN DMC, LL COOL J, BEASTIE BOYS, UTFO, etc. That was the shit is high school and it's still great today! OK, enough rambling. I've got some more editing to do here at m//r. Take care of each other. Use love. See ya' in the pit! ♥ m//r 


THE ATTACK "Magic in the Air" Obscure Psychedelic Rock-n-Roll 1967--

THE ATTACK "Magic in the Air."
Obscure psychedelic rock-n-roll, 1967.
Never heard of these guys, but I love their music!

BLUE CHEER "Peace of Mind" Great 1960's Psychedelic Rock-n-Roll!!!

BLUE CHEER! Classically underrated psychedelic rock band from the late
60's to early 70's, I believe. I never got too into these guys during our
freak out psychedelic phase of the late 1980's. I do know they are a classic
band not to be forgotten! I read on YouTube that the bass player passed
away in 2009. R.I.P. I hate hearing about all the old rockers dying.
Keep the memories alive!

Some Hardcore Punk Show Flyers & Some Ruminations--

Old flyer from NA Detroit, MI.  NEGATIVE APPROACH were always one of my favorite bands! Not just because they are from out here in Little Detroit, but because they were so powerful, and one of the originators of the hardcore punk scene! They kind of re-formed a few years ago, playing the big Touch & Go Records anniversary show in Chicago. Apparently that went so well that they decided to play a big show here are St. Andrew's Hall. I missed that one, forgot why. Anyhow they have been playing regularly for the past couple of years now. Tours all over the United States, weekends out, various hardcore fests (including the almighty 'This Is Hardcore Fest' (TIH) in Philly last year & then again this year. Their earlier reunion shows had the original drummer along with Brannon of course & the two guys from John's other band, EASY ACTION, Harold & someone on bass. But now the original drummer from the early 80's is no longer playing with them. Oh well. I have yet to see them. I've watched a shit ton of videos of them and they are hit or miss. Brannon does NOT sing most of the lyrics. He just barks & growls. Also, I think he is scared of all the kids stage diving & piling on top of him! Haha, seriously, watch some of the videos for yourself. But I suppose being in your mid 50's, it can be intimidating to have tons of 17-30 yr olds jumping on you. It's not the same scene it was back in '82 & in some ways it's more physical & aggressive. Though we no longer have tons of spikes & metal on our clothing, nor are we clad in heavy combat boots. That's a plus for stage diving, moshing, and piling on. It is what it is. The music is good, that's what REALLY matters.
Now what I really wanna see would be a LAUGHING HYENAS reunion! THEY are my favorite band that Brannon's fronted! Sadly, Larissa Strickland passed away several years ago, down in FL. The cause of her death wasn't made public, but I'll go ahead and say I'm pretty sure it had something to do with heroin, opiate pills, or other drugs. I did hear a rumor--from a reliable source--that she died from a pill overdose. R.I.P. Larissa.  Since she is dead, a LAUGHING HYENAS reunion is highly unlikely to happen.

Great show! I was in Chicago and saw this show at the Fireside. SNAPCASE couldn't make it due to an unforeseen emergency of some type. I sat & talked with Dr. Dan from LIFETIME for a bit. My 23rd birthday was a couple days before this (Aug. 19 for anyone who wants to send me stuff!!!) and after this show my friend Marshall, whom I was staying with, & I were going out drinking. Dr. Dan (I just like saying doctor....he does have his Ph.D. after all) isn't & has never been, straightedge. Though so many people thought of LIFETIME as a straightedge band, due to their fanbase and record label (New Age Records). So I didn't feel wird talking to him about drinking. I vividly remember him telling me to, "be safe & have fun." LOL! Great advice, of course. 
I really loved & still love, LIFETIME! Such an incredible band, so much positive energy, uplifting lyrics, and really nice guys. I first met them in--I think--'92 here in Ann Arbor. They were on tour with The BOUNCING SOULS (who were OPENING for LIFETIME!!! My how things have shifted!) and had a day off. I was downtown, I think on a Sunday, and i saw a group of clean cut straightedge kids walking around with a group of ragged punk rockers & skinheads! It seemed like an awkward mix, just because that's they way things were back then. So I approached them to say hello & introduce myself.  They were all super cool & LIFETIME sold me a vinyl copy of "Background" & a cool as hell t-shirt.  BOUNCING SOULS only had a demo tape out at that time called, "What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger", so I bought one. They gave me some stickers that I put on my coffee table at our party house. that table was covered in several layers of band stickers and it followed me from house to house for a decade or more!  Anyhow, I hadn't really heard either band before, but since they were on tour I figured I would support them by buying some merch. i remember getting home and putting "Background" on the record player---DAMN!!! I was blown away! That is when I fell in love with LIFETIME! Seems like they were the hottest hardcore band in the straightedge scene at the time!  Well, that's one of my LIFETIME stories. I have a few more that I'll write about sometime.

UP IN ARMS were awesome!  Their demo tape is a hundred times better than the CD they made!
When they played Chicago Fest in '99, EVERYONE in the room was blown away by how hard they played.  I was stunned, and it takes a lot to stun ME!!!

MAZINGA, my best friend Marc McFinn's band. Check them out, if you're a fan of MISFITS, NAKED RAYGUN, The STOOGES, MC5, old Detroit sounding rock-n-roll (and who ISN'T?)!!!  The "club" where this show took place, is an all ages, non-profit volunteer run joint. It's meant primarily for kids under 18, a place to hang out & stay sober & out of trouble. They have bands play quite often there, usually a "battle of the bands" type thingy. But every once in awhile a punk or hardcore show, with older kids, gets snuck on the calendar. interestingly a few (several?) years ago I got to see The EVENS, Ian Mackaye's newest band play there. There was a cool q & a afterwards. Fun times.

I did not go to this show.

Punk Rock // Hardcore // Indie Rock..... Show Flyers--

One of the many shows at The Lab in Ann Arbor, MI 
I think this flyer is from the show in Toledo, OH. I saw this these bands at the Trumbullplex in Detroit.

Very old show at The Graystone in Detroit.  
BWPP & NADSAT NATION at Club Heidelberg

JAKS & SCHEME show. Fun times.

Didn't go to this because it was in Chicago!

A Few Pictures of Yours Truly, Vadermask--

Ben & I
Just Me...
Just Me...


"Ancient Aliens" The Original Documentary--

This is excellent! By now I'm sure most of you have watched an episode of the
television show, Ancient Aliens on History 2 channel. Maybe you're like me &
you've seen nearly every episode of AA & you watch the new episodes on Fri nights!
I was hooked from the first five minutes of this fantastic show!!!
Here we have the original Ancient Aliens full documentary, 90 mins long.
Excellent stuff here! I also have several bookshelves of literature on this &
related topics. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I have never watched
this do all the way through. So I wanted to post it up here to remind myself
about it & let you guys check it out. Have fun & take cover!



" The Hidden History: The Khazar Empire " Converting En Masse to Judaism

Short, succinct video of a middle eastern Muslim man explaining a bit about the Khazarian people converting en masse to Judaism. It is said that 90% or more of modern Israel's population are descended from Khazarian's. They are NOT a Semitic people at all! Thus laying waste to the claim that anyone who criticizes Israel is "antisemitic." Just watch the video dummy. ♥♥♥



TEARS OF GAIA "Deforestation" (CULTURE cover song) VeganXstraightedge Hardcore

TEARS OF GAIA is a new school veganstraightedge band, probably on Catalyst Records. I'm not too familiar with them, but this is a popular CULTURE song. They do a very competent job with it, therefore I posted it up here. Check it out & check out the original! Vegan Justice!

// Melkite Greek Catholic Church // ♥♥♥

Eparchy of Newton // Melkite Catholic Church [external link]

I love the Melkite Catholics!  I have a few books about them. Very beautiful liturgy and forms
of worship.  Good, honest Eastern Catholic's with no Orthodox counterpart, unlike most other
Eastern Catholic churches.


"Roots Radicals "// "King of the Jungle"// "In The City" Tim Timebomb & Friends --

Pretty cool cover of RANCID's "Roots Radicals" done by Tim Armstrong under the moniker 'Tim Timebomb & Friends'. Is it a "cover song" if you wrote the song to begin with? TA & Friends is, of course, Tim Armstrong aka "Lint" from RANCID, TRANSPLANTS, and OPERATION IVY. This is very cool. This project he's doing has released 80 songs so far! Lots & lots of well done cover songs as well as RANCID songs and some originals. Usually acoustic guitar & piano and also some non-acoustic songs. My favorites so far are "King of the Jungle" by LAST RESORT & "In the City" by The JAM!  I edited this post & put them up after this one.  Damn, there are so many great cover (and originals!) that I could post all 80 or so up here. Just check these ones out then go to YT and listen to them all.  RANCID is playing here in Detroit in less than two weeks. I was originally supposed to go with my friend Ann--an old girlfriend--but I have a feeling that we aren't going together. And to be quite honest I can't really afford the $25+ it will cost. Nothing bad happened between her & I, and we are still friends. I'm just not feeling the whole 'go to a concert and night out on the town' thingy with her. I need to keep some distance because I truthfully have more important things going on in my life at this juncture.

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.--
And hell, may the force be with you too.--

Watch each others backs. 
Not WASH each others backs, WATCH each others backs.-- 

Make room for the next guy.--

Give 'em enough rope.--

Hang on & never let go.--

Never let the bastards grind you down.
With love, m//r ♥

Here's their (his, really) cover of LAST RESORT's "King of the Jungle"


And here is their competent cover of "In The City" originally done by Paul Weller & The JAM!



Paul Eisen Says, "Oh How I wish I Could Stop Posting David Duke"--

Here is a link to an interesting article written by blogger & mass intellectual, Paul Eisen, about him quoting & linking to articles written by Dr. David Duke. Dr. Duke is an extremely outspoken opponent of Zionism & Jewish control of our media & banks. Dr. Duke was, a loooong time ago, involved with the Ku Klux Klan, a racist organization. That was no less than 25 years ago, however. Dr. Duke has long since left the KKK and renounced his membership & ties to it. Yeah, many people will still hold this against him. I for one, believe in redemption and giving people another chance and the benefit of the doubt. Whatever. It matters not, to me, that he was part of the KKK at one time. Many of us have done ignorant things in our past, whether it's making off colored comments, holding idiotic views, or joining a st00pid group like the Klan. Anyway, Mr. Eisen is Jewish, as you may be able to figure out by his ethnic name. HOWEVER, he is NOT a Zionist--or Zionazi as we say--and never denies nor attempts to justify Jewish-Zionist control of the media & financial system in the U.S. Mr. Eisen's blog is almost completely dedicated to exposing this tangled web of Jewish manipulation of the American infrastructure. If you are one of the few people who think even TALKING about any of this is somehow RACIST in nature, than I feel sorry for you. Your eyes are not yet opened. Please, PLEASE do yourself a favor & watch Dr. Duke's newest video which he just finished & released, "Zionist Matrix of Power" available on YouTube (for the time being, anyhow!) And while you click on this link and read what Eisen has to say about Dr. Duke, also read some of the other blog posts by Mr. Eisen. It's nothing new (to me) but it's great to hear a Jewish man writing about it all. And remember, no matter what you do, no matter what you say, "Always Use Love"™.

Paul Eisen: Oh, how I wish I could stop posting David Duke  (link)

A Family That Lived Really Way Off The Grid!!!

Such an incredibly awesome--but tragically sad--story of the perseverance
of the human spirit & will to live! I love it!

A Family That Lived Really Way off the Grid...(link)