"N.Y.H.C. Documentary" A Firm Classic in My Book!--

I love this movie! That kid from DISTRICT 9 is hilarious! It's either all the weed he smokes, or the angel dust he says he tried a few days ago, that's melting his mind! Anyhow, this is a classic. Right below "Another State of Mind" & "Suburbia" but not quite side-by-side with those two CLASSIC classics. You know what I mean. m//r

What. A. Fkn. Weekend. // Old Article Re: Conservative-Vegans--

Slept waaaay too much. Check

Stayed up waaaay too late. Check

Slept right through Mass on Sunday. Check

Girl problems (of the mild variety). Check

Received many great books in the mail. Check 

Listened to a ton of RANCID & EMBRACE. Check

Did a ton of writing in a whacked-out state (aka at 4a.m. high 
on coffee & life!) Check

Life goes on. Life goes on & on.

Love is good.  Love is great.  God is love.  God IS Love.  
amen. m//r


"Don't Watch This Film" [Anunnaki & The Origins of Humankind]

This is an incredibly succinct summary of the travails of mankind (humankind). 
I love this and you will too!  Keep an open mind & give yourself a break.
Always use love.  I love you, in case no one has told you that today!
Don't let the Zionist puppeteers & slave masters grind you down!
You are worth it.  WE are worth it.  m//r

Don't Watch this Film from LopezCarlos on Vimeo.


New Books Received & Many More on the Way a.k.a. "Why I'm Always Broke"--

Got a shit ton of new reading material to keep me busy! Almost finished with "The Celestine Prophecy" & still balls-deep in "Ishmael." Plus, trying to navigate my way around two dozen other books that I continually revisit. 



Started reading the book, "Ishmael" yesterday.
Cant. Stop. Reading. It. 
Great book so far!  I can't believe I slept on this for a decade now.


"She's My Ex" by the Fabulous ALL (DESCENDENTS)--

"She's my ex. I can't cross her from my memory
She meant everything to me she meant every word she said
When she said, "I'll never love again. Be my ex until the end."
And I know I'll never feel that way again
She's just my ex
She's my ex. She marks the spot where I'm the weakest one
I can't expect she'll change her ways; can't accept the things she's done
She's just my ex. Nothing more nothing less but she'll always be my ex
She's my ex. Don't cross her path she still belongs to me
She'll be my ex till I say when till I get her back again
'Cause I know I'll never love again. Never need another friend
And I know I'll never feel this way again
She's my ex. She'll cross my mind a thousand times today
Still have a million things to say, guess I'm better off this way
Cause I know she'll never love again. She

She'll be my ex until the end
And I know I'll never feel this way again
She's just my ex. Nothing more nothing less but she's still my ex
And I, and I could never kiss that face goodbye
But I, but I could never stop to wonder why
She looks so pretty, she looks so pretty
And I know I'll never feel this way again
She's just my ex..."


Considering Deleting my Facebook Profile // New Books Rec'd & Unearthed--(edited 20.07.13)

I have had it with Facebook! The more I hear about our information being used for nefarious purposes, the angrier I become!  I'm not sure what to do though....I erased/deleted most of my private info I stupidly put up there in the first place. But I really do like seeing photos of my many relatives that are posted on FB. Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

I'm almost finished with "The Celestine Prophecy," a book I've owned for over a decade but hadn't read until now. I was please to learn yesterday that there are a few others in the series! Yay! That makes me happy! Also, I had two days off from the crazy, extreme Art Fair weather. I work next tomorrow afternoon, and then Sat. & maybe Sunday, we'll see.

I've got a whole new box of books to donate to the "Friends of the Master" house! (Formerly "Our Father's House.")  I have already donated three boxes of books to them, mostly Catholic, Christian, and other spiritual topics. I am happy to be spreading the wealth! Besides, I CANNOT throw books away! It's just impossible for me to do. It would seem like such a waste, eh?!

Got this book in the mail today: "The Mind of the Universe"  -by Mariano Artigas

Pulled this one out of the bottom of a box: "A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain"  -by Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos

(Edit-20.07.13) Some more goodies that are worthy of re-discovering:

"The Dream World of H.P. Lovecraft: His Life, His Demons, His Universe"
  -by Donald Tyson
[Amazon book link]

"The Coming of God"
  -by Maria Boulding
[Amazon book link]

"Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind & Spirit"
  -by Daniel Quinn  (OK, I've never actually read this all the way through!)
[Amazon book link]

"The Holy Gospel: A Byzantine Perspective"
  -by John S. Custer
[Amazon book link]

"The Mystics of the Church"
  -by Evelyn Underhill
[Amazon book link]

"The Transcended Christian: Spiritual Lessons for the 21st Century"
  -by Daniel A. Helminiak
[Amazon book link]

"Saint Charbel"
  -by Paul Daher

"A Concise History of the Third Reich"
  -by Wolfgang Benz, trans. by T. Dunlap
[Amazon book link]

"Glimpses of the Church Fathers"
  -by Claire Russell  (this is the kind of little book that you read in spurts,
and revisit over & over again for it's depth of wisdom!)
[Amazon book link]

"The Evolution Handbook"
  -by Vance Ferrell  (this not-so-little book is so packed full of absolutely mind-blowing & mind-numbing facts that it just begs to be read a few pages at a time! To read anymore than that in one sitting is risking a brain freeze!)

"The Dead Sea Scriptures: An English Translation"
  -with an intro & notes by T.H. Gaster
[Amazon book link]


"The Arena" by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov--

Got this in the mail a few days ago!  A book I've been wanting to read & own for a couple of years now, "The Arena" by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov.  Reprinted by Holy Trinity Orthodox Monastery.

[Amazon link to review book]


Read, Read, Read...Turn OFF the T.V.--

Sunday evening: The verdict was handed down in the murder trial of Trayvon Martin last night: G. Zimmerman was found not guilty. Que sera sera.
Started working at the Ann Arbor Art Fair 2013 today. As usual it's hot hot hot out there! Sunny, humid days are what's in store for me over the next six days--YUCK! But it's gonna' pay the bills, put food in my belly, and keep my hands occupied for a bit. We'll see where life takes me next! Had a nice time at Holy Mass this morning, glad I went. For some reason though, all day today I was deep in thought about my ex girlfriend. It comes & goes.....the loneliness that is. Not even loneliness so much. Mostly that I really, really miss that gal. I know I know, I've spent plenty of time bitching about her, but it really wasn't all that bad at all. I soooo loved that fuckin' woman! In fact I still do. I am still holding onto to some kind of hope. Some kind of hope that she'll come around. That she'll call me or text me or respond to my emails. I just really miss her & our Saturday night "date nights!" I miss talking to her & being in her company, dammit!

What I'm reading this weekend:

"The High Priests of War"
  -by M. Collins Piper
[Amazon link to book preview]


DREAM Psychedelic & Acid Folk-Rock Magazine--

"DREAM" Psychedelic Folk / Acid Rock Magazine (link)

Some New Books & Other Goodies--(updated 07/14/13)

Got some outstanding new books in the mail last week. My bookshelves are swollen over capacity and it's high-time I found a new storage system! Does anybody else find it extremely difficult to store books away in boxes or in a distant storage unit?  I'm the kind of person who MUST have his books at arm's length all the time.  I tend to easily forget about what I own if I don't have it nearby to remind me!  Thus, I've been known to double-purchase a book, 'zine, or record before!  LOL, it's a waste of energy & money to buy something more than once!  Anyhow, here's what's new (to me) over the past couple of weeks.  m//r


Bill O'Reilly "The Alien Plight"

Author/commentator/pundit, Bill O'Reilly wrote this short article recently on the topic of immigration, ILLEGAL immigration, his family's experience coming to the US from Ireland, and what can be done about it. I think this is a very well expressed, succinct blurb on America's question of illegal immigration. My father is an immigrant from Colombia & he came here legally in the mid to late 1960's to study at college. I am by no means whatsoever ANTI immigration, I just simply believe it should be done legally & with restrictions. It doesn't have to be a very complicated answer at all. On the contrary, it's very simple: Come here legally and through the proper channels. End of story. m//r 

  Bill O'Reilly: The Alien Plight (link)


How Israel Spies on Us All through the NSA--

How Israel Spies on Us All through the NSA (link)

WOW!!!  Such a succinctly written article.  Are there REALLY people who STILL believe that several backwoods Arabs commandeered four airplanes & caused thousands their lives & created billions of dollars in damage?!?!?  Israhell is behind nearly EVERY shifty thing going on on this third rock from the sun!! Un-fucking-believable!!  
Sorry God, for my profanity, but I am outraged. m//r

Hardcore: Love It Or Leave It--

Great quote here.  Stolen from the Radio Silence site--
In the late 1960s, two bands hailing from Michigan laid the groundwork for punk. The Motor City Five and The Stooges aren’t the center ring on punk’s tree, but they stand as the most recognizable starting point. Both bands’ revved-up version of the blues garnered attention, major label deals, and devout fans, but the landscape wasn’t yet ripe for a revolution. Ultimately, a shitload of heroin and the typical cast of clueless suits caused both bands to end prematurely.
And while wearing swastikas for shock value, disrespecting the Royal Family, and displaying a disdain for anything considered “normal” was punk’s calling card, its roots remained firmly in the streets of New York, the art scene of Los Angeles, and London fashion; places totally foreign to kids in suburban America. As romantic as it was to be a starving artist living like shit in New York City most kids just fucking hated their parents and liked to light fires in the woods.
As punk migrated to the suburbs the sound and attitude changed. Something snapped in American culture; kids who loved the speed and fuck you attitude of punk took hold of its spirit, got rid of the “live fast, die young” bullshit and made a revision: hardcore. It wasn’t a direct fuck you to punk’s aesthetic and sound, hardcore was moving too fast to give a shit. With an actor elected as President and a defense initiative named after Star Wars, the decade was as dire as it was absurd. Cocaine was huge, AIDS surfaced as global epidemic, and the suburbs were really fucking boring. Hardcore’s direct and naïve stood out as the most honest commentary put to music at the time.
- Anthony Pappalardo, Instinct and Attitude: The Art of Necessity


TERROR "Never Alone" Lyrics...

I still think TERROR are  one of the best bands in the hardcore scene....if there IS such a thing as a scene anymore.  Scott Vogel, singer of TERROR, is a dude who's my age (early 40's) & has been playing in hardcore bands since 1990 or so.  I know he played drums in FADEAWAY, then sang for SLUGFEST, DESPAIR, BURIED ALIVE, & presently TERROR for the past 12+ years.  He is one of the nicest, coolest, and most sincere people I've ever met!  I've seen most of his bands, dozens of times.  He really loves hardcore, probably as much as I do.  And to that end he's done a shit-ton of work, all in the name of hardcorepunk!  This song, "Never Alone" is on the album, "The Damned, The Shame" which came out in 2008 or so.  Solid album start to finish!  Keep on keepin' on...m//r

_____________________________________________________________Never alone!!!You've got to know...You're never alone!
So lost in these days, when there's nothing to believe.I couldn't see, couldn't breathI turned my back on everything.All my will, all my drive, put you to the test.When all that you love, all that you know is pushing you to your death.When you're down reach for me,With all you strength and I won't let go.It's you and me against this world.You've got to know that you're never alone!Never alone!You've got to know.....
You're never alone!In troubled times, I'll see you through.I feel the strains, the same pain that you do.When you're down reach for meWith all your strength and I won't let go.It's you and me against this world!You've got to know you & I are never alone.You've got to know!
Never alone!You've got to know!Never alone!