DISCHARGE "Fight Back E.P." 1980 This is the tits!--

This is an awesome 7" record!!! I've gotta' be honest & say that I never got into these guys back in the 80's when I first discovered hardcorepunk. I can't say why & I just don't know. I dove head first (pun intended!) into hardcore & punk as a kid, but there's only so much you can hear in one era of life! Thank God for the internet & file sharing in 2013! But yeah, this is a classic record. The true originators of the style known as "D-Beat hardcore." Man, it seems like DISCHARGE released (pun intended, again! get it...) a shit-ton of 7" records in a very short amount of time. I'm going to post a lot of them as I find 'em. Get into it, NOW!!! m//r Take care of each other & the planet.


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