Byzantine Catholics [A Crash Course on One of the Many Eastern Catholic Churches]

(Borrowed without permission from The All Saints Byzantine Catholic Church in Ft. Myers, Florida....)

In the mountainous region of Carpatho-Rus, known also as Carpatho-Ruthenia, situated between present day Slovakia and Ukraine, there is a group of Eastern Christians. Evangelized in the ninth century by those equals-to-the-apostles, Saints Cyril and Methodius, this group received the Holy Gospel and Sacred Mysteries (Sacraments) from the Byzantine Church of Constantinople. Although Cyril and his brother, Methodius, were Greek (from Thessalonika), they promoted the use of the ancient Slavonic language in worship. This language, later known as Old Church Slavonic, would become the liturgical language of the Carpatho-Rusyns and all Slavonic Christians, both Orthodox and Catholic. In time, Cyril and Methodius brought their liturgical books to Rome to receive the blessings of Pope Hadrian, and he in turn blessed their mission of establishing the Greek (Byzantine) Catholic religion in the Carpathian mountains of Central Europe.
Over time, a rift grew between East and West; and, in 1054, estrangement was realized with the Great Schism of Constantinople and Rome. Being an Eastern Church, the Carpatho-Rusyns were eventually drawn into by this unfortunate break and became members of the Orthodox Church. This ecclesia sui iuris (self-governing church) of Mukachevo-Uzhorod in time sought reunion with the Church of Rome, re-establishing its Catholic faith while maintaining the spirituality, ceremonies, and discipline of the Eastern Church. On April 24, 1646, in Saint George Castle Garden in Uzhorod, a number of priests and faithful proclaimed vocally their reunion with the Catholic Church, re-establishing the unity that Christ so ardently prayed for. From this nucleus would grow a reborn church which the Empress Maria Theresa of Austro-Hungary would later call "The Greek Catholic Church" -- "Greek" in its ritual, theology and art; "Catholic" in union with the Bishop of Rome. In time, the reunion would spread to other areas of Europe, and new eparchies (dioceses) would be created in such places as Presov (Slovakia), Krizevci (Croatia), Hajdudorog and Miskolc (Hungary).

In the 1870’s, the first wave of Carpatho-Rusyn immigration brought significant numbers of Greek Catholics to the United States of America. The first parish they founded on these shores was Saint Michael's in Shanandoah, PA followed by an establishment in Freeland, PA. Others were established in places like Wilkes-barre and Kingston, PA, and in Jersey City and Passaic, NJ. 
The Greek Catholic Church in America continued to grow, and there was seen a growing need for hierarchial leadership. In 1905, Father Andrew Hodobay was sent by Rome as Apostolic Visitor to care for the immigrant church; but, being a Hungarian, he was not the proper leader for a predominantly Slavic church. Rome, then, in turn, sent two men to care for what would become two separate administrations for the American Greek Catholics: Father Peter Poniatishyn for the Ukrainians, and Father Gabriel Martyak for the Carpatho-Rusyns (Ruthenians). By this time parishes were springing up all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and the Northeast. In 1924 Rome raised the status of the American Greek Catholic Ruthenian community to that of an Exarchate (Apostolic Vicariate) with Bishop Basil Takach as its first Exarch, establishing Saint John the Baptist Cathedral in Pittsburgh’s Homestead/Munhall neighborhood as its seat. Meanwhile, Greek Catholic immigration continued from Carpathia as well as Hungary and Croatia. Not only were parishes and priests being established and assigned, but the Sisters of Saint Basil the Great received a call from Bishop Takach to minister to the immigrant church, and they eventually settled in Uniontown, PA, after a number of temporary locations.


As the decades of the twentieth century progressed, missionary efforts led to the establishment of parishes in California, Florida and even in Alaska. The term "Greek Catholic" would change to "Byzantine Catholic," stressing that the church was not Hellenic (Greek) in nationality, and that the spirituality and liturgical services were of the Byzantine Rite; also, English, now the vernacular, became the dominant liturgical language. The church was then honored in its growth and permanence by the elevation of Pittsburgh as an Eparchy (diocese) in 1963, with Bishop Nicholas T. Elko as first Eparch, after serving as Exarch since 1955. In addition, the East Coast was given their own Eparchy, Passaic, NJ, with Bishop Stephen J. Kocisko as first Eparch, and with the church of Saint Michael the Archangel designated as the Cathedral. The Eparchy of Passaic would encompass the entire eastern sea coast of the United States, from Maine to Florida. In 1968, Bishop Stephen Kocisko was transferred to the Eparchy of Pittsburgh, and subsequently Bishop Michael Dudick was consecrated and enthroned as the second Eparch of Passaic. The crowning achievement of this near century of ecclesiastical growth would be the creation, in 1969 by Pope Paul VI, of a Metropolian Church ecclesia sui uris based in Pittsburgh. This Metropolia would have as its suffragan sees the Eparchy of Passaic (covering the East) and the newly-created Eparchy of Parma, OH, (in the Midwest) governed by Bishop Emil Mihalik as its first eparch. The church of Saint John the Baptist in Parma, OH, would serve as Cathedral for the new eparchy. Bishop Mihalik endeavored to establish more churches in the outer-most parts of his eparchy in places such as Las Vegas, NV, Albuquerque, NM, and Denver, CO. The growth of these Western missions and churches was acknowledged by Pope John Paul II through the erection of a fourth jurisdiction for Byzantine Catholics: the Eparchy of Van Nuys, CA; and, through the selection of Bishop Thomas V. Dolinay (then Auxiliary Eparch of Passaic) as its first Eparch. He shepherded the Eparchy from his seat at Holy Protection of the Mother of God Cathedral in Van Nuys until he was chosen, in 1991, to be Metropolitan of Pittsburgh, succeeding the ailing former shepherd, Archbishop Stephen J. Kocisko. Consequently, the auxiliary Eparch of Passaic, Bishop George Kuzma, was enthroned as the second Eparch of Van Nuys, and, in 1997, moved his seat of administration to Saint Stephen Protomartyr Pro-Cathedral in Phoenix, AZ. In 1996, Bishop Michael J. Dudick retired after a long and pastorally beneficial ministry in the Eparchy of Passaic. Upon his retirement, the Holy Father appointed Bishop Andrew Pataki (formerly Eparch of Parma), as the third Eparch of Passaic.
The spiritual life of the Byzantine Catholic Church was and continues to grow with assistance not only from the Basilians of Uniontown, but also from Monasteries for men and women, such as The Basilian Fathers of Mariapoch, Matawan, NJ, as well as from Holy Dormition Franciscan Monastery, Sybertsville, PA.
The Byzantine Catholic Church is an Eastern Church in union with Rome; Carpatho-Rusyn in background and flavor, but indeed an American Eastern Church celebrating the Gospel in words, symbols, and action. We are unique in our mystical theology, blending the colors of our many ikons with the congregational acapella chants; raising up our hands and our fragrant incense in prayer and inviting you to come and see who we are and what we are all about as part of the Eastern half of the Universal Church.

Documentary: "Inside Britain's Highest Security Psychiatric Hospital" ♥♥

I've only watched a part of this documentary, but it's very interesting thus far. Mental illness, drug addiction, emotional trauma, and spiritual bankruptcy are a bitch to live with! Even worse is trying to overcome such hurdles on your own, without expert help. Please, never forget nor forsake loved ones in psychiatric hospitals, jails, prisons, and other like-minded institutions. (SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "Institutionalized" is running through my head like a cyclone!)

#mentalillness #addiction #overdose #electricshocktreatment #lobotamy #pain #lonliness #trauma #spirituality


Excellent Documentary "JFK to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick"

An excellent documentary movie!!  Reserve four hours to watch this.  Backs up countless "conspiracy theories (truths)."  I am a Pro-Life-Libertarian-semi-conservative-Catholic-punkrock-hardcore "kid."  I am also generally open minded, open to change and revisionism, and interested in Eastern theology & some Gnostic teachings.  My point being: open your mind, let some new ideas in & points of view be entertained.  I like small government and even smaller government. I don't like most of the media due to the fact that about a dozen conglomerates own ALL the television channels, ALL the newspapers, ALL the magazines, ALL the Hollywood studios, as well as a huge portion of the most popular/most used internet sites.  Media moguls are (with rare exception) Talmudic Jews--Zionist's who own & operate these enormous businesses.  Therefore, we almost always get a one sided story, ESPECIALLY with anything concerning Israel.  It's terrible, disgusting and horrendous the manner with which the soulless Israeli's are holocausting the Palestinian people.  So now Jews have enormous amount of power actually.  Each year--based on new evidence using new technology--the official number of Jews that perished in Germany's concentration camps declines while the current Palestinian Holocaust death toll increases.  Yikes!


Video 'NYHC New York Hardcore 1980–1990 Book Launch'

This book is going to be incredible! Can't wait to hold it in my hands....I wonder how it will fare next to the "American Hardcore" book? We'll see. ♥


Great Quote from Thomas Paine ~

"I love the man that can smile in troubles - that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. It is the business of little minds to shrink; but he, whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death."

"I dwell not upon the vapours of imagination, I bring reason to your ears; and in language as plain as A,B,C, hold up truth to your eyes."

- Thomas Paine, American Crisis I

IRINEOS I, Patriarch of Jerusalem // Article (Encyclical?)

Interesting article (Encyclical?) taken, sans permission, from Patriarch Irineos 1st website [external link].  Also an interesting article from the Jerusalem Post, undoubtedly written by a Jew so take it with a grain of salt, if you will.  I'm still not entirely sure what to make of this but I wanted to post it here before it disappears for good.  (P.S. the Jerusalem Post article mentioned is from 2011.)


Patriarch by the Mercy of God, of the Holy City of Jerusalem,
All Palestine, Syria of Arabia,
Beyond the Jordan, Cana of Galilee and Holy Sion

Beloved children in the Lord,

Grace and peace be to you from God Almighty. Again the joyful day rises of
the great and Holy Christmas. And again an opportunity is given to us to
communicate spiritually, during which we send a warm greeting of Christ who
is born, and we bestow Our Patriarchal blessing.
Come therefore, to venerate and fall down before Christ and to enjoy the
unspeakable miracle of the divine incarnation. We journey together with the
shepards to Bethlehem and we find the Son of the Most High laying in a
manger. We reverently stand before the Sacred Cave, in which hospitality was
offered to the King of Creation and we recall the infinite love of God and His
extreme condensation and humility.
Humanity awaited nervously His arrival. The Prophets spoke of this. The most
loud-voiced Prophet Isaiah, writing concerning the Messiah, said: “For a child
will be born to us, a son will be given to us”. The words of Angels expressed to
Joseph the betrothed, the universal anticipation and mission of saving the
world of Christ the Savior: “A son will be born and you will call his name Jesus.
For he will save his people from their sins”. (Math. 1, 21)
The joy of Christmas is an issue for all people, because God wants all people to be saved and to come to the
knowledge of the truth. Under the cheerful light of the Star, all unfortunate things draw back, which overshadow the
soul of a person; suffering, sighing, and the bitterness of injustice and of mourning. The tear upon the eyelid
becomes a pearl. Pain is transformed to an educator, which guides the steps, there where the Son of God does not
have a place to lay his head. From a Manger arises universal hope. Unfortunate are they who have not yet
recognized the light and turn to replacements of joy, in order to satisfy the empty desires of their hearts. The Eternal
One came to earth and transformed our transience. We have an eternal destination and from the ephemeral we go
on to eternity. Faith in Christ gives wings to the soul, fortifies the weak person, and instills comfort into the suffering
heart, as spring caresses with daybreak our foreheads. We are so small, poor, and fragile, as the reed in the
dessert. Together with Christ we make strong roots, the winds and storms do not make us afraid, and we become an
unconquerable tower.
“For a child will be born to us”. In a Manger, Love is wrapped in swaddling-clothes, and since “God is Love” (1 John:
4, 8), humanity is flooded with this great blessing, which is taught for the first time. “God was shown in the flesh”
(1Tim. 3:16), in order for us to know and believe in Him. The light of the world came, so that we may walk in the light
and know the truth “and the truth will set us free” (John 8:32).
This being said, it is not necessary for us to expound on how much the world has distanced itself from the spirit of
Bethlehem. Pain, need, and misfortune have not yet been allowed to be conquered, irregardless of the wondrous
bounds of contemporary science and culture. Much-desired peace remains unthinkable and the specter of war did
not cease to be misguided over humanity, while sin vastly shows its insolent and impudent head. Evil has
unfortunately abounded in our time, justice strangled; truth is portioned and twisted, even in the bosom of the most-
holy Church of Christ. The position of a person is tragic and lamentable. A great effort will be needed for the re-
evangelizing of the Christians, and also the restoration of its terribly tried validity, by attempts and acts of people of
the respectable and historical Patriarchate of Jerusalem who don’t follow the way of the star of Bethlehem.
We suffer upon confirming that peace and God’s justice have not reigned in the earth and even more so amongst
the order of people where there should be one heart through love in Christ. However we study and are watchful that
Christ may be formed in our hearts, because only through Him may reign peace, and reconciliation between
Peoples, respect and love in the relations between persons, as well as the much-desired unity and calmness within
His Church. The shadows and the surges will reside, as all come and go. Only Christ will remain forever, because
“Jesus Christ was yesterday, is today, and will be throughout time” (Hebr. 13, 8). During this sacred time, of the
celebration of the great and light-filled feast of Christmas, we call the misguided ones “to come to the understanding
of truth” and considering the size of their sin, to abandon the road of loss and illegality and to follow the way of the
star of Bethlehem, joining with all of us, Our beloved spiritual children, as pilgrims of the Divine Infant in simplicity,
humility, and repentance, to the glory of Christ the Born King, and the annihilation of evil.
Upon this, embracing all of you in fatherly love, invoking richly the Grace of the incarnate God, and the joy that
springs forth from the Cave that received God, and We remain,
With fervent prayers to the Lord

Patriarch of Jerusalem

From the Cave that received God in the Holy City of Bethlehem

Patriarch by the Mercy of God, of the Holy City of Jerusalem,
All Palestine, Syria of Arabia,
Beyond the Jordan, Cana of Galilee and Holy Sion


"The Religious Spirit of the Slavs" by Nikolai Velimirovic // Free E-Book

The Religious Spirit of the Slavs by Nikolai Velimirovic - Free eBook

"The Agony of the Church" by Nikolai Velimirovic // Free E-Book in Several Formats

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Jewish Supremacy Exposed Bit by Bit (web link)

Jewish Supremacy Exposed [external link]

Anonymous Quote ~

So if one sees a Jew or a snake coming for you, kill the Jew first! You know what the snake will do, but you won’t know what the Jew will do.  

Ursula Haverbeck: The Panorama Interview, with English Subtitles

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Video: 'Meteora Monasteries'

This is beautiful & breathtaking!! Get into it. ♥♥♥



WOW! This is beautiful! A short video with some very soothing music. Don't pass this by, watch & listen. Often.


Looking for a Proactive Catholic Men's Group to Join ~

Real serious question: Are any of my Catholic Christian friends here part of a small (or even large, I suppose) men's group? My spiritual director suggested I join one. I think "The Men of St. Michael" is active around here. Also "The Knights of Columbus" is a men's group that does a LOT of good works. I'm mostly looking for something akin to an Alcoholics Anonymous AWOL group or Big Book study group. It has to be very Catholic (no offense to all my Protestant brothers. Or my atheist & agnostic brothers for that matter) and preferably in Ypsilanti or Ann Arbor. I can see the benefit in it. I attend Holy Mass every Sunday, go to confession about once a month, "pray ceaselessly" (St. Paul's orders), read the Bible, read the teachings of the Church Fathers & The Desert Fathers and Mothers, yet I still fuck up & fall short constantly. I have a lot of anger issues & love a good fight (Catholics are known for that in many countries!! LOL!) but i DO know it's wrong & when I'm wrong. I just don't give a shit a lot of the time. But a small part of me wants to do better. I KNOW I can do better, but only with God's help. You guys know I don't force my beliefs on anyone & I am blessed to have friends of every religion or no religion at all. But I am happy to be a Roman Catholic Christian. As an aside, if you would've told me when I was 19, 20, 21 years old that I would re-embrace Catholicism (I was raised Catholic until the age of twelve or so...), I would've told you you're nuts & to go get fucked!! But people change, for better or worse. I have reaped so many blessings from my faith that I can't even list them all!!! The Catholic Church is so NOT what I always thought it was. It is magnificent, beautiful, open, ancient yet modern, and the real deal. I still borrow a lot from Krishna Consciousness, Protestant Christianity, Pure Land Buddhism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Essene teachings and some other eastern wisdom paths. But I always find the fullness of faith within the Catholic Church/teachings. I still can't believe I finally got confirmed seven years ago. It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Now I want to join a men's group & grow further spiritually. I need help! Just like in Alcoholics Anonymous I cannot do it alone. ♥♥♥


" David Stein/Cole on the Holocaust &Historical Revision " [Great New Interview After Nearly 20 Years]

Very interesting interview with David Stein, aka David Cole, Jewish former Holocaust historical revisionist. He was a victim of an attempted murder & driven underground for nineteen years by a Jewish terrorist organization. Stein/Cole is NOT a "Nazi." He's still Jewish & he's still an historical revisionist. He got interested in Holocaust & general historical revisionism to PROVE them WRONG, but instead found HIMSELF proven wrong. And for that, he paid the price by going underground for nearly two decades. This guy is incredibly smart, level-headed, spiritual, and thirsty for the truth. The irony of ironies is that in no less than fifteen countries worldwide it is a FELONY to even question most aspects of the Jewish Holocaust™. I hate Nazis. And I also hate the idea of propagating contrived lies about an already terrible war, throwing innocent old men--scholars, authors, professors, and family men--into PRISON for thought crimes!! WTH?!? Fortunately in America historical revisionism is NOT a crime....yet. Any history buffs out there, like myself, know that history is CONSTANTLY being revised. From the pyramids at Giza, to the American Civil War, the "discovery" of the Americas, to the Russian revolution of 1917, and "Operation Paperclip" in the USA post WWII, history is ALWAYS being revised, simply as a matter of course. Yes, the Jewish Holocaust is a sensitive topic, but putting people in jail for asking probing questions, conducting forensic tests & experiments, questioning "eyewitnesses," revisiting the proceedings of the Nuremberg trials, unearthing & translating old, never before seen documents, etc etc. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love history & theology. This stuff fascinates me!! But let's cut the crap here: Without constantly re-living what may or may not have happened in Europe from 1933 to 1945, Israel--as a nation with an unquestionable right to exist--quickly de-legitimizes. Fifteen countries that can & will throw you in the slammer for asking probing questions. No, not inciting hate, not promoting National Socialism, none of that. Oh and by the way, in 1989 the official Auschwitz Museum in Poland replaced their former descriptive plaque of "events" that transpired there, from "4 Million Lives Lost" to "1.5 Million." This was done without any fanfare & very little press coverage. Now think about this: A discrepancy of 2.5 MILLION BODIES!! WTH?!? Bear in mind that this was done NOT by revisionists but by mainstream Holocaust™ historians! Therefore the official death toll SHOULD shrink to 3.5 mil, simple math. But this would require updating millions upon millions of textbooks, articles, stories, movies, etc. That's why this revised plaque was installed without much ado. And finally, to this day, we have yet to see ONE single autopsy where the cause of death was from Zyklon B. Be afraid, my friends. I know you & I know you hate Neo-Nazis, fascists, Communists, & all forms of totalitarian governments. But the idea that one can be jailed for a THOUGHT CRIME?!? Damn. Damn. Damn. 

>>>>>Off the top of my head, I thought of a few relevant books that are in my bedroom library relating to this topic. NOT including a plethora
of overtly revisionist books & journals that I have, mostly on my Kindle:

"War & Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust" by Doris L. Bergen 

"Nazi Propaganda & the Second World War" by Aristotle A. Kallis 

"The Holocaust & Genocides in Europe" by Benjamin Lieberman 

"Is the Holocaust Unique: Perspectives on Comparative Genocide" ed. by Alan S. Rosenbaum 

"Julius Streicher: Nazi Editor of the Notorious Anti-Semitic Newspaper Der Sturmer" by Randall L. Bytwerk 

"Giant with Feet of Clay: Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the Holocaust" by Jürgen Graf