EMPATHY "Under The Lost Smile" // CURRENT "Coliseum" // DRIFT AGAIN 7" ~1990's Hardcore At Its Best

Remember those days. Size XXL FALLING FORWARD shirts, Krishna choker beads, fanzines bound with yarn, vegan brownies, and back packs in the pit...Ahhh, the lost days of original hardcore. Cute hardcore chicks with barretts in their hair, bleach blond bowl cuts (on the guys!), and endless ideas screamed with naive wide eyes! Where is everyone?

The Sacred Geometry of The Universe

Healthy food for thought. I've probably watched this a dozen times, yet I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around it all.


Behind the Monastery Walls (Romanian documentary with English subtitles)

An absolutely beautiful & positive documentary. Monastic monks & nuns who love Jesus Christ with their entire mind, soul, body, and strength. It is a peaceful & loving situation that they choose to LIVE. Death to the world--death to the materialistic passions of this gross plane. We are stuck in this muck, treading water & living on borrowed time. The mortality rate for humans is 100%. Sometimes I wonder, 'what exactly am I supposed to do HERE? Why was I manifested on this globe? What does the Lord want from me? Anything? Nothing?' I'm of the opinion that the Lord wants nothing in particular from me. He gave me freewill, and I am to choose to LOVE.

Burdens of a Bachelor: Hippies vs. Punks: ALL's Trailblazer

Burdens of a Bachelor: Hippies vs. Punks: ALL's Trailblazer: Recorded live at CBGBs during the summer of 1989 -- the same summer and venue I witnessed The Lemonheads perform music off their new alb...


[Video] The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth...

This is just plain crazy! The officials at the former Majdanek "death camp" have over the years reduced the number of persons who died there from 2,000,000 to approx. 78,000. WOW! Just like the former Auschwitz "death camp" reduced the number "killed" there from 4 million to 1.5 million which is admittedly rounded UP from 1.1 million! Lord have mercy on these subhuman liars! Why is the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust™ always being reduced and NEVER increased? And with all the changes, the '6 million' never gets reduced. Because in Holocaust™ math, 6 mil -2.5 mil -1.9 mil = 6 million still!!! Must be 'new math' that I never learned before.   


"SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN" Full Documentary! [Very Long, but Worth Your Time]

Oh man, the first ninety minutes or so are jam-packed with factual information about the Rothschild family!  It's almost too much to take in.  I've read enough books on the Synagogue of Satan, the "money lenders," usury, Zionism, and the Rothschild crooks to know the truth.  It's time for YOU to learn it without scoffing. Pray the Rosary & the Jesus Prayer for peace & independence from this brood of vipers known as Zionists. 



One of the most succinct Holocaust™ Revision/investigation videos I've ever seen.  It gets to the point & sticks to it.  The evidence for gas chambers is nil.  The 6 million number has been debunked by the OTHER SIDE of the debate, the pro-holocaust hopefuls.  I have a few books that mention many times that "six million Jews were in danger," "six million Jewish souls may perish" etc etc etc, and this is all speeches, newspaper, and magazine articles from around 1910 til the end of WWI.  Yes world war ONE & earlier.  The 6 million number was pulled out of the ass of a fellow racist, xenophobic, Zionist. Yes, Jews were persecuted, abused, rounded up & shipped all over Europe.  But bear in mind that Jews & Jewish communities worldwide declared (economic) war on Germany, not the other way around!!  And the Jews were mighty powerful to the economy of Germany, the universities, the media, and the banking system. (Much like here in the USA!!)


Sts. Perpetua & Felicity Icon

Saint Perpetua (d. 203, Carthage, Tunisia) (Relics: Carthage, Tunisia; Vierzon, France) Saint Felicity (d. 203, Carthage, Tunisia) (Relics: Carthage, Tunisia).
Saints Perpetua and Felicity (believed to have died 7 March 203) are Christian martyrs of the 3rd century. Perpetua (born around 181) was a 22-year old married noblewoman and a nursing mother. 
Her co-martyr Felicity, an expectant mother, was her slave. They suffered together at Carthage in the Roman province of Africa, during the reign of Septimius Severus.
Saint Perpetua (d. 203, Carthage, Tunisia) (Relics: Carthage, Tunisia; Vierzon, France) Saint Felicity (d. 203, Carthage, Tunisia) (Relics: Carthage, Tunisia).
Saints Perpetua and Felicity (believed to have died 7 March 203) are Christian martyrs of the 3rd century. Perpetua (born around 181) was a 22-year old married noblewoman and a nursing mother.
Her co-martyr Felicity, an expectant mother, was her slave. They suffered together at Carthage in the Roman province of Africa, during the reign of Septimius Severus.

"Vimanas: Ancient Flying Vehicles in Ancient Sanskrit"

A great thesis.  I've read much about these ancient Indian "flying machines" and it always intrigues me.  I'm of the opinion that these were real.  So I suppose it's much more than a thesis.  See what YOU believe!
Vimanas Vimanas Vimanas....

Secret 5000 Year Old Vimana Found!

Keep an open mind!!

"SEX: The Secret Gate To Eden" [Full Film]

I love alternative, Biblical ideas! I love apocryphal stories & books!!

Banned from the Bible: Secrets of the Apostles - 720p


[Video] OPERATION IVY @ 924 Gilman St, April 15, 1989 (At the end of their short run...)

A very decent OPERATION IVY set from mid '89. It must've been one of their last gigs.

[Video] Saddest Beautiful Song for Humanity Ever


Russian Divine Liturgy of St. Chrysostom & Other Different Orthodox Liturgies

Absolutely beautiful!!

Ann Coulter on Illegal Immigration [I'll add clips as I collect them, and may or may not be implicitly about illegal aliens]

Well, it's going to come down to Trump or Clinton, so we all need to deal with this civilly. Ann Coulter, whatever you may think of her, sticks to her guns & rarely backs down.


More Books From My Shelf // KEEP READING!!

I really want to list & post here every book I have sitting on my shelves, and in stacks & piles surrounding me.  Mostly to let people know what I'm made of how I think, where I'm coming from, etc.  You absorb ideas, views, attitudes & mannerisms from the people you surround yourself with.  I completely believe the same is true with what you read (and watch, but I don't watch TV....maybe just too many "conspiracy theory" or "truther" YouTube videos).
Keep, keep reading!!  Paper books.  Real books. Hell, write a book!!  Yes, I have a Kindle & between my laptop & that device I have about a thousand digital books.  It's nice but there will never be an adequate 'replacement' for the printed book.  I'm not saying anything new.  Just keep reading.

"On the Road to Perfection"
  by G. Maloney

"The Hoax of the Twentieth Century"
 by Dr. Arthur Butz

"Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace"
 by Scott Hahn

"Satipatthana: The Direct Path To Realization"
 by Analayo

"Henry Ford & The Jews"
 by Neil Baldwin

"In the Heart of the Desert"
 by John Chryssavgis

"Hitler's Pope"
 by John Cornwell

"The Joy of Missing Out"
 by C. Crook

"The Arena"
 by Ignatius Brianchaninov

"The Unknown Pilgrim"
 by Rene Gothoni

"The Mystic Christ"
 "by Ethan Walker III

"Cave, Refectory, Road"
 by Ian Adams

"St. Mary of Egypt"
 trans. by Hugh Feiss

"Augustine on Prayer"
 by Thomas Hand

"Awareness: The Perils & Opportunities of Reality"
 by Anthony DeMello

"Biblical Demonology"
 by M.F. Unger

"Christian Mystics"
 by M. Fox

"Nothing in This Book is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are"
 by Bob Frissell

"Hinds' Feet on High Places"
 by Hannah Hurnard

"The Cross & the Kremlin"
 by T. Bremer

"The Tao of Inner Peace"
 by Diane Dreher

"Herzl's Vision"
 by Shlomo Avineri

"Travels in Siberia"
 by Ian Frazier

"Standing in God's Holy Fire"
 by J. Anthony McGuckin

"The Gospel Truth"
 by Alexander Holub, Ph.D.

"Bringing Jesus to the Desert"
 by Bradley Nassif

"The Purposeful Universe"
 by Carl Calleman, Ph.D.

"Understanding Iran"
 by William Polk

"Islamic Political Thought"
 ed. by Gerhard Bowering

"An Exorcist Tells His Story"
 by G. Amorth

"Man's Search for Meaning"
 by Viktor Frankl

"The Hermitess Photini"
 by Archimandrite Joachim Spetsieris

"Mysteries of the Virgin Mary"
 by Fr. Peter J. Cameron, O.P.

"The Desert Fathers"
 by Helen Waddell

"The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios"
 by Dionysios Farasiotis

"The Desert Movement"
 by Alexander Ryrie

"Contemporary Ascetics of Mount Athos"
 by Archimandrite Cherubim

"The Yoga of Jesus"
 by Paramahansa Yogananda

"Keeping Mary Close"
 by Mike Aquilina & Dr. Fred Gruber

"What the Mystics Know"
 by Richard Rohr

"Reckless Rites"
 by Elliot Horowitz

"More Than Anyone Can Do: Zen Talks"
 by Ton Lathouwers

"The Urantia Book"
 by Urantia Foundation

"The Body & the Blood"
 by Charles M Sennott

"The Devil & The Jews"
 by J. Trachtenberg

"Growing Up Palestinian"
 by L. Bucaille

"The Second World War"
 by J.F.C. Fuller

"Facing East"
 by Frederica Matthewes-Green

"Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Earth"
 by Elana Freeland

"Dharma Road"
 by Brian Haycock

"We Are NOT Alone"
 by D. Schulze-Makuch & D. Darling

"Crazy John"
 by Dionysios A. Makris

"The Big Book of Reincarnation"
 by Roy Stemman

"The Art of Prayer"
 compiled by Igumen Chariton of Valamo

"Introduction to Serbian Orthodox Church History"
 by Bishop Nikolos Resource Center

"Reading the Bible as God's Own Story"
 by W.S. Kurz, SJ

"Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews"
 by Alan Hart

"Why Can the Dead Do Such Great Things?"
 by Robert Bartlett

"Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer"
 by Norris Chumley

"My Life In Christ"
 by St John of Kronstadt

"The Dhammapada"
 by K. Sri Dhammananda

"The Far Future Universe"
 ed by George F.R. Ellis

"The Station"
 by Robert Byron

"The American Orthodox Church"
 by George C. Michalopulos & Herb Ham

"Where We Got the Bible"
 by H.G. Graham

"Children of the Holocaust"
 by Arnost Lustig

"Amped: Notes From a Go-Nowhere Punk Band"
 by Jon Resh

"The Philokalia and the Inner Life"
 by C.H. Cook

"The Faith of the Saints"
 by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic

"The Ancient Path: Old Lessons from the Church Fathers for a New Life Today"
 by John Michael Talbot

"The Other Gospels: Accounts of Jesus from Outside the New Testament"
 by Bart D. Ehrman & Zlatko Plese

"Pilgrims to Jerusalem in the Middle Ages"
 by Nicole Chareyron

"Rethinking Depression: How to Shed Mental Health Labels &
Create Personal Meaning"
 by Eric Maisel

"The Mindfulness Code: Keys for Overcoming Stress, Anxiety,
Fears, and Unhappiness"
 by Donald Altman

"The Magus of Strovolos: The Extraordinary World of a
Spiritual Healer"
 by Kyriacos C. Markides

"Weimar Germany: Promise and Tragedy"
 by Eric D. Weitz

"The Apocryphal Acts of Paul, Peter, John, Andrew and Thomas"
 by Bernhard Pick

"A Guide to St. Symeon the New Theologian"
 by Hannah Hunt

"Basil of Caesarea: A Guide to His Life & Doctrine"
 by Andrew Radde-Gallwitz

"The Young Elder: A Biography of Blessed Archimandrite
Ambrose of Milkovo"
 by Archbishop Antony Medvedev

"Saint Athansius the Great, Patriarch of Alexandria"
 ed. by Father Samuel Nedelsky

"Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions"
 by Eric Maisel & Ann Maisel

"Abandonment to Divine Providence"
 by Jean-Pierre de Caussade

"You and Your Problems"
 by Ven. Dr. K Sri Dhammananda

"Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination, and
Life Beyond Death"
 by Robert Moss

"Awaken to the Buddha Within"
 by Ven. Shi Wuling

"Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations: Ancient
Philosophy for Modern Problems"
 by Jules Evans

"New Frontiers in Guadalupan Studies"
 ed. by V. Elizondo & T. Matovina

"A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain: Discussion with a
Hermit on the Jesus Prayer"
 by Met. of Nafpaktos Hierotheos

"Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing
and Becoming Whole"
 by Robert Moss

"Active Dreaming: Journeying Beyond Self-Limitation to a Life
of Wild Freedom"
 by Robert Moss

"Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche"
 by Bill Plotkin

"The Ancient Path: Old Lessons from the Church Fathers for a
New Life Today"
 by John Michael Talbot

"Jesus the Magician: A Renowned Historian Reveals How Jesus
Was Viewed by the People of His Time"
 by Morton Smith

"The Secret History of the Gnostics: Their Scriptures, Beliefs
and Traditions"
 by Andrew Phillip Smith

"The Lost Teachings of the Cathars: Their Beliefs & Practices"
 by Andrew Phillip Smith

"The Noonday Devil: Acedia, the Unnamed Evil of Our Times"
 by Jean-Charles Nault, O.S.B.

"Jesus Wept: When Faith & Depression Meet"
 by Barbara C. Crafton

"The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan
Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life"
 by Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

"Our Lady, Undoer of Knots: A Living Novena"
 by Marge Fenelon

"Ten Series of Meditations on the Mysteries of the Rosary"
 by Rev. John Ferraro

Free to Read on MASS//RETALIATION: "Antifascism After Hitler"

David Stein/Cole on the "Holocaust & Historical Revisionism"

An excellent interview with Jewish Holocaust™ Revisionist David Cole. Keep an open mind--listen to the ENTIRE talk. It's NOT ABOUT HATE!! Love, anti-war, good news to hear six million were NOT exterminated in "gas chambers."


dscn4684.jpg (1306×1828)

Richard Rohr's Meditation "Incarnation--Week-1-Summary"

Richard Rohr MYSTIC [external link]


"This is England" FULL Movie [2006] // Skinhead Culture

This is a pretty good movie!  I think I first saw it about five years ago or so.  I guess I wasn't too impressed the first time around, but I've watched it two or three more times, and I can definitely say it's well made & pretty accurate/realistic! Plus the music is great too!

[Video--Audio Only!] ARRESTING OFFICERS "Working Class Patriot"

Great old American Skinhead Oi! band. From Philidelphia PA, I think.  I don't know much else about this band, except that they were quite controversial, especially their lyrics.  I guess I could Google the hell out of this band, but that's taking the easy way out.  If anyone has any real information about these guys, please comment here.  Cheers!

Learning to Forgive the Unforgiveable Sin

Learning to Forgive the Unforgiveable Sin


[Video] TERROR "The Most High" // Some of Scott Vogel's Other Bands as Well....

TERROR have always been one of my all-time favorite contemporary hardcore bands. Actually, every band that Scott Vogel has been in have made great music with great meaning: BURIED ALIVE, DESPAIR, SLUGFEST, and even FADEAWAY which he played drums in. All of them, all of his bands are fantastic. He is hardcore for life. I like to think I am too. And at 44 yrs old, I guess I am. I think Vogel is 42 or 43. He's a lifer, like Toby & the H2O clan, FMB & MADBALL, SOIA, AGNOSTIC FRONT, and even SLAPSHOT, to an extent. Who else....Aaron Bedard & BANE (Aaron turned 46 on the "Life & Death" tour a few months ago. Viva la hardcore, & viva la lifers! 

BURIED ALIVE full set in Rochester, NY 1998

BURIED ALIVE "Kill Their Past" audio clip 

DESPAIR live at Detroit Fest 1997

SLUGFEST full-length CD (the 7", plus some other stuff)

SLUGFEST opening with two cover songs! Scott Vogel is so fkn into this, I love it!!