" Diadochos of Photiki: Philosophical Poems & Quotes " This Is Great!--

A fantastic site I found with extensive quotes & information from Holy Masters. Lots of great quotes from wise Christian hermits, Buddhist monks, and Hindu holy men. This is most certainly not dedicated to any one spiritual tradition, as it encompasses wisdom from all of the world's great traditions!  Loving it! ♥♥♥ m//r

Diadochos of Photiki: Philosophical Poems & Quotes (link)


How Life Is........and It Ain't Fair Or Nice---

Dammit, I just went from being on top of the world, to having my world fall in around me. This is truly a shocker. I thought this was an excellent job for me. I was sooooo happy to be working at this job. I thought the boss was cool and my co-worker was cool. Turns out the boss is a rat who owes me $320 bux. I was supposed to get paid last Fri. Then he told me he was waiting on some checks to clear and he would pay me Tues (yesterday.) But he cancelled work on Tues, so I expected to get paid today, Wed. When I asked him about my check, he got uber offended and said, "I'll pay you when I get paid by my clients. If the checks didn't clear, then I can't pay you. End of story." This fucking dickhead piece of redneck lying shit owes me a bunch of money for work I did. He is a lying cunt anyhow, telling me he's 26 yrs old when I found out he's ONLY 21!!! WTF?!?! If I don't get my check in full first thing Monday morning, I am filing a police report! Why God, WHY?!? Why me? Why this shit to ME?!? I had what I thought was an excellent job making $17 an hour. But little by little I began getting weird vibes about him, especially when he didn't have my check cut for me. Uggggh. I need peace. I need love. I need comfort. I haven't had any real comfort or love in eight yrs now. I'm just so sick & tired of being lonely & fucked up in the head all the time. I never feel "at ease" or a "part of." Even at AA mtg, church, in groups of ppl. I feel like everyone else I'm friends with, was given an instruction guide for life when they were born, except me. I'm just constantly confused & discontent. Ill at ease. Self-will run riot. HELP! HELP! Somebody?

Borrowed Article 'Christians in the Holy Land'



Christians in the Holy Land

by OCP on August 9, 2011

KIM LAWTON, correspondent: It’s Sunday morning in the West Bank town of Bethlehem. Christians have gathered for worship at the ancient Church of the Nativity, which marks the traditional birthplace of Jesus. Local Christians like John Tawil say they feel a special tie to their faith.
JOHN TAWIL: Being a Christian in Bethlehem is something wonderful because it’s the place where Jesus was born.
LAWTON: But the 2,000-year-old Christian community here has been diminishing at an alarming rate, and some question whether Christianity can ultimately survive in the land where it began.
PROFESSOR BERNARD SABELLA (Al-Quds University): The places are important, but you need to make these places to come alive, and you cannot do that without indigenous Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land.
LAWTON: The overwhelming majority of Christians here are Arabs. They were among the hundreds of thousands displaced in 1948, when the State of Israel was established and in the wars that followed. For decades now, Palestinian Christians have continued to emigrate at disproportionately high rates, and their birth rates are much lower than those of Muslims. Roughly 150,000 Christians live in Israel proper—about two percent of the population. In the Palestinian Territories, it’s estimated that Christians make up just over one percent of the population. There are also small Christian minorities in disputed East Jerusalem. The circumstances for Christians vary in each of those places and, like most things here, a lot of it is shaped by the ongoing conflict.
SABELLA: The challenge, I think, to Palestinian Christians, in my view, and to Christian communities in Israel and the Middle East, is really to stay put.
LAWTON: Bernard Sabella is a sociologist in Jerusalem who has studied the emigration patterns of his fellow Christians, especially younger Christians, in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.
SABELLA: The political situation and the economic situation together make it very hard for young people. Even when they are earning good money, and they have a secure job, relatively secure job, they feel that the prospects for the future are very dim.
LAWTON: That’s the case for John Tawil and his friend, Mary Abu-Ghattas, who are students at the Roman Catholic-run Bethlehem University. Both are 20 years old and both were born under Israeli occupation. They say Israel’s strict security policies toward all Palestinians make West Bank life untenable.
MARY ABU-GHATTAS: First of all, challenges in moving, which is like a basic human right, to be able to move from one point to another. Challenges in Israel controlling the water supply, Israel controlling basically any supply that comes into Palestine.
LAWTON: Mary’s Greek Orthodox family has lived for centuries in the Christian town of Beit Jala, just outside Bethlehem. She’s close to them, but also dreams of traveling to faraway places.
ABU-GHATTAS: Even though if I don’t care, like, if I have a lot of money. I just care to really be able to see the world, so, yes, that is definitely my dream, but it’s not going to—it’s not that easy to make come true considering our situation in Palestine. It’s very tempting to leave. Do we try? Yes, of course we try, like basically, obviously no one wants to leave their country, but it is hard. It’s a challenge.
LAWTON: John is part of the tiny Syriac Orthodox community. Several of his extended family members live in France and Britain. He’s a chemistry major who wants to study medicine, and he’s planning to do so abroad.
TAWIL: I would like to stay here, but I see that the peace, the peace process that they are moving in, will not achieve itself within the coming few years or within the coming 200 years. So why to suffer and struggle? Living under the occupation is not a normal life. It’s a stressed life, and we have to get out of this.
LAWTON: Bethlehem University was founded in 1973, and today about 30 percent of the students are Christians, 70 percent Muslim. University administrators are aware of the challenge they face.
BROTHER VINCENT NEIL KIEFFE (Bethlehem University): The difficulty with education is once you’ve educated someone they become mobile, and so they have opportunities elsewhere. Our goal is to try and encourage people to stay in the Holy Land. That’s why we’re here to start with.
LAWTON: Leaders of the Holy Land’s historic churches have been trying to encourage their flock to stay. For example, while the Anglican Church provides social services for all people, it’s also been developing scholarship and employment programs specifically aimed at Christians.
BISHOP SUHEIL DAWANI (Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem): We encourage them, and we do whatever we can within our capacity to keep them here in the land.
LAWTON: Christians outside the region are also trying to help. The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation [HCEF] is a US-based group with the mission of “preserving the Christian presence in the Holy Land.” HCEF runs several investment and social service projects, such as this senior citizens day-care center in the West Bank town of Birzeit. Here, they try to celebrate traditional Palestinian culture and heritage. HCEF has also renovated or built more than 300 homes for low-income Palestinian Christians. This family of six was living in one rundown room. Now they have a brand-new three-bedroom home.
Church leaders worry that without a living Christian presence, the Holy Land could become like a museum or a theme park. The region’s Roman Catholic leader is Fouad Twal, who has the ancient title of Latin Patriarch. He wants pilgrims to visit not only the holy sites, but also the local Christians, whom he calls the Holy Land’s “living stones.”
PATRIARCH FOUAD TWAL (Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem): Only with the living stones, with people, with community, it has a meaning of holy. It is not a question of building and archaeology; it is a question of life.
LAWTON: Top Western Anglican and Roman Catholic leaders have just launched a new campaign to help Christians in the Holy Land. But that can be a complicated and sometimes controversial endeavor. Many Christians, especially in American and European evangelical communities, are strongly pro-Israel. When the US and other countries moved their embassies from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv for political reasons, one group of Christians founded their own institution to support Israel. They called it the Christian Embassy.
DAVID PARSONS (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem): We were founded in 1980 as an expression of comfort and solidarity with the Jewish people and their 3,000-year-old attachment to Jerusalem, and we’ve been standing on the principle of a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty for 30 years now.
LAWTON: David Parsons says people in his community worry that some efforts to support Christians in the Holy Land can be “anti-Israel.”
PARSONS: There is this temptation when you have this sympathy for the plight of Palestinian Christians that, you know, in order to help them you have to start bashing Israel. It is a divisive issue.
LAWTON: Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams contends that his campaign is actually very pro-Israel.
ARCHBISHOP ROWAN WILLIAMS (Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury): To put difficult questions to the government of Israel is a sign that we take the government of Israel seriously. It’s quite the opposite of delegitimation or whatever. It’s saying we expect the government of Israel to have a response. We expect for them to be able to bear criticism and to engage with it.
LAWTON: Parsons asserts that Christians are treated better by Israel than by other Middle Eastern nations, and he raises another controversial question: the role rising Islamic fundamentalism may play in the Christian exodus.
PARSONS: A lot of people look at the conflict, they look at the plight of Palestinian Christians, they look at so many of them leaving, and they want to understand why, and most of them know that the main culprit in this is Islamic militancy, both towards Jews and towards Christians.
LAWTON: Palestinian Christian leaders acknowledge there are some tensions with Muslims but say overall the two communities have lived together peacefully for centuries.
SABELLA: Our relations have been really normal relations, like neighbors. There are sensitivities in the sense that sometimes Palestinian Christians would like less of religion in the public sphere, yes. But that is not the cause for leaving.
LAWTON: Sabella says many Christians here see themselves as bridge-builders for peace and democracy.
SABELLA: If you lose the Palestinian Christians, then you lose, in a sense, the promise of a multireligious and open and democratic and pluralist society, and I’m saying that not simply to the Palestinian Territories; also to Israel.
TWAL: I consider all the inhabitants—Jews, Muslims, Christians—as my faithful, my people, my children, and I must take care of them. My dream is to see our children playing together in a normal life, a normal way in this holy, holy land. Until now, this dream, my dream, is only a dream.
LAWTON: And as peace remains elusive, many church leaders say their biggest challenge may be keeping their flock from despair.
DAWANI: Jerusalem for us Christians is a city of hope, because it is the city of the resurrection, and it is the city of hope, and hope is a very important concept in our lives. If we lose hope, we lose everything. But we still have hope.
LAWTON: The leaders believe that is the ultimate message of their faith, which was formed in this land.
I’m Kim Lawton in Israel and the West Bank.


"ANCESTRAL HOME: Syria, Assyria & Christianity" Excellent, Informative Documentary--

Jenny Woo "Stronger" Oi! Chick Playing Acoustic Guitar & Singing!--

This is really weird & different. Couldn't figure out if I liked it at first. But I decided that I do like it. Like one of the comments posted on YT says, "Chick dressed in Oi! gear playing Americanised music." that about sums it up. Check it out & tell me what you think. I know one thing for certain --she's smokin' hot! My dream girl, essentially. ♥♥♥

I love a cute chick with a chelsea style hair do, Fred Perry polo shirt, Ben Sherman brand sweater, and shiny Doc Marten boots or shoes on her feet!  I remember always trying to get one of my old girlfriend's to dress like that, but she wasn't having any part of it! LOL, I guess I can't really MAKE or GET a byrd to dress how I want them to dress, but it's worth the suggestion, at least.  To me, the skinhead "style" if you will, has always been sharp in my eyes (no pun intended with the word "sharp").  I can easily see myself wearing my Doc's & Fred Perry's until I'm six feet under, but I don't see myself (not that I dress this way now) wearing a mohawk hair style, with ripped up black pants, dirty t-shirt, leather jacket covered in spikes & badges & patches, with scuffed up combat boots, when I'm old, grey, & bent!  I suppose camo shorts, band shirt, ankle socks, and new running shoes looks good too.  So I CAN dress in the hardcore "youth crew" style even when I'm a REAL old-timer, hahaha.


" Jesus In Kashmir (India) " Documentary by the Indian Government--

Here we have for your consideration, another documentary, this time produced & released by the Indian govt, about Jesus either surviving His crucifixion & travelling to India, China, Asia, etc, OR Jesus Christ going to India et al, between the ages of 12 & 30. I like this narrators voice and the background music. It's really easy to listen to. Soothing, yes....that's the word. So if you have some time, play this video in the background while you do whatever it is you have to do. Or spend some time attentively watching this documentary. But if you're anything like me you're doing five things at one time!
Ahhhh, spread some nice vibes someone you don't like, some love. We don't always like all the people we come in contact with, but we should strive to love them. ♥

Secret Life Of Jesus Christ "King Of Kings and Lord of Lords "

Just finished watching this & I found it a very worthwhile documentary! It's especially good if
this is your first time hearing about an alternate thesis to Jesus' life. What is usually called
"the missing years." The idea is, Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior, traveled to India, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, etc, via the Silk Road trading route. So give this movie an hour of your time and see what you think about this. I've got a few books to read through & a few other documentaries to check out!
--Stay healthy & keep loving one another-- m//r

Some New Books I'm Currently Reading ( May/June )

"We've Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention"

  -by Paul Von Ward

"Mind Programming: From Persuasion & Brainwashing to Self-Help & Practical Metaphysics"
  -by Eldon Taylor

"The Gnostic Mystery"
  -by Randy Davila
"Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, & the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind"
  -by E.L. Mayer, Ph.D.

"A Thousand Splendid Suns"  (by the guy who wrote "The Kiterunner")
  -by Khaled Hosseini

"Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah"
  -by Tau Malachi

"Teachings of the Christian Mystics"
  edited by Andrew Harvey
"Orthodoxy & the Religion of the Future"
  -by Fr. Seraphim Rose

"Brave New World"  (a classic I am revisiting!)
  -by Aldous Huxley

"The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human-Alien Contact Ever Reported"
  -by Kathleen Marden & Denise Stoner

"Navigating the Out of Body Experience: Radical New Techniques"
  -by Graham Nicholls

"Killing Jesus: The Unknown Conspiracy Behind the World's Most Famous Execution"
  -by Stephen Mansfield

"The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil"
  -by Philip Zimbardo

"Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler"
  -by S. Dunstan & G. Williams

Sunday, May 26, 2013--

Another Sunday. Another end to another weekend. Kind of. Tomorrow is an extra weekend day! No work tomorrow since it's Memorial Day. Get paid on Tues this week instead of Fri. Fine with me.
Woke up early today, prayed & meditated, went to Holy Mass at CTK (had a guest priest from India say the Mass!) and came home to eat leftover Chinese food for lunch. Listening to the 10,000 MANIACS and contemplating a nap. Although I did sleep well last night--and even slept for nine hours--I'm still feeling like a nap is in order!!  m//r

10,000 MANIACS " Verdi Cries " Such a damn beautiful song!--

Man oh man, I freaking LOVE this song! Actually I love this ENTIRE album!!! The first time I heard it was in 1987 or '88 when I stole it from my sister. She owned the cassette version and I didn't know anything about the band, but I just wanted to take something of hers. I was a hardcore punkrock skinhead, but I instantly fell in love with this album! Ever since then I have owned it at least twice on CD & two copies of it on vinyl. I remember giving one vinyl copy to Marc McFinn, my best friend, several years ago. He loves the 10,000 MANIACS also. Who doesn't? Well, many people don't, I know that. Someone recently gave me some shit on fb when I posted a song or two. And what's up with this band re-forming several years back, with OUT Natalie Merchant?!? They even recorded an album & toured! Has anyone heard the album? I haven't, and I don't want to. The snippets of songs I HAVE heard, sucked. I'd rather remember them this way. Amen. 



JUDGE " Like You " Awesome song!

JUDGE played two reunion shows last Sat. & Sun. They played well & things sounded good. JUDGE will be playing "This Is Hardcore" fest this summer. Good for them. I'm very happy that they are playing shows again, and MAYBE writing new songs. Mike Judge alluded to that last Sat. during his show. We'll see how that pans out. Here's the song, "Like You." I love it. Guitar ballad intro, slower hardcore starts up, with Mike's rugged voice & kick-ass lyrics....YEAH BOY! Haha, enjoy the song! I'm dead dog fuckin' tired. Damn. Had to meet my boss at the corner of Jackson & Wagner in A2. That meant taking the #3 AATA bus to downtown A2, then transferring to the #9 for a ten minute ride to meet him. I jump in the truck & we hit the highway towards Ypsilanti. Turns out he had to drop off an invoice/bill to a customer. I said, "Boss! WTF?!? This is about two miles from my house, why the heck did I catch the bus all the way to the west side of A2 if you were gonna' be coming so close to Ypsi???" Boss goes, "oh. Yeah. Yeah I guess I could've." Haha, poor guy. He's a young kid, and he told me today his gf thought she might be preggers! Ah-ha! I *KNEW* he had something on his mind! I could tell! Anyhow, enough of that.....We cut, edged, & trimmed many, many properties today. Worked nine hours today. Usually Fridays will be 12+ hour days. But we got some stuff done yesterday, so we were all good today....


Something Is Missing--

Checkin' in here, for anyone who may be reading. Friends, acquantences, lovers, and liars. Things have been going swell over the past two months. I'm working a lot these days--got a very good gig doing landscaping for 'R & J Lawn & Snow' out of Ann Arbor. We work all over Washtenaw county. Mainly in west A2, Dexter, Chelsea, and Ypsilanti. Mowing, weeding, edging, mulching, fall clean-up (well, not yet of course), and all things lawn & landscaping. I've been getting sunburned & tanned, sunburned & tanned, ad infinitum. Yes, it's a little hard trying to keep up with these 20-25 yr old kids, but I'm hanging in there! Beside's the money's really, really good! I've also lost 6 pounds since I started this job! Yay for me! God is good. He really is. But there's just something lacking in my life. Perhaps it's love. Yes. Love. Love. That four letter word....

" Christianity Was In India 2000 yrs Ago " Great Theories Here--

Listen up! This is an excellent documentary proposing that Jesus Christ, Son of God, spent several years of His life in the areas of China, India, Tibet, Nepal, etc. Learning & teaching with different sages & mystics & "wise-men." There ARE many, many people who earnestly believe that Jesus did some extensive traveling between the ages of 12 & 30. I'm not saying He did or didn't go to these countries. But I do love watching these kinds of stories & reading books on this subject. I am a Catholic Christian who goes to Mass every Sunday, but I refuse to be closed-minded about other people's beliefs & views or stories such as this. Check it out for yourself & make up your own mind. Follow your heart. Always use love.


"The Most Holy Theotokos" by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo - Byzantine Seminary Press

Here's a quick link to a book I think will be interesting. I can never read or hear enough about the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, my Mother, & the Most Holy Theotokos. "Theotokos" is a Greek word that means, "bearer of God." In the Eastern Orthodox & Eastern Catholic churches, Mary is called Theotokos. I think it's a beautiful word! I will most likely order this book this week (last week of May), but I am already about sixty books in the hole. Meaning I have around sixty books on my shelves that I haven't even read yet! Yikes!!! OK everyone, remember to TRY to love on another & TRY to take care of one another. Peace.

>>The Most Holy Theotokos by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo (link to the Byzantine Seminary Press)


"The Afterlife Investigations: The Scole Experiments" Very Interesting & Awesome Documentary--

(Update -5/26/2013) Excellent story here on the impressive powers of a man named Scole. I haven't watched this movie in it's entirety, but the segments I HAVE watched, made my jaw drop & sent shivers up my spine! Yes, it's that impressive. I'm watching another documentary about Jesus Christ traveling to Asian countries to learn from the masters. So when I've written about that, I'll finish this movie.


"STOLEN BOOKS" // Poem---------------------------

Stolen Books...the hurdles that I climbed were just hurdles in my mind.
Check out the Prince of Unity, and see what he always sees.  Check out the patterns of his'll be alright. We've known each other since we were nine or ten.
Together we killed frogs and we crossed seas.
But now the joy is gone, it's in my head where it burned strong.
See the tracers in the air & you cry 'cuz you're not there.
And what makes you free from fear, growing pains and losing hair?
It's a thousand blows that kept us here and even now when He's not near.
In my sweat is where I lose the most of me. I shake, I shit, I suck, I lose, I'm back.
I took the steps and I rode the waves. But now the waves ride me.
This is my manifest function.
Altruistic and with purpose.
Ignition of the mind.

-me 5/8/11

***Currently Listening To:
  ...and those mp3's of German marching music from WWII

***Currently Reading:
  COMETBUS fanzine


New Books I'm Reading for May 2013! ♥♥♥

"The Secret Message of Jesus: Uncovering the Truth that Could Change Everything"
  -by Brian D. McLaren

"I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist"
  -by Norman L. Geisler & Frank Turek

"The Power of the Parable: How Fiction by Jesus Became Fiction About Jesus"
  -by John Dominic Crossan

"Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler"
  -by Simon Dunstan & Gerrard Williams

"Pope Francis"
  -by Matthew E. Bunson

"Lemuria and Atlantis: Studying the Past to Survive the Future"
  -by Shirley Andrews

"Hitler's Charisma: Leading Millions Into the Abyss"
  -by Laurence Rees

"How Hitler Could Have Won World War II: The Fatal Errors That Led to Nazi Defeat"
  -by Bevin Alexander


Bob Marley "Legend" (full album for your pleasure)

    Sometimes people say, "what's the point in posting a full album, especially as one single track?" Well I say it's always good to add to the incredible amount of information on the interwebz in any way, shape, or form! If I can just be an additional speck in the online universe, by adding my two cents, an essay, a reprinted article, an old concert, an mp3 from my favorite band or gig, a book review, a piece of stolen or original artwork --whatever it may be--then I've fulfilled some kind of purpose in the world, just for today! It's never a bad idea to post a Bob Marley album! He had an incredible message of positive love and spirituality. He came from next to nothing and made something for himself (and his twenty children, or however many he left us!) So posting an entire album, linked form YouTube (a free, painless, almost effortless site) onto a free Blogspot // Blogger blog, is always a fantastic idea. Never dull, never bland, always packed with something to talk about, MASS//RETALIATION blog!!!

Quit being a Negative Nancy or a Debbie Downer!

"Yogis Of Tibet" 2002 Documentary Movie [Full Edition]

Check this great documentary out!! ♥