" Beings & Things: The Story of Love " (a short film of wisdom) Excellent Food For Thought--

Word to the wise. 

An excellent short film made by a Hare Krishna devotee, ostensibly to teach a lesson on the harmful element of "attraction" that is in all of us.  "One man's trash is another man's treasure."  He teaches us how we go through this life using people to meet our needs, to make us feel better, or to try to solve our problems.  I like the idea behind this vignette, but I feel like the filmmaker is assuming that we are all just simply materialist's with no spirituality injected into our day to day lives. I know for me at least, that isn't the case.  I TRY to be conscious of who & what I am using. That at least is a beginning. Though I don't consider myself to be a spiritual beginner, I'm also not a spiritual giant. Perhaps I'm somewhere in-between.

Watch this. Learn from it, perhaps. And give yourself a break. 
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is THAT bad in your life. A problem shared with someone else is a problem split in half. That's what my spiritual teachers always tell me. And I've found it to be the truth.
Use love. ♥ m//r 

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