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Do not be mistaken by this post, I am NOT suicidal.  Depressed some, maybe.  Pissed off & angry?
Yeah, some. I've been told by a couple of people lately that I seem to be "full of anger."  I wouldn't say that I'm full of anger though.  Like all human being, I am multi-faceted and at times a walking contradiction of myself.  I do want there to be love & understanding at every step of the way in my life.  I do want there to be peace everywhere in the world.  I do want for everyone to get along & work together for the common benefit.  But we all know that you can't always get what you want.  Even the ROLLING STONES knew that!  So some of the time I am extremely angry & bitter & some of the time I'm super positive, optimistic, happy & content.  I suppose that when I was younger, as a little punk rock teenager, I was very angry all the time.  That seemed to be the nature of being punk.  You were angry at society, the world, and the rulers of this fucked up system.  THAT's what punk rock was all about, or so I thought.
But now, today, being a bit older I don't necessarily see things the same way.  Also, being forced to play the hand I've been dealt has given me a different perspective on things.  However I suppose I'm a bit more outspoken when I'm angry, so I see how some friends could convict me of being "full of anger." Because, after all, when you stand accused of something, you must be ready to be convicted.
Still--as always--take care of each other & look out for one another. And enjoy the music here.
We're all in this together. m//r







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