Elder Paisios of Mount Athos.....Modern Saint--

Elder Paisios is my hero.  I have a couple of books written by or about him.  He is truly full of sage, wise advice---all freely given to those asking, " Abba please give me a word."  I like to think of him secluded on Mount Athos living on locusts and honey.


Video: "Overcoming the Spiritual Hurdles of Orthodox Christianity"

This is a 45 minute video that is a precursor to a longer video documentary on the resurgence of Orthodox Christianity in the country of Georgia. This is extremely interesting & edifying. I can only imagine what the full, longer video will be like.

 "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Amen."

UK Jewish MP: "Israel is Acting Like Nazis in Gaza" // Speech in Britain

Pretty interesting video we have here. What do YOU think?