" Arkangel " Animal Liberation Fanzine available for download

 I found this neat little site that has many old fanzines available for download,
including "Arkangel."  This is cool because I just recently dug out an old issue
of this fantastic militant animal liberation fanzine/magazine from my storage
unit in the basement of my mother's apartment.  Surfing around the web, looking
for Pro-Life vegan websites (I simply cannot understand how one can be vegan
but NOT be anti-abortion?!?  WTF?!?  How does that work?
Anyhow, happy to learn that there are a significant number of Pro-Life & anti
abortion vegans out there, and they are VERY vocal about it!  OK, in the spirit
of full disclosure, I will say that I am NOT vegan anymore.  And I haven't been
for a long, long time.  I was vegan in the mid 90's but stopped for a couple of years
due to circumstances out of my control.  In 1998 I went vegan again, and sold out
in 2007 or so.  It is something that was very important to me at one time though
it no longer is the most important thing to me.  I am VERY anti-abortion though.
And I know that one day soon I will have an easier time with life & thus I will
be able to follow a vegan lifestyle at that time.
Check out this site and download some 'zines!!!

"Arkangel Animal Liberation Fanzine" (link)
(Edit Aug 10, 2013 --this link seems to be dead.  I will try to find another source for this great fanzine.)

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