BAD BRAINS Live in Florida,1987--

-----> Edit June 22, 2013: Here we have an incredible set from BAD BRAINS in 1987!!!  This show starts off with an extremely pumped up HR at his finest! He knows all the lyrics, sings them just like on the album, & is chock full of energy! I love it! This video is about a year before I got to see BAD BRAINS for the first (& only???) time, here in Detroit at the legendary St. Andrew's Hall! I remember going to the show with, I think, Marshall Grady, Josh Rousseau  and Tatha Carli (R.I.P.).  Yeah, it was '88 or '89....That was such a fantastic fun-filled night! The club reeked of marijuana smoke, and there were positive vibes amongst all the punks, skins, hardcore kids, hippie-ish pseudo rasta's, and various other folks in the crowd. BB were at their peak, IMHO. The played a set, took a 15 minute break and then played the rest of their set! I remember a guy I knew from Ann Arbor was in the pit barefoot!!! LOL, yeah kinda' weird. Only at a BAD BRAINS show! Everyone knows that they kinda' went downhill after that. Not immediately after, but soon enough. HR lost his mind and went off the deep end. 
About ten years ago a friend saw them play and HR was wearing a motorcycle helmet singing to an imaginary bird in a birdcage he was holding! Haha!!! Also, HR doesn't seem to remember his own lyrics or even care enough to try miming them.  I will say that the rest of the band still seem to rip just as hard as they did in 1982! 
OK friends, enjoy this video.  I've got a bunch of stuff to do here at the MASS//RETALIATION HQ, sorting through thousands of books & fanzines from the past 30 years of my life.  I'll post more about this later. m//r

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