Short Documentary, "A Monk's Life"

I've wanted to be a monk--of some type--for at least twenty years. The idea of living in near seclusion on Mount Athos in Greece fascinates me. I would have to convert from Catholicism to Orthodox, however, and that's not going to happen. Regardless, I would like to visit Mount Athos someday!!  (Check out some of my others posts having to do with the monasteries of Athos!)


Video "Zionism Is Racism!"

The evil & diabolical Zionazis are poisoning this planet with their over-the-top & blatant racism. Whenever a person criticizes Israel, the Jewish/Zionist dominated media, or the international "banksters" they get slapped with the words "antisemite," "racist," or "Nazi." This is completely unfair and no other ethnic group of people has even one tenth of the persuasion & power that Zionists do! And don't even think about questioning ANYTHING having to do with the Holocaust­­™ aka the "Shoah" or you just might wind up in a jail cell as questioning any of the statistics or means of enforcement is illegal in fourteen countries!   YIKES!!!