MUNICIPAL WASTE "Repossession" [Full Video]

One of the best of the "Thrash Revival" bands to ever come out! These guys are so much fun to see, especially at Chicago Fest 2003 or 2004! They had a springboard on stage for maximum stagedives, and boogies boards for maximum crown surfing!!! So much damn energy & fun!

Klaus Dona - The Hidden History Of The Human Race

    Along the lines of Michael Cremo.


DAY OF SUFFERING 'Reunion Show' Video Here for You--

Well DAY OF SUFFERING used to be one of my preferred vegan straightedge Pro-Life hardcore punk bands back in the mid to late 90's. The CD they made, "The Eternal Jihad" was absolutely fantastic! Knocked my socks off. I think I will find a download link to post here so that you can snag it for yourself & check it out.
Anyhow, I was just foolin' around on YT and found this video. I also learned that they played one or some reunion show(s) in late 2009 also. WOW, that's all news to me. But damn, it's just so hard to keep up with every fucking band doing reunion shows these days (well, over the past 7 or 8 yrs actually). I mean, it's to the point where if a band is saying they are playing their *last* show, you just know that they will do a reunion show eventually, down the line. Shit, with the almighty JUDGE finally doing some shows, anything is possible! But yeah, I just don't put much stock into a band saying they are breaking up for good anymore. HAVE HEART did that. Then they played their last show, filmed it, and released it as a DVD. The singer SWORE that they will NEVER play together as HAVE HEART again. It's been five or six yrs now, I think, so I wonder when HAVE HEART will go back on what they said and play again? Not that it bothers me, since I love the reunion scene. I have yet to see YOUTH OF TODAY however. Never saw 'em in the 80's or 90's--I think they stopped playing in 1990 maybe, then did some one-off reunion shows in '99 or so--and have yet to see them now that they seem to be playing all the time. Same with MOUTHPIECE, who I believe did a tour with YOUTH OF TODAY in the summertime, some time in the past three yrs. Oh, let's see, who else.....maybe I should've just done a few separate posts on punk band reunion shows, but that's not the way my mind or my writing works. My head is a jumble of thoughts at any moment (except for ten minutes immediately after I wake up, but that WILL require some separate posts to talk about) and posting a video makes me think of other things on my mind and I began typing in a sort of 'free-writing' sort of way, which is very therapeutic for me. And since this is MY fanzine (OK, weblog--blog--technically) I can do shit the way I want to do it & you can eat a dick if it bothers you! ....Let's see.....Oh, Danzig & Doyle: Never got to see that incarnation, but I did get to see the DVD from the first, one-off show in Philly back in 2004 or so. At least I got to see SAMHAIN when they played with Danzig in.....what year was that? I remember going with my wife (now ex) & Kevin Pearson. Without "Googling" it (it's so damn easy to do nowadays) I'll say it was 2002 or so. SAMHAIN was great, albeit WITHOUT Eerie on bass. Who is left to reunite? Even the almighty NEGATIVE APPROACH from right here in Little Detroit, is playing shows (all the time I might add!) I guess a full, real MISFITS line up playing & MINOR THREAT is almost all that's left, eh?

About this video: It's from Breast Fest 2012, a fundraising hardcore fest for breast cancer research. Good cause, good stuff. The crowd doesn't seem too into DAY OF SUFFERING at all. Most likely most of the kids there weren't even around (in the hardcore scene) back in 1993-1997 when this band was at its height of (little) popularity. Oh well, cool to see what some band members are up to these days, if nothing else.

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