// Addiction Sucks //

I hate it. I'm sick of it. I know too much about it. I give up. I admit defeat. I'm done.

what can i do?  who can i trust?

who do i turn to?
am i alone?
where is God?
why won't He help me?
where is the Theotokos?
why won't she help me?
i cry to my mother.
i cry to the Most Holy Theotokos.
The bridge to Jesus.
in the Bible she is known as "the Mother of my Lord"
by elizabeth, her sister.
elizabeth is the mother of john the baptist, Jesus's cousin.
he baptized Jesus, yet felt unworthy of it.
i wish john the baptist would baptize me.
we are only supposed to get baptized once in the Catholic Christian
church.  in the Orthodox Christian Church we can get baptized
again. i really don't know too much about it, however .
maybe i need another baptism. who knows?
God knows though. He is the one who can remove this
addiction. Him & only Him. 
"There IS a solution!"  yes, there is.
love. love prevails all.
"always use love."  
always use love


Father Symeon's Journal // Eastern Orthodox Christian Content ♥♥♥

This is an excellent blog to check out, though it hasn't been updated since August 2013.  Well worth your time, however.

Orthodox Christian Medicine   "The healing of soul and body through the ancient Orthodox Christian Way of Life."


" Ancient Discoveries: Mega Structures Of The Deep "

Hello to all my friends on this fine Thurs afternoon! Feeling good today, feeling alive, feeling loved, and feeling useful! I still miss my lovely Vit. C a ton!!! I want to give up on her most days, but for some reason I keep trudging along! I think she's gonna come around at any moment. I don't want to give up only to find out that things were on the verge of changing! I want to be the one she kisses on New Years eve, from 2012 - 2013! Who knows if this will happen or not. I already have several offers for NY eve. Not sure what I will end up doing. Probably hanging out with my friend and watching a movie or two. I do think 2013 will be better than 2012! Though I have to say, this hasn't really been a bad year for me at all. They all kind of blend together. Viva la life! ♥♥♥

" Hyperborea, The Pineal Gland, and The Spear of Destiny " (interesting YouTube video!)

This is quite interesting. Touches on many of the topics I am deeply interested in. Though it's a bit much. Kind of overwhelming in it's scope. Enjoy! ♥♥♥


" So You Don't Believe " (YouTube video!)

Another interesting video appearing on YouTube! WOW! Thank God & the gods for all of this awesome, FREE information available on the interwebz! What did we do in the days before the internet? Well, I guess we went to the library & to book stores, made phone calls, and sat around with friends about random topics & esoteric spirituality. These videos, along with my hundreds & hundreds of books, are a welcome distraction from my broken heart & my broken soul! I love you God!!! ♥♥♥

" Carmelites: People in search of God: From the Desert to the Garden of "

I love the Carmelite brothers & sisters! They are a fantastic monastic order within the Catholic Church. I want to learn more about them as a whole. I have a few snail mail pen pals whom I write to that belong to the order of Carmelites. They sent me a large box of books two years ago. Such wonderfully generous people. If I could do my life all over again, I would join a monastery and give my life to God, instead of squandering it away on drugs, booze, and loose women. BUT, thank God for second & third chances. I am sober today by God's grace & mercy. I love you Lord!!!

LIFE'S HALT "Make It Right"

LIFE'S HALT were a fantastic hardcorepunk band that was around in the late 90's / early 2000's. I was fortunate enough to see them four or five times. They were some of the nicest hardcore kids I've ever met! The singer's name is Ernesto, so we had an instant connection there! Their shows were super energetic & lively! Fun times for sure. R.I.P. LIFE'S HALT!!! ♥♥♥


"Hitler's War: What the Historians Neglect to Mention "

I have not watched this entire documentary yet. As with a lot of the video's I post on my blog, I link them up here on a post so that I can be sure to watch them later. Not an endorsement whatsoever! I will not ever *ENDORSE* Adolf Hitler and Nazism! The same way I will NEVER endorse Communism. In my (and many others) opinion, Communism was/is a hundred times worse than National Socialism. Communism has murdered more people than Hitler could EVER kill! Both are st00pid ideologies. But what makes me even sicker is that so many ppl swallow the lie, wholesale, that Hitler somehow killed 6 million helpless European Jews. That is a myth that needs to be shattered once and for all. This magical 6 million number has been with the Jewish people for hundreds & hundreds of years. Anyone who knows how to use Google can learn this! Simply do some Google searches for "6 million Jews dead World War one." Yes, WWI. You see, the Jews have been screaming that 6 million of their ppl were in danger of being holocausted since the time of WWI!!! And then there's even more to this magical story. I'll let you learn it on your own. Remember, always use love!!! ♥


Mutatis mutandis

"The necessary changes have been made."

Iran's Ahmadinejad on Holocaust™

I like this man. He is NOT my enemy. He is a very intelligent scholar and he has every right to lead his country how he sees fit. He is smart enough to know that the Palestinians did NOTHING to the Jews in the supposed holocaust™ on 1939 - 1945 in Europe. Dr. Ahmandinejad knows that 6 million Jews DID NOT DIE in the holocaust™. Like most forward thinking people, he knows that these numbers were lies and they were concocted long before WWII even STARTED!!! Any monkey can Google "6 million jews dead world war one" and get some interesting results. Loads of information, pre-WWII, hell even pre WWI, on the supposed "6 million Jews killed." This number and this word, "holocaust" was being thrown around quite liberally prior to the start of WWII. Some articles from as early as 1914!!! If you don't believe me, Google for yourself. Then ask a holocaust™ scholar for a picture of a "gas chamber" and they will not be able to produce one. There are no pictures of any gas chambers used in the holocaust™ because there were no gas chambers. There are some buildings that they claim were used as a gas chambers, but they have flimsy wooden doors, windows, and show no traces of any homicidal gas, known as Zyklon B, at all! Scientists did tests on the interior walls, floors, and ceilings of these "gas chambers" and there was not one tiny bit of residue--no Prussian Blue (Google it) to speak of. The more research you do into this story, the more it begins to fall apart.


FRAIL " Live at Atomic Cafe " pt. #1

FRAIL was a hardcore-emo-punk band from the early to mid 1990's. They released a few 7" records and maybe one or two split 7" records. I think they were put out on the Kidney Room Records label, Yuletide Records, and Bloodlink Records. Later on in the late 90's maybe? Bloodlink put all their recorded material onto a convenient CD called, "Make Your Own Noise." They were a great live band, though unfortunately I never got to see them. :( I still listen to them regularly and I am amazed at how great & important hardcore was in the 90's. Here's a cool video from a live show in that era.   Enjoy!


" ConsciousMate: The Nag Hammadi Library "

 ConsciousMate is a fantastic website/blog!!!  HAD to post this link up here! Get into it!

ConsciousMate: The Nag Hammadi Library (link)   

" Hidden Human History" Excellent Documentary

I really enjoyed this animated documentary on the history of the human race.  This is certainly in direct contrast to what we learned in school growing up!  Check it out & see what you think. Remember, always use love. ♥♥♥


The Chronicles of Thomas Frith, O.P.

The Chronicles of Thomas Frith, O.P. (link)

  I want to read this book. The life of a Dominican Friar whilst he was traveling around Eastern Europe. I love books like this, particularly chronicling the travels & exploits of an unknown (to me) brother from the Order of Preachers (O.P.). In some ways books like this remind me of all the punkrock travelogue-fanzines I used to read. "In Abandon" done by a kid from Tampa, FL named Mikey, comes to mind. That was a damn good 'zine! God bless you all! ♥♥♥


"The Book of the Secrets of Enoch" Free .pdf Link!!!

Here I am posting a link to a nice pdf copy of "The Secrets of the Book of Enoch." This, from what I understand, is also referred to the "Slavonic Enoch." Not so sure of what that means but it's what I have been told. I enjoy reading the Book of Enoch, and I'm told this "Secrets of Enoch" is a different book, though it's related to the Book of Enoch. I don't quite know what else to say about it. I'm not a biblical literature expert, or extra-biblical literature or apocryphal literature or whatever it would be called. I am a Catholic Christian with a HUGE interest in all the apocryphal writings that surround the Bible! Who isn't though? LOL, actually many people couldn't care less about this stuff. But I have friends who aren't even Christian's or believers in Jesus' life, but they still have an interest in the Bible and all the mysteries surrounding the spin-off writings such as this. Remember the (three part?) book called "The Bible Code"? I have the first one, and my friend has either the first or second one also. Yeah, I'm pretty sure there are three in the series. I haven't read my copy all the way through yet. But I have flipped through it and honestly it looks like a boring read. If I'm not mistaken it came out shortly after the "Davinci Code" movie came out. Yeah, that's when there was suddenly a HUUUUGE interest in all of this kind of stuff. Fine with me! Because even as a committed Catholic Christian, I still have a keen interest in it all. Remember, Always Use Love!
"The Book of the Secrets of Enoch (also called The Slavonic Enoch)" (link to a free.pdf)


" The Zionist Story " You must watch this!!! ♥

This is a fantastic video!  Educate yourself on the evils of modern day Zionism, as well as
it's terrible roots!  Then remember that modern Zionist's and their agenda(s) are promulgated
by pounding into everyone's head that  this Jewish Holocaust™ was the WORST thing that has
ever happened in the history of the earth!  Which is so laughable and so far from the truth that it
just makes one sick to keep hearing about it!  A farce!  A lie!  The Holocaust™ did NOT even 
happen the way the Zionist's keep telling us it did!

"A Devil in Disguise: Zionism and Its Threat to Christianity " pt. #1

Part one of a great series on the evils of Zionism, the massacre of the Palestinian people, the media manipulation, terrorist Israeli Jews, etc. Watch this. Have an open mind, don't be fooled by the garbage the Zionist run media tells you. You will learn a lot and it will surprise, sicken, and sadden
you. ♥♥♥


" The Triumph of Orthodoxy "

An interesting Eastern Orthodox video from YouTube.  Yes, I do post a lot of these videos,
but then again, it's MY blog, eh? ♥♥♥

The Oldest orthodox wooden church in the World 1346- Romania

" Orthodox Videos from 'TheMistAnchorite' " ♥♥♥

This first video is a short set of interviews & opinions on Eastern Orthodox Christianity. This is also a link to a playlist from a YouTube user, "The Mist Anchorite." Many of his (or her?) videos are great, though I have not seen all of them so I can't really comment. Check it out, learn more about the Orthodox Church, and form your own opinion. Personally I am Roman Catholic, but I have a shit ton of books written by Eastern Orthodox saints & authors. I love collecting icons and displaying them in my home. I pretty much agree with all of the tenets of the Orthodox faith, though I have yet to participate in a liturgy. I also love to read about the monastic area of Greece known as Mount Athos. Such a beautiful land and so mysterious! I am making it my life's goal to visit Mount Athos! Yes, that's a nice goal to have. I can die after that for I will have seen heaven. ♥♥♥


" Hidden World History " Classic Movie by Al Fry!

Classic movie / documentary about the New World Order & Zionist takeover of everything that we love & value in this world. This is happening now, as we speak. Zionist & AIPAC have infiltrated our government, says this video. This was made in the late 70's / early 80's, but it is still very relevant. Get into it! ♥

" The Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer " New Movie!!!


Very Interesting Post on CODOH Site:

This is a most interesting post I ran across on the CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust).  It is a copy of a letter sent by a man who has been studying the Jewish holocaust™ for over 25 years, to Deborah Lipstadt, an author of several holocaust™ books.  She is, of course, a Jewish woman, and several years ago was sued for libel by David Irving, albeit unsuccessfully.  Lipstadt is a proponent of the traditional holocaust™ "story" that the German Nazi's killed 6 million Jews using "homicidal gas chambers" and then burned most of the corpses in large ovens or open air fires.  Modern science & basic chemistry has long since de-bunked this story, which has been force fed to us since the early 1950's.  However, in 15 countries across the world, it is a felony punishable by prison time for questioning any aspects of the holocaust™.  NO KIDDING!!!  Think about that for a moment: You can & will be imprisoned for merely doubting or questioning ANY aspects of the holocaust!  Hot damn!  You mean to tell me that of ALL the era's in world history, of all the wars, of all the holocausts that have happened to various peoples throughout world history, ONLY the Jewish holocaust™ CANNOT be questioned or opened up to discussion, debate, and revisionism?  WHY?  Who the hell decided that this particular era of history was unquestionable?  How backwards is this? We have finally come to the point in time when thought crimes are a reality. This is a shame & an embarrassment. It just reeks of a cover-up. What are the Jews & the Zionists hiding? What are they afraid we might discover?  
Well, it's a bit too late!  There have been so many "secret" investigations & tests & research done at the alleged "homicidal gas chambers" and they all PROVE that they WERE NOT used for or as homicidal gas chambers!!!  Simple chemical tests done prove there was no use of Cyanide, in the form of Zyklon-B, in these "chambers."  Not to mention the fact that they have doors & windows in the buildings.  No reinforced steel, airtight doors like one would expect from a "homicidal gas chamber."
There have also been scientific tests done at alleged "mass graves" mostly at Treblinka, that show there were NEVER any mass graves there!  They have used modern, sophisticated sonar ultra-sound machines to conclude that the ground was NOT disturbed, was never dug to any significant depth, and certainly not deep enough to accommodate several hundred's of thousands of bodies! HOT DAMN!  This is incredible news!  They also did extensive searches for human remains, tested the age of many trees in the surrounding areas & forests, etc.  If there were HUGE open air incinerator's & fires, the Nazi's would've needed to chop down thousands & thousands of trees for the wood to burn the bodies.  Well ALL the trees in the area were found to be older than 1945, hence they couldn't have been re-planted post WWII, as the holocausters, the people who support the traditional holocaust™ story claim.  Additionally, hundred's of aerial photos from the time span that Jewish sources say the multitude of bodies were being burned, are devoid of any plumes of smoke!!!  If there were bodies being burned around the clock, as mainstream holocausters claim, there should & would have been plumes of smoke visible at many, many different times!  Huge clouds of smoke, flames leaping around, etc.  Also, photos of this & other camps DO NOT have ANY giant wood piles which would've been needed to burn that many bodies.  Seized camp blueprints & records are all lacking the location of wood storage sheds of any significant size.  This may sound trivial you say (and in 15 countries a person can be jailed for this kind of questioning!)  Seriously, I'm not an expert, but when the revisionists interview scores of people in the 'funeral-cremation' business, fire experts, doctors, fire fighters, etc, and they tell us how much wood & how big of a fire would be needed to burn 300,000 bodies, it DOES NOT jive with the traditional holocuast™ story.  THIS is what is meant by "holocaust revisionism."  Examining the 'crime scene' like is done at any other murder site.  Why the heck do Jews around the world want to jail us for asking these questions???   
Steven Spielbucks is the worst of the Zion-crooks!  His "Shoah Foundation" is spreading lie after lie after lie around the globe.  Now's he's got some documentary with this batty old lady, Irene Blattsss..something, telling us she smuggled her family diamonds into Auschwitz with her. In order to keep them hidden & safe, she swallowed them, not once, but EVERY NIGHT, then shit them out the next day, washed them off (even after telling us that water was scarce which no one denies, as shortages of food, water, and medicines were rampant, especially after the Allies bombed most of the railways & train tracks!), and then she re-swallowed them! Supposedly she did this EVERY BLOODY DAY for 15 months!!!  WTF?!?!  Who the heck believes this total b.s. pity story???  I don't buy it for one damn minute.  But hundreds of thousands, if not millions do: she tours America & other countries giving these talks to elementary, middle, and high school groups & classes, for a fee$$$$$.  Of course for a fee, after all, there's no business like "Shoah business!" This holocaust is a huge money making scam and that's all it is.  I don't buy it.  Sure, Jews suffered during WWII, at the hands of the sumbag Nazi's (I am no fan of the Nazi's at all!)   But it should also be mentioned that the Jewish populace declared war on Germany.  Economic war.  And believe me, they were very influential & prosperous and able to inflict serious economic damage.  Just look at how powerful the Jews are in America today.  They own almost every media outlet, movie studio, & leading internet sites.  They own most of the banks and a ton of property.  They are 2% of the American population but own 90% of the TV & radio stations & newspapers & magazines.  So Jews DID suffer, no revisionist or others argue that, but so did MY PEOPLE, the Catholics!  So did homosexuals, Gypsies, Jehovah Witnesses, and last but certainly not least, innocent German civilians!  Where is the German Memorial Museum for their people lost in WWII??? No one seems to give a rat's ass about them.  What about the brutal, inhumane carpet-bombing of Dresden which killed ten's or even hundred's of thousands of old men, women, & children!  Helpless, defenseless people, pets & property.  Hospitals, clinics, food stores, etc etc.
I've had enough of the lack of truth being promulgated.
I'm tired of this scamming of the people.
Sick, perverted, swine using a bloody war to make money 60 years later.  Gross and shameful.

Here is the letter this man wrote to Ms. Lipstadt:

Dear Madame:
My name is Jerzy Ulicki-Rek and I'm 56-years-old Polish-Australian.
After studying the "holocaust' for almost 25 years, I do not have
ANY doubts that the official version (6 millions, gas chambers,
electric chambers, vacuum chambers etc. is nothing else but a pile
of lies. Looking for new information, I forced myself to read your
book "Denying the holocaust".

The number of lies you produced between the covers is fantastic.
Some of them, as I stated in my email to the university, which
employs you, are absolutely fantastic and even the official 'holocaust'
Museum in Oswiecim (Auschwitz) is very reluctant to confirm you words:)
In fact they refuse to comment on your revelations.
To refute all the lies will take a long time, and maybe another book.
Now, here is just one of your creations:

On the page 115 you wrote:

"Harwood contended that the report made "nonsense" of the allegation that
there were "gas chambers' cunningly disguised as shower facilities".
He substantiated this assertion by quoting a passage from the report (IRC
report published in 1948 -Jerzy) that depicted how IRC officials inspected
baths and showers in the camps.
When they found problems they acted swiftly "to have fixtures made less
primitive and to have them repaired or enlarged".
This, Harwood argued, demonstrated conclusively that showers functioned as
showers, however primitive, and not as a killing apparatus.
The problem with Harwood choice of this citation, which he quoted correctly,
End of quote.

No ,Madame.
You are presenting us with another lie.

I am VERY familiar with the IRC report.
Those words are in relation to a concentration camp.
Please, do not insult us any more.

Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

CODOH message board/forum  (link)     

Please read The Barnes Review bi-monthly journal of historical revisionism.  It will open your eyes, enrage you, and enlighten you.


" Ancient Alien Pyramid Mystery " Great Documentary! ♥♥♥

Pyramids are found ALL OVER the world! They are NOT just in Egypt like many ignorant people believe. And they were NOT built without the help of some kind of superior, most likely alien, technology. There are just too many discrepancies. I could go on & on. But this is one time that I'll really let the video do the explaining.

" Crop Circles: The Quest for Truth " Full Film

Here for you pleasure & edification is an excellent documentary on the phenomenon known as "crop circles." this has actually been happening for a long time now, but it has become more and more prominent and bold over the past few decades. Especially in England. This is an incredibly thorough & well made full length documentary. Back up with tons of video, photos, and facts. No one in their right mind can cay that these crop circles were made by drunk frat boys at 3a.m. Seriously, wake up & pull your head out of your ass!

" The Cygnus Mystery " Documentary about cosmic rays affecting human "evolution"--

This is fantastic! Update-May 24, 2013- I recently bought this book, "The Cygnus Mystery" but have not read it yet. then I remembered that I posted this video a few months ago. Now I'm diving into this movie/documentary since I have a night free! Lord oh Lord, I freakin' love these UFO TV documentaries! As well as the thousands of other movies & documentaries & didac- tic videos. Such mind blowing information! Thank God for YouTube! --Someone told me that every minute, ten hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Damn. That's a lot. Check this out & let me know what you think. ♥♥♥




Real Eye Opening Documentary on 9/11--

Here we have a full length documentary made by I don't know whom, about the events leading up to the so called "terrorist attacks" of Sept. 11, 2001, as well as a thorough break down of the dis- aster itself. This is an incredible film! So very in depth and well researched. Anyone who considers themselves a patriot needs to watch this entire film at least twice. Take notes. cross ref- erence facts & people. Hell, even if you are NOT a patriot and you can't stand the USA, still watch this film! You will be in awe & I guarantee your jaw will drop as you get further & further into this documentary. Whoever made it is a brave soul or brave group of souls! This really blew my mind and helped me to completely do a 180 on how I viewed 9/11. All I can tell you now is that the entire thing was an inside job. It was perpetrated by the govt of America, most likely with the aid of the Zionist Israeli thugs. Sorry to break it to you, but you need to pull your head out of your ass and get with the program. Wake up, America!!!


" Alien Agenda Unfolding: Freeman Perspective "

A very interesting documentary. By now you all know I believe strongly
that our planet has been visited by aliens since time immemorial.  There is
just no doubt in my mind about it. The evidence is overwhelming. You can
find a plethora of information online about this topic. It is something that
has fascinated mankind since the dawn of our species. The signs are all
over the place. Please keep an open mind as you watch this excellent doc-
umentary! I guarantee you will not be disappointed! It will be an hour well
spent! Open you eyes, America!!!


" Into The Fire " Great Film About the G20 Summit

The G20 Summit in Toronto, Canada. Such a travesty of justice, what happened there. I was NOT even aware of ANY of it until I stumbled upon this & a few other videos on YouTube. It honestly blew my mind how a government & it's police force could do something this attrocious to it's own citizens and visitors. Truly shameful. Especially officer "Bubbles." This guy is a joke of a human life. I sincerely hope he is no longer a police officer. Someone seriously needs to kick his ass. Seriously. Wake up, America!!!


AXE " The Child Dreams " Great Psychedelic Music! ♥

Here we have for your pleasure, a band called AXE with a song called, "The Child Dreams." It is a sweet psychedelic tune from a long lost band circa 1969. Again, I don't know anything about these guys, so if anyone out there knows something more, please feel free to post a comment. I just know that I'm really digging this song, along with a ton of other great psych-rock found on YouTube! Thank God for the interwebz! Get into it! Enjoy!


Love, Truth, Honor, God, Family, Society, everything...

Each day passes. More often than not each day is worse than the last. Muscles tighten. Voice crackles. Interests wane. Friends go. Trust leaves. God intervenes. The sun rises. Work comes along. Work leaves. The sun sets. God forgets. God ignores. Or does he? Is it I that ignores Him? Who moves away from whom? The tug. The push & pull. The confusion, oh the utter confusion. The aches & pains. The tears. The frustration of another sunrise. The contentment of another sunset. Worship. Worship who or Whom? Him? Who? What does He look like? Who is the Holy Spirit? Where is He? Why? When? How? Who created this disease? The mental illnesses? Who created them? You say (and I sometimes say) He created everything. Put everything here for a reason. What reason? What is the explanation? It seems all I'm filled with is confusion, hurt, anger, frustration, craving, and sickness. That is when I'm filled with anything at all. But most of the time I seem to be lacking. Lacking in spirit. Lacking in soul. Lacking in love. Lacking in heart. Lacking in intelligence. Lacking in manners. Lacking in honor. 'Hard Work' is my motto, but when presented with it I cower & run. I'm afraid of you, that is something you didn't know. I am afraid of each and everyone of you. Frightened to death. I prefer to be alone. Not because I like it but because I'm afraid of everything. I can't cope. I have no answers and only question upon question. I'm tired. I'm sick. I'm sick & tired.


" Crop Circles 2011: Look Closer "

Is the Universe trying to tell us something? God? Who? Why? When? Where? God. All things point to God & His helpers. Love. Always use love. Love always.

Despair One Thousand Cries 7"

Scott Vogel from TERROR's old band. DESPAIR was a damn good hardcore band. Everything Vogel does is great.

Coalesce " Immigrant Song " (Led Zeppelin Cover)

This is beautiful. From God of God & with God. Lovely creation is at it again. We must always love first, then love second. Love always, with trust....God's little helper. Try as I might, I always fall short & mess up. Remember He can & He will. Even through such unlikely sports as heavy hardcore punk music. Feel His creation. Feel His vibe. Love Him & let Him guide you. ♥

" Crop Circles: Quest for Truth " Documentary Film

Awesome documentary proving God's helpers at work. Trust Him. This is a phenomenal 
movie exploring the mystery of crop circles worldwide.  Get into it!
Open your mind!
Use love!


FALLING FORWARD "Character" // 90's Emo Hardcore Band From Louisville, KY USA

SURFACE "My Own" // Excellent Metallic Emo Hardcore Circe 1990's

ÖROKU s/t 7" (Entire 7" Record Up Here)

I don't know anything about this band, except that this 7" record is great! Feel free to school me on them. I won't mind.


ARCTIC FLOWERS "Neon Tombs" & "s/t" & "Rats In Walls"

Here we have, for your listening pleasure, three songs by a new band (new to me) called ARCTIC FLOWERS!!! Great stuff, get into it!



ELEPHANTS MEMORY "Super Heep" Psychedelic Rock From 1969! Great Stuff!!

An excellent song by a long lost 1960's psychedelic rock-n-roll band called ELEPHANTS MEMORY! Song is called "Super Heep." I will try to find out more about this band. Get into it! ♥♥♥

WILDWOOD "Plastic People" Old Psychedelic Rock Music!

Here we have a video from a band called WILDWOOD. Still don't know anything about this band, but I'd like to find out more! This song rocks! A guy on YouTube says his dad played guitar in this band, but has since passed away. R.I.P. "Big John." Great old music right here! I love it! God bless everyone. 


PEACEPIPE " A Bikers Tune "

A pretty sweet song from the year 1968 and a band called PEACEPIPE! Cool name for a psychedelic rock-n-roll band! I'm digging this and you will too, if you don't suck!
Use love.
Light waves.
Light says goodbye. 

The sun flowers. 
The sun sets.
The sun lives.
Long live 

the sun.

Dharma & Greg ♥

Strawberry Alarm Clock "Curse Of The Witches"

Here we have the song "Curse of the Witches" by STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK! They were an awesome psychedelic rock-n-roll band who were around in the mid to late 1960's. I'm not exactly sure when they broke up or if they were active into the 70's. Either way, this is a kick ass song! Enjoy it & get into it!

>>> Read books from St. Herman of Alaska publishers. You won't regret it & you WILL expand your mind!

Strife " Inner Struggle " From Their Record on New Age Records!--


Afghanistan's Child Drug Addicts (The Lord God Help Them!) ♥♥♥

Abreha wo Atsbeha Monastery - Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Churches and M...

Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery, Jordanville, NY

Man of God & Wonderworker St John Maximovitch

Hilandar Monastery

Mount Athos • The Holy Mountain

Mount Athos - Monk Hermit Kallistratos - Part 2


Writings Of Saint Herman of Alaska

St.Herman of Alaska
Icon of Saint Herman of Alaska
Writings Of
Saint Herman
of Alaska
Compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes

St. Herman of Alaska, a monk of the ancient Valaam and Sarov monasteries in northern Russia, belonged to the 18th-century spirit of sanctity revived by the spiritual genius of St. Paisius Velichkovsky. As a younger contemporary in contact From This Day, From This Hour, From This Minute, Let Us Strive To Love GOD, Above All And Fulfill His Holy Will with many of St. Paisius' disciples, St. Herman was permeated so deeply with the "Paisian spirit" that he might be rightly considered one of the most outstanding bearers of this vital legacy. As a part of the original holy Orthodox mission, he carried this legacy to the American continent in 1794.
With hope St. Herman crossed the vastness of Siberia and the stormy The true Christian is a warrior  making his way through the regiments of the invisible enemy to his heavenly homeland. Pacific ocean to endure the afflictions from benighted kinsmen determined to keep the region of Alaska a plunged in the darkness of slavery. He alone perserved in Apostolic work, having not simply theoretical knowledge of God and religion, but having been trained in the inner workings of the heart. He brought the Philokalia to America from Abbot Nazarius' editorship and founded the first monastic and hermitic dwelling in the New World-calling it New Valaam, and New Jerusalem.
The Holy Orthodox Faith which St. Herman and the other missionary zealots from holy Russia brought to the American continent is one that cannot simply be taken for granted. It must be lived and kept ever fresh, and the only way to do this is to draw continually from the living sources of holy Orthodoxy.
Even in our frightful times, when the foundations of any kind of decent life are collapsing, a chosen few are finding their way back to the holy Orthodoxy which, in the dim mists of history, our All-Gracious God will help us, and preserve us,when we love our God, and behold His TRUTH, and at the same time confess that TRUTH!
Let me now humbly present to you who love Christ our true God, selections from the "Little Russian Philokalia", Volume III: St. Herman. Keep in mind those who are seeking their path towards salvation this factor: Philokalia means "love of the good." It was the name given to celebrated 18th-century collection of Greek Patristic texts on the Christian spiritual life, teaching the path to true sobriety and the fullness of union with God.

Treasury Of Saint Herman's Spirituality
A first compilation of St. Herman's teachings on spiritual life drawn from his letters and conversations. I. THE WAY OF A CHRISTIAN
Without exalting myself to the rank of teacher, nonetheless, fulfilling my duty and obligation as an obedient servant for the benefit of my neighbor, I will speak my mind, founded on the commandments of Holy Scripture, to those who thirst and seek for their eternal heavenly homeland.
A true Christian is made by faith and love toward Christ. Our sins do not in the least hinder our Christianity, according to the word of the Saviour Himself. He deigned to say: not the rigteous have I come to call, but sinners to salvation; there is more joy in heaven over one who repents then over ninety righteous ones. Likewise concerning the sinful woman who touched His feet, He deigned to say to the the Pharisee Simon: to one who has love, a great debt is forgiven, but from one who has no love, even a small debt will be demanded. From these judgements a Christian should bring himself to hope and joy, and not in the least accept an inflicted despair. Here one needs the shield of faith.
Sin, to one who loves God, is nothing other than an arrow from the enemy in battle. The true Christian is a warrior fighting his way through the regiments of the unseen enemy to his heavenly homeland. According to the word of the Apostles, our homeland is in heaven; and about the warrior he says: "our warfare is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of wickedness under heaven" (Ephesians 6:12).
The vain desires of this world separate us from our homeland; love of them and habit clothe our soul as if in a hideous garment. We, traveling on the journey of this life and calling on God to help us, ought to be divesting ourselves of this hideous garment and clothing ourselves in new desires, in a new love of the age to come, and thereby to receive knowledge of how near or how far we are from our heavenly homeland. But it is not possible to do this quickly; rahter one must follow the example of sick people, who, wishing the desired (health), do not leave off seeking means to cure themselves. (From a letter of June 20, 1820)
The above text was from: "Little Russian Philokalia", St. Herman of Alaska Monastery Press, Platina California., 1989., pp.47-48. Highly recommended for futher spiritual reading. Available from St. Herman of Alaska Monastery Press, Platina, California 96076

Holy St. Herman,
Pray unto God,
for us!
Glory Be To GOD For All Things!

Mount Athos News Release (from 2003)

News Release by

The Holy Community of Mount Athos

The Holy Community of Mount Athos ceases this opportunity to break its silence to respond to what it seems to be a meticulously organized effort that has been launched against it in order to confuse and mislead the public on issues related to the Holy Monastery of Esfigmenou and its occupants. The Holy Community, having realized the magnitude of the negative campaign against the Holy Mountain, will try to respond and at the same time reveal the truth pertaining to the whereabouts of the Holy Monastery of Esfigmenou and its occupants.
By doing so, the truth reveals a reality contrary to the one portrayed by the individuals who occupy the Monastery of Esfigmenou. Thus, no individual is being persecuted, there is no dispute of faith, no one is being accused for failing to commemorate the name of the Ecumenical Patriarch, no individual?s dogma is under attack, no one?s religious freedom and human rights have been violated and no force has been used against any person. In addition, no one is being barred and there has been no such action as an embargo to prevent the transmission of food, medicine and any kind of medical services. The whole effort has been described as the greatest staged campaign of deceit against Mount Athos in its entire history.
The developments at the Holy Monastery of Esfigmenou are of pivotal importance not only for Mount Athos but also on a wider ecclesiastical and national level. It is considered a milestone of yet another major and historical struggle in which all of us are called to exercise great caution and sensitivity. The main points of this article focus on the following:
1. The Monastery of Esfigmenou, which has always been a historic and prominent Athonite Monastery, has nowadays come into a tragic state of disarray due to an ongoing illegal occupation. Thus, it is no longer recognized by the government and has been deprived of its ability to maintain a brotherhood and run any official business. (Based on the decision 1440/2005 of the Holy Community of Mount Athos, the Monastery of Esfigmenou has acquired a new brotherhood with new legal governing officials.)
2. The Holy Mountain has always based its existence on a very fundamental principal: all monastic communities are united not only on an ecclesiastical basis but they are also under the same governing authority. By this very unity we can all refer to our community as Holy Mountain Athos rather than a sum of monastic dwellings. The eradication of this principal of unity will constitute a direct threat against the very existence of the Holy Mountain and its over a thousand years history. In addition, such an event will have dramatic consequences on a national level:
3. For over thirty years, the individuals in the monastery are not simply opposed to the ecclesiastical rule of the Ecumenical Patriarch and the commemoration of his name, something that had already happened before in other monasteries as well. Most importantly, people inside the Monastery had ceased to communicate with any of the other monasteries and even distanced themselfs ecclesiastically and politically from the remaining monasteries of Mount Athos and all Orthodox Churches. These people currently affiliates with only one of the various self-proclaimed “True Orthodox Christians” (G. O. X.) groups and maintains exclusive communion with them. In the recent years, their efforts have mainly focused on maintaining and recognizing their status which is both illegal and unconstitutional. The unraveling situation is extremely dangerous to the Athonic establishment which coerces it to a feeble defense over its very existence.
4. At the present time, the people who occupy the monastery grounds comprise a group of individuals who the last few years have taken on characteristics which are prohibited at the Holy Mountain. This schismatic, distinct brotherhood engages in acts of propaganda and proselytism which comes into conflict with the Constitution and the Governing Status Quo (Charta) of the Holy Mountain. The only viable legal solution will be their immediate compliance and integration to the community of Mount Athos or their free departure from the Athonic peninsula. The appointed Athonic authorities found that the claims of the group were unfounded and the only action appropriate to such developments is the removal of this group from the Holy Mountain in order to preserve and secure the stability and order of the community and the continuation of the Athonic tradition.
5. It is also well known the common sentiment of having this matter resolved in a civilized and peaceful manner without the use of violence based on the hope that the individuals involved in this situation will recognize the illegitimacy of their actions. Nonetheless, the Greek and international audience has been exposed to an unprecedented propaganda that is based on lies and misleading information whose sole aim is to elicit sentiments of sympathy to their efforts. Thus, false reports are being leaked to the news of persecutions, harsh laws and decisions against the group, blockades, being under siege, armed men, etc. while at the same time this group is exhibiting behaviors and is engaging into actions that go against the Athonic ethos and moral, and the principles of this holy place.
6a. It is helpful to clarify there has not been any persecutions against the Monastery of Esfigmenou nor have its function been discontinued. The reason behind these developments has nothing to do with the refusal to commemorate the name of the Patriarch. It has also nothing to do with other “zealote” monks of the Holy Mountain or theaforementioned True Orthodox Christians (G. O. X.). The members of the group who occupy the monastery of Esfigmenou are not being persecuted due to their beliefs or the fact that they do not accept any financial assistance from the European Union. In contrast to what many believe, it is the group?s secular and anti-Athonic belief system along with the fact that this group insists on the illegal possession of the Monastery something that is extremely dangerous for the future of the Holy Mountain. The actions of this group have absolutely nothing to contribute to the steadfast struggles and battles that the Holy Mountain is committed to on matters of faith. Nonetheless, they try to portray themselves as pseudo martyrs which is unfounded since they have never been wronged or treated unjustly by anyone.
b. Although the community of Mount Athos has tried on several occasions to find a compromise and resolve the situation, the occupants of the Monastery of Esfigmenou have refused to cooperate.
c. The occupants of the Holy Monastery of Esfigmenou do not join in the efforts of the rest of the community to maintain a united front on matters that impact the Orthodox faith.
d. The Holy Mountain has always tried to fight against extremities, “zealotism” and ecumenism and has repeatedly given its decisive testimony on matters of faith, such as the one against the dialogue between Orthodox and Anti-Chalcedonies that took place in Balamand, Lebanon.
In closing, the Holy Mountain would like to make an appeal to all those who have shown interest in the recent developments and have been moved by their own religious and patriotic convictions, such as the members of the Body of the Church, the political authorities, the press, and the news media. First, we would like to advise all people to exercise caution and not allow to be misled by inaccurate and fraudulent information that?s intended to deceive and confuse the public. On the other hand, we ask each and every one to rise to the occasion and support this historical event as the Holy Mountain struggles to save the Holy Monastery of Esfigmenou, safeguard the decrees of the Orthodox faith and monasticism, and uphold the spiritual and cultural traditions of the Holy Mountain.
Signed by all present
Representatives and Proistamenoi
of the twenty Holy Monasteries of Mount Athos


The Minstrel Boy - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Minstrel Boy

Love Love Love

The Glorious, Equal to the Apostles and Queen, Saint Poulcheria, the Virgin 

Saint Poulcheria?s feast day is celebrated each year on September 10. This very holy and equal to the apostles Queen, was the granddaughter of Emperor Theodosius I the Great, daughter of Emperor Arcadios, and sister of Emperor Theodosius II.
Saint Poulcheria, who was extremely well learned and pious, is also known as Saint Poulcheria the Virgin as she promised God to remain a virgin throughout her life. She was extensively involved in the education of her younger brother Theodosius and maintained enormous influence over him for much of his reign and of the course of the empire. She also assumed the role of her brother?s tutor and she was solely responsible for his education until he grew up. Queen Poulcheria defended Orthodoxy and helped tremendously the church. Thus, she was extremely respected and revered by patriarchs, clergy and the rest of the people of the empire.
Queen Poulcheria was honored and respected as very few of the previous emperors and kings of the empire due to her many virtues, piety, prudence and numerous acts of charity. Many even referred to her as the new Saint Helen which was indicative of the people?s great respect and admiration to her person. 

When her younger brother Theodosius passed away in 450 the handling of the empire and its affairs came into the hands of Saint Poulcheria. Following the Senate?s counsel, Poulcheria married a very pious and virtuous man, Senator Markianos who agreed to respect her virginity as a condition for him to ascend to the throne.

In 451, Emperor Markianos and Queen Poulcheria called the 4th Ecumenical Council which convened to condemn Eutichios, Dioskosos and the doctrine of Monophysitism (from the Greek monos meaning 'one, alone' and physis meaning 'nature'), which professed that Christ has only a divine nature.
Queen Poulcheria was esteemed and honored as a holy person even during her lifetime by many respected members of the church such as bishops and patriarchs, especially by Pope Leon of Rome. The theological epistles of Saint Cyril of Alexandria to her clearly demonstrated the impiety of the Nestorius?s heresy.
It was during Queen Poulcheria?s reign that the Greek language came to replace Latin as the official language of the empire. It was also during her time and the reign of St. Proclos, the Patriarch of Constantinople, that Queen Poulcheria negotiated the return of the relics of Saint John Chrysostom and the Forty Martyrs back to Constantinople.
Countless are the institutions, schools, hospitals, churches, and monasteries that this saintly woman built throughout the empire for the glory of God and for the benefit of her soul, granting them many privileges, funds, and other benefits. She was also the first benefactor and founder of the Holy Monastery of Esphigmenou an act for which she is properly honored and remembered throughout the ages. Saint Poulcheria also donated a cross, the so-called Cross of Poulcheria that is kept at the monastery and bears her name. The cross of Poulcheria is considered one of the most valuable and priceless treasures of the Monastery of Esphigmenou.


6 Million Dead Jews? (Is there a chance that this is somewhat exagerrated?)

This is from a review of a book about "the holocaust™" on About time we had some more honest discussion about the infamous "6 Million Number."  I am NOT a holocaust denier. That is silly. I lean more towards the revisionist camp, however. I think science has greatly expanded & can now give us more answers to 65 yr old questions & mysteries. Use love. Keep an open mind.

This review is from: Debating the Holocaust: A New Look At Both Sides (Perfect Paperback)
The Holocaust and the `Six Million'

In 2009 Thomas Dalton published a book entitled Debating the Holocaust, a new look at both sides. The following short essay is based on Chapter Three entitled: On the Origin, and Future, of the "Six Million". I am examining only the source and validity of the number `Six Million' as used by the Zionists.
Dalton wrote:

In the traditional account of the Holocaust story, we never hear about the origins of the famous "6 million." And for good reason: it has a potentially incriminating past (p.49).

He adds the following footnote to the text quoted above: A more thorough accounting of the following story is given by Heddesheimer, in his book The First Holocaust (2005; 2nd edition). Also, see Rudolf (2005: 18-27).

The New York Times is the so-called American `paper of record'. Since the 1890s the Times has had Jewish ownership and management, and thus has long been sensitive to matters of Jewish concern. Perhaps this is part of the explanation for the Times's astonishing prescience when it came to anticipating the Jewish death figure. Dalton uses it as his source to cite instances of Jewish suffering around the world (pp. 50-55). The use of the number `6 million' does beg an explanation. Here is a summary of those reports:
6 million Jews in the world in 1869, and
6 million in Russia alone in 1891, and
6 million Jewish families in Russia, and
6 million Jewish people in Russia in 1911, and
6 million suffering in Europe in 1915, 1920, 1938, 1942, and
6 million in the German-controlled Reich...and
6 million killed in the Holocaust.

Dalton writes:

Thus it appears that the figure of 6 million represents a sort of constant in Jewish suffering, irrespective of circumstances. It seems to possess a kind of magical symbolism, and hence becomes a sacred icon of Jewish persecution (it is in this sense that I refer to it as a "magic number"). As such, the figure perhaps stands as a strictly symbolic number rather than as literal truth. Like the term "holocaust" itself, it was obviously well established many years before the rise of the Nazis, or the onset of the World War II Holocaust. (p.53)

I urge you to read Thomas Dalton's whole book. It is well-researched and contains a wealth of information on this controversial topic. Be sure to read the introduction (pp. 5-12) and you may wish to read the epilogue (pp. 255-63) after reading the introduction; it is an informative overview of the book's salient points.


HAVE HEART " Pave Paradise "

One of the best hardcore bands ever to come out of Boston! Too bad they broke up a few years ago. I did get to see them a few times. They said they will NEVER play a reunion show or get back together for any reason. Let's hope they were lying. ♥♥♥

SET IT STRAIGHT "For You. For Me '

I don't know too much about this band. I used to have one of their CD's and I remember someone sending it to me for free. I think I ordered some music from a small record label or distro, and the kid sent it along with my purchases. Good stuff!!!

INSTED "Live and Let Live"

Great band from the 80's! They put out an album on Epitaph Recs. I was never too into them in the past. To be honest I'm still not too into them. But they are a classic hardcore band, so I give them respect. They played some reunion shows a few years ago but I'm not sure if they are playing live anymore or not. Their guitarist (???) is also in another project band, with Roger Miret from AGNOSTIC FRONT, called ALLIGATORS. That band is actually great!

INSTED " Voice Your Opinion "

Lot's of INSTED posts around here! Classic California straightedge hardcore band from the late 80's.


OFF! Full Set From 924 Gilman St! April 2011--

Here's an awesome set from OFF! The new(ish) band fronted by Kieth Morris. Of CIRCLE JERKS & BLACK FLAG fame, duh! Also on the drums is that dude Mario who was in 411 with Dan O'Mahoney, as well as drumming for CLIKITAT IKATOWI. (I think I butchered that band's name! Sorry!) This is a show from April of 2011 at the legendary hardcorepunk club, 924 Gilman St. Ostensibly where GREEN DAY got their start. But I'm drawing a blank....was that club in SF or Oakland? I can't believe I don't remember where the damn club was!!! I read the entire "924 Gilman St." book in one week, several years back while I was in hospital! Well anyhow, check out this sweet video. Damn, Keith's voice! Such a classic hardcorepunk sound. But shit man, cut those fucking dreadlocks! Looks nasty with all the bald spots! ♥Use. Love. All. The. Time♥


Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Live In Roseland Ballroom, New York [Ful...


[Must Watch] Full The Painful Truth and lies behind 9/11 - A documentary...

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Sisters of Mercy - SOME GIRLS WANDER BY MISTAKE - Album - [ FULL HD ]

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SAMIAM "When We're Together" [Video, Audio Only]

Awesome song from SAMIAM's last album! A great record that took some time to grow on me. It's no "Soar" or "Billy" or even the first "s/t" record, but it's great nonetheless!!! Get into it!!!


"Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans So Stupid?" [Full Video Documentary Re: The So-Called 'Holocaust™']

A documentary (only about thirty minutes long) that every American, actually EVERY CITIZEN of this planet (since most of them have been indoctrinated with guilt of some kind for the alleged holocaust™ of six million or four million or two million--or whatever the official count du jour is today--Jews, and others, at the hands of the unforgivable National Socialists!) FYI, I'm no great friend to the Nazis, Neo-Nazis, or ANY Totalitarian government. But I AM a friend to the truth, however politically incorrect that may be! So watch this, and many others like it, with an open mind. Information is neutral. Don't be a dummy.


Leaving Amish Paradise

Amish On Break National Geographic

SAMHAIN " Unholy Passion " (Full Album)

SAMHAIN " All Murder, All Guts, All Fun "

Boyd Rice - Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Boyd Rice and Friends " Blackness "

Boyd Rice - As For the Fools

DEATH IN JUNE " Rhine Atrocity "

DIJ is one of my favorite bands today. So damn lovely & creepy. †

DEATH IN JUNE " Many Enemies bring much Honour "

A great video from the lovely DEATH IN JUNE. Get into it! †††