"Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans So Stupid?" [Full Video Documentary Re: The So-Called 'Holocaust™']

A documentary (only about thirty minutes long) that every American, actually EVERY CITIZEN of this planet (since most of them have been indoctrinated with guilt of some kind for the alleged holocaust™ of six million or four million or two million--or whatever the official count du jour is today--Jews, and others, at the hands of the unforgivable National Socialists!) FYI, I'm no great friend to the Nazis, Neo-Nazis, or ANY Totalitarian government. But I AM a friend to the truth, however politically incorrect that may be! So watch this, and many others like it, with an open mind. Information is neutral. Don't be a dummy.


Leaving Amish Paradise

Amish On Break National Geographic

SAMHAIN " Unholy Passion " (Full Album)

SAMHAIN " All Murder, All Guts, All Fun "

Boyd Rice - Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Boyd Rice and Friends " Blackness "

Boyd Rice - As For the Fools

DEATH IN JUNE " Rhine Atrocity "

DIJ is one of my favorite bands today. So damn lovely & creepy. †

DEATH IN JUNE " Many Enemies bring much Honour "

A great video from the lovely DEATH IN JUNE. Get into it! †††


AVENGERS " Corpus Christi " [Live Video]

One of my favorite American punk rock bands ever, AVENGERS!!! And this is one of their best songs from their debut s/t album.

" UK/DK | A Film About Punks & Skinheads "

I've only seen a small part of this movie but I intend on watching it in it's entirety soon. I'd be interested in what other punks & skins think of this movie. Cheers! 

SHEER TERROR " Love Songs For The Unloved "

Posted at least once before. But it needs to be posted again!!!


Holy Theotokos

SHELTER " Progressive Man " from 'Attaining the Supreme'

Progressive  Man by SHELTER:

 " So we went ahead and did it.  Come on everybody does.  And you can't hold me responsible, it's just part of love.  A mistake, a miscalculation. Confirming statistics in our nation. Hey, look me in the eye.  I wish you wouldn't cry. And paint this picture of me as some horrible guy.  Well the joy of sex and the freedom of fun. But the burden lies on you.  You're just a kid and crazy if you have it. But it's your choice what you do! I'd like to stay around and hang out, but I got other things to do. Try to keep in touch. I don't write that much. I'm sure you understand.  Progressive man!!  In the guise of love and fun and happiness. I've never seen so much distress.   
Well it's past midnight & I don't want to fight, we should really get to bed. Don't tell your mother, your sisters or your brothers--they'll all want me dead! Responsibility--it never beckoned me.  Hey, I'm only 21, I'm practically a bum. How did all this mess come from harmless fun? (Are you sure I'm the guilty one?) I know I should care, I know it's not fair, hey it's easier to run.  Loneliness made me say I love you, I think I lied to myself.  Don't call - I don't want to hear it all.  Forgive me if you can, progressive man!   Well I just did what they all do, and everyone else is doing.  I've heard stories of romance & I wanted to take a chance to taste what they're pursuing!!  Love stories told to me --in books, TV, & magazines.  So excuse me if you can, but try to understand.  I'm a victim too... Progressive man!! "  [I swear these are some of the greatest lyrics ever written in a hardcorepunk song!!]


Modern Orthodox Saints No. 12: Blessed Hermit Philaretos of the Holy Mountain » St. Tikhon's Bookstore & Press » Orthodox Liturgical Supplies & Books

This looks like a great book! Orthodox Incense has it used for $5 in their special "used & sale books" section.

Modern Orthodox Saints No. 12: Blessed Hermit Philaretos of the Holy Mountain » St. Tikhon's Bookstore & Press » Orthodox Liturgical Supplies & Books

" How Zionists Divide & Conquer "

LOL, I love you Mr. Duke! Well, I don't love everything you do & say, but I take my hat
off to you & find myself agreeing with you more and more. This video is very succinctly
put together. Makes complete sense to me and I do not find it "racist" at all. I strongly believe that it is Talmudic-Zionist-Jews who are the racist problem. God bless you Mr. Duke!!!


Great Article from the Redemptorist's Newsletter:

A Catholic Priest's letter to the New York Times
“A Falling Tree Makes More Noise than a Thousand Trees Growing”
Father Martin Lasarte, SDB

I am a simple Catholic priest who feels happy and proud of his calling. I have been a missionary in Angola for 20 years.
I have been frequently reading in the media but above all in your paper about the topic of pedophile priests. This is often done with morbid interest, hunting for details in the lives of priests for errors in the distant past. There is a priest in a US city who is in his 70’s, another in Australia in his 80’s, and so on and others more current… without a doubt all these cases are reprehensible!
There are journalists who present a well thought out and balanced picture, but others exaggerate, filling their reports with prejudices and even hate. I feel a great sadness for the terrible wrong that priests who ought to be signs of God’s love, have been instead a deadly dagger into the lives of innocent people. There is nothing that can justify their acts. There is no doubt that the Church must be on the side of those who are weak and most vulnerable. For this reason, all efforts that we can take to prevent and protect the dignity of children ought always to be an absolute priority.
However, it is curious that there is little news and a lack of interest for the thousands of priests who sacrifice their life and dedicate their life for millions of children, for adolescents and for the most underprivileged in the four corners of the world.
It seems to me that your paper is uninterested in the fact that I had to transport from Cangumbe to Lwena (Angola) many scrawny ragged children over roads filled with landmines because of the war in 2002 because neither the government could do it nor could the NGOs get authorization; that I had to bury dozens of children dead because of the displacement caused by the war; that we saved the lives of thousands of persons in Mexico by means of the only health station that existed in a 90,000 sq. km area along with the distribution of food and seed. That we were able to educate and have schools over the last 10 years for more than 110,000 children.
Nor is there interest in the fact that with other priests we helped nearly 15,000 people in guerilla camps after they gave up their guns, because the food from the government and the ONGs did not arrive. It did not make headlines when a 75 year old priest, Father Roberto, went through the city of Luanda taking care of street children, bringing them to a safe house so that they could be detoxified from gasoline that they inhaled while trying to earn a living as flame throwers.
Adult literacy for hundreds of prisoners does not make the news. That other priests like Father Stephane set up transition homes so that young people who were mistreated, beaten and even raped could find refuge. Neither that Father Maiato who at 80 visits the homes of the poor one by one comforting the sick and despairing. It’s not news that more than 6,000 from among the 40,000 priests and religious have left their country and their families to serve their brothers and sisters in leprosarium, in hospitals, in refugee camps, in orphanages for children accused of sorcery or orphans of parents who have died of Aids, in schools for the very poor, in centres for professional training, in welcoming centres for those who are HIV positive….etc.
Or, above all, giving their life in parishes and on missions, motivating people to live better lives and above all to love. It’s not news when my friend Father Marc-Aurele, in order to save children during the war in Angola, brought them from Kalulo to Dondo and when returning from this mission was gunned down on the road in a hail of bullets. That Brother Francois with five female catechists were killed in an accident while going to an isolated rural area of the country.
That dozens of missionaries in Angola died because of poor sanitary conditions, because of simple malaria. That others were thrown in the air because of landmines while visiting their faithful. In the cemetery in Kalulo are the tombs of the first priests who came to the region….none were over 40.
It’s never news to follow the daily life of a “normal” priest, in his difficulties and his joys, giving of himself to the community he serves without any show. The truth is that none of us is looking to make news, only wanting to bring the Good News, this News which began Easter morning without a lot of fanfare. A tree that falls makes a lot more noise than a thousand that are growing. We create a lot more noise about a priest who makes a mistake than over the thousand who give their lives for the poor and neglected.
I do not pretend to defend the Church and priests. A priest is neither a hero nor a neurotic. He is simply a normal man who as a human being tries to follow Jesus and to serve Him in his brothers and sisters. He has weaknesses and failings like any human being; but equally he has beauty and dignity like everyone…. To focus on a painful topic in an obsessive and persecuting manner and to forget the larger picture creates a truly offensive caricature of the Catholic priesthood by which I feel offended.
I ask you only, my journalist friend, to look for the Truth, the Good and the Beautiful. That would do honour to your profession.


Forward to The Future Life According to Orthodox Teaching

Forward to The Future Life According to Orthodox Teaching

The Zionist Story.

Ancient church in Roman Forum to reopen restored

Ancient church in Roman Forum to reopen restored


Germany must Perish (Zionist swine scum talk)

The Clash-Rudie Can't Fail

Joe Strummer-The Harder They Come

Bruce Springsteen, Glastonbury 2009 " Coma Girl "

This is sooooooooooooo awesome!!! Bruce Springsteen doing a late-era Joe Strummer song!!! You can feel the love The Boss has for Saint Strummer! Classy. ♥

The clash 1979 interview

Lily Allen and Mick Jones " Straight To Hell "

Eustuce Mullins (I know little about him. Someone care to enlighten me?)

Haven't read this .pdf book yet, but I wanted to put it here to mark it. Don't choke me for it's contents. It's a fucking published .pdf file, get over yourself. 

Excerpts from The Soul After Death

Great book! Fr. Seraphim Rose. This man was a saint and a fantastic asset to the
Eastern Orthodox Church. ♥

Excerpts from The Soul After Death

" The Zionist Matrix of Power "

Not a huge fan of David Duke at all. I don't agree with his former White supremacist
beliefs. But I know he speaks the truth against the Zionist scum.

THE OTHER ISRAEL [full documentary]

The NWO plan - The Protocols of Zion

Chant of the Early Christians

Beautiful! I just love this amazing chant!

Orthodox Traditionalism vs. Roman Catholic Traditionalism

Orthodox Traditionalism vs. Roman Catholic Traditionalism

Simon Harvey is a Bitch

So I recently had an interesting "argument" with the fat piece of shit who runs Ugly Pop Records, Simon Harvey.  This loser likes to troll peoples discussions on Facebook and post random, mean-spirited, bigoted comments --and then run!  That's why I say "argument" in quotes.  Yes, 
he is the same chode who sent me an email saying I was some kind of moron for something I ostensibly posted on the internet somewhere.  when I emailed him back to ask him what the fuck he 
was talking about or referring to, he had no answer.  Typical shit talking, faggot piece of shit.  When I see his fat fucking face at a hardcore show --whether in the U.S. or in Canada--I am gonna slap the shit out of him!  Who the fuck talks that much shit and runs and hides behind their monitor?  I thought only 14 year old do that stuff? WTF?!?    Simon Harvey, I love you. Enough to let you 
suck my dick, yes.

Jewish Ritual talmud Murder Revisited dissanguato Asesinato Baal Israel ...


" Illuminati III : Murdered by The Monarchs "

" Loose Change " [Final Cut 2012 ]

SLAPSHOT " Rejected " New Song for 2012!!!

This shit is so fuckin' hard.  Best song of 2012!!! SLAPSHOT lives!

The Denver Airport Conspiracy

The Denver Airport Conspiracy

St Michael the Archangel : Orthodox Christian Saints

The Life of Saint Gregory Palamas

Limits of Perception full documentary on Science Channel