EMPATHY "Under The Lost Smile" // CURRENT "Coliseum" // DRIFT AGAIN 7" ~1990's Hardcore At Its Best

Remember those days. Size XXL FALLING FORWARD shirts, Krishna choker beads, fanzines bound with yarn, vegan brownies, and back packs in the pit...Ahhh, the lost days of original hardcore. Cute hardcore chicks with barretts in their hair, bleach blond bowl cuts (on the guys!), and endless ideas screamed with naive wide eyes! Where is everyone?

The Sacred Geometry of The Universe

Healthy food for thought. I've probably watched this a dozen times, yet I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around it all.


Behind the Monastery Walls (Romanian documentary with English subtitles)

An absolutely beautiful & positive documentary. Monastic monks & nuns who love Jesus Christ with their entire mind, soul, body, and strength. It is a peaceful & loving situation that they choose to LIVE. Death to the world--death to the materialistic passions of this gross plane. We are stuck in this muck, treading water & living on borrowed time. The mortality rate for humans is 100%. Sometimes I wonder, 'what exactly am I supposed to do HERE? Why was I manifested on this globe? What does the Lord want from me? Anything? Nothing?' I'm of the opinion that the Lord wants nothing in particular from me. He gave me freewill, and I am to choose to LOVE.

Burdens of a Bachelor: Hippies vs. Punks: ALL's Trailblazer

Burdens of a Bachelor: Hippies vs. Punks: ALL's Trailblazer: Recorded live at CBGBs during the summer of 1989 -- the same summer and venue I witnessed The Lemonheads perform music off their new alb...