St. Mary of Egypt, Please Pray for Me!!!

Saint Mary of Egypt is one of my favorite female saints in the entire Orthodox Christian church.  She has an incredible story to her.  Check her information out when you can, it's well worth it!


Great History Of Ethiopian Orthodox Church & Monasteries Video--

" An Excerpt From the Life of St. Job of Pochaev " Orthodox Holy Monk

Here we have a link to an interesting excerpt from the book, Saint Job of Pochaev
published by Saint John of Kronstadt Press. This link takes you to the Orthodox Christian
Information Center. I absolutely love reading about & learning about the Eastern Orthodox Christian religion!  I find it so mesmerizing & fascinating!  Who would've known all those years ago, as a small Catholic boy, that I would be this interested in theology & religion in general?!?  
The nurse at my doctor's office today told me that I should take some theology classes at the local community college, since she sees me reading different historical religious books everytime I come in there.  Not that I haven't thought of this idea before.  I just get nervous & flustered whenever I think about things having to do with school & formal education.  I mean I love learning and reading and studying, but just on MY terms at MY pace & on MY time.  Does that make sense?  I think it does.

Anyhow, check out this link by this Orthodox monk & holy man!   I hope you enjoy it! ♥♥♥

An Excerpt From the Life of St. Job of Pochaev (link)


European Awakening! Beautiful Short Vignette by Dr. D. Duke--

Jewish Wealth, Power, and Influence--

THIS is taken directly from the comments section of a Jewish website.  It
is pertaining to the list published by Forbes of the 400 richest people in 
America.  The fella who wrote the article says that 150 of these folks are 
Jewish.  I, for one, find that alarming since by the Jews own admission they
comprise 1.7% of America's population.  The comment I am posting below
succinctly sums up what is wrong with this entire scenario.

In a capitalist society, Wealth = Power and Influence. 

According to this analysis, 35% of the wealthiest Americans are Jews, while Jews, according to their own estimates comprise merely 1.7% of the population.  This means that Jews are grossly over-represented in the wealthiest category by a factor of over 20 times (35 / 1.7) or 2,000%!  This combined with their over-representation in the media and academia makes a convincing argument for their elite status and helps explain their power and influence.  When this power and influence is used to advocate policies that are detrimental to the non-Jewish population, it legitimizes a focused analysis of Jewish behavior.


I Am Currently Reading.......♥

As of March 2, 2013, this is what we've been reading here at 

"The Conspiracy Reader" 
 by-- Al Hidell & Joan D'Arc

"Edgar Cayce on Atlantis"
 by-- Edgar Evans Cayce

"The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy"
 by-- Jim Marrs

"The Templars: The Secret History Revealed"
 by-- Barbara Frale

"The Search for the Twelve Apostles" 
 by-- Steuart McBirnie

"Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews"
 by-- Alan Hart

"The Harbinger"
 by-- Johnathan Cahn

"Alien Agenda"
 by-- Jim Marrs

"The Templars"
 by-- Malcolm Barber & Keith Bate

"Communion: A True Story"
 by-- Whitley Strieber

...and about three dozen OTHER books, usually at the same time!

Perpetual Depression....

I feel like I am stuck in some kind of "depression bubble."  I don't really know how to 
adequately explain it.  A looong, drawn out, mild-ish perpetual depressed feeling.  Not 
a heavy duty, suicidal type of depression, but a persistent "state of the blues."  Frankly
I'm becoming sick & tired of it.  It also doesn't feel the same as S.A.D. --"Seasonal Affect-
ive Disorder."  I'm all too familiar with that one--it comes to me almost EVERY single 
winter.  This is more of a prolonged loneliness mixed with a long case of the blues one 
gets with opiate withdrawal, if you've ever experienced that.  I can't succinctly explain it
but I think that Wm. S Burroughs does a good job of it in his book "Junky."  And I also can't
remember off the top of my head exactly what he says, I just remember reading that book a 
few times and thinking, "this makes complete sense to me. I understand."  Yeah it sounds
odd that I can't remember what he wrote, yet I CAN remember agreeing with it!  Tho to
me that's one sign of a good writer --you don't remember what he wrote, but you DO
remember sympathizing or agreeing with it!   Back to my depression: what the heck is it
and how do I get rid of it?  I have tried every known anti-depressant under the sign and 
every combination thereof--nothing seems to work for any extended period of time.  Some
work for a few months, then the side effects inevitably force me to stop taking the meds. 
I will say that if it wasn't for my involvement in my church & the fact that I'm Catholic I
firmly believe that I would be much worse off than I am.  Also, I will say that when I have
been more involved in Alcoholics Anonymous I usually feel more pleasant & "upbeat." 
Maybe that's it, maybe that's my solution: getting back to regular AA meetings and trying
to go to mass once or twice during the week.  Yeah, I think that's worth giving a shot.  Heck,
they are both free with no strings attached.  Also, some more time set aside for serious prayer
with the Lord will do me good.  
I've tried & tried & tried. All I can do is keep trying. I miss so many friends & so many lovers. It seems like I'll never get back what I once had.