⚒️JUST ICE 2018 Demo Cassette⚒️

I like this, granted I'm only one song in.  It's a bit different.  The name is cheesy though, but so are the majority of punkrock bands.  I will follow these guys progress. 👯👯👯

The Antarctic Atlantis, David Wilcock

I'm currently reading "The Ascension Mysteries" by David Wilcock and I cannot recommend it enough!  I'm gong to re-read his past two books, she nce they all tie in together.  Same thing with this video.  Excellent fodder for the thinking punk!

☣️Fact vs Fakt On the Syrian False Flag Chemical Attack☣️

Don't believe the bullshit.  It didn't happen.  ☢️☢️☢️

Great Psychedelic Stoner Surprise in Here--


New hardcore band with a female singer.  This is catchy and brings to mind some late 80's hardcorepunk bands.  I definitely want to find a download link to snag this!

THE FIGHT "U Heard the Best..." Demo


Fred Smith from BEEFEATER is Murdered--

He Struck A Chord in Heavy Metal, Punk and Goth: Fred-Freak Smith, who was fatally stabbed in Las Palmas Park in San Fernando on Aug. 8, was not just an aimless transient, possibly homeless, who unfortunately became just another crime statistic.


DOGGY STYLE "Emotions"

I remember hearing this song on "The All Out Attack" radio show on WCBN 88.3.  Ann Arbor, MI. 1987 or so.  Good band here!