"Rolling Stone Lies About Lana Lokteff" This is a Great Example of Kosher Liars--

An ultra-creepy Jewish woman interviewed Lana Lokteff of Red Ice radio/tv/podcast, and completely warps and twists her words around. And as Lana says, the bitch couldn't stop talking about Jews and the fucking Holocaust™!! It seems like most Jewish people are just completely fixated and obsessed with the supposed Holocaust™ of European Jewry!! Anyhow, here's Mrs. Lokteff defending what she actually said during the interview. Oh, and I love how she digs down to find out who finds and supports the little Jewish troll who writes for Rolling Stone! Bravo!


This Artist Draws Her Hallucinations to Cope with Schizophrenia--

This is beautiful! This chick makes the most vividly bizarre artwork I've ever seen. Supposedly she's got schizophrenia and this is one way she copes. I don't know for sure, but I do really admire her drawings. I'm not schizo, but I use writing and other forms of art to deal with my hijacked brain. 'Nuff said...


Rachel Dolezal Arrested for Welfare Fraud--

She's White but says she's trans racial and is now black. 
Then there's the 52 yr old White man who identifies as a six year old girl.  Oh Lord, what is happening?!?