"Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes Reluctantly Quits the Group"--

WOW!  This is interesting.  I never knew The Proud Boys we're a racist, supremacist group of men?!!  Well that's because they AREN'T!!  I don't know that much about them, I admit, but from what I've read & heard they have never been a hateful, White supremacist, or homophobic group. They love black & yellow Fred Perry's and nice thick beards.

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes 'reluctantly' quits the group in the wake of news that FBI considers them 'extremists'


MSU scholars find $21 trillion in unauthorized government spending! (Oh Shit!!)

MSU scholars find $21 trillion in unauthorized government spending; Defense Department to conduct first-ever audit: Earlier this year, an MSU economist and his team found $21 trillion in unauthorized spending in the departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development. Now, the Defense Department has announced it will conduct the first department-wide, independent financial audit in its history.