Simon Harvey is a Bitch

So I recently had an interesting "argument" with the fat piece of shit who runs Ugly Pop Records, Simon Harvey.  This loser likes to troll peoples discussions on Facebook and post random, mean-spirited, bigoted comments --and then run!  That's why I say "argument" in quotes.  Yes, 
he is the same chode who sent me an email saying I was some kind of moron for something I ostensibly posted on the internet somewhere.  when I emailed him back to ask him what the fuck he 
was talking about or referring to, he had no answer.  Typical shit talking, faggot piece of shit.  When I see his fat fucking face at a hardcore show --whether in the U.S. or in Canada--I am gonna slap the shit out of him!  Who the fuck talks that much shit and runs and hides behind their monitor?  I thought only 14 year old do that stuff? WTF?!?    Simon Harvey, I love you. Enough to let you 
suck my dick, yes.

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