OFF! Full Set From 924 Gilman St! April 2011--

Here's an awesome set from OFF! The new(ish) band fronted by Kieth Morris. Of CIRCLE JERKS & BLACK FLAG fame, duh! Also on the drums is that dude Mario who was in 411 with Dan O'Mahoney, as well as drumming for CLIKITAT IKATOWI. (I think I butchered that band's name! Sorry!) This is a show from April of 2011 at the legendary hardcorepunk club, 924 Gilman St. Ostensibly where GREEN DAY got their start. But I'm drawing a blank....was that club in SF or Oakland? I can't believe I don't remember where the damn club was!!! I read the entire "924 Gilman St." book in one week, several years back while I was in hospital! Well anyhow, check out this sweet video. Damn, Keith's voice! Such a classic hardcorepunk sound. But shit man, cut those fucking dreadlocks! Looks nasty with all the bald spots! ♥Use. Love. All. The. Time♥


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