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This is a most interesting post I ran across on the CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust).  It is a copy of a letter sent by a man who has been studying the Jewish holocaust™ for over 25 years, to Deborah Lipstadt, an author of several holocaust™ books.  She is, of course, a Jewish woman, and several years ago was sued for libel by David Irving, albeit unsuccessfully.  Lipstadt is a proponent of the traditional holocaust™ "story" that the German Nazi's killed 6 million Jews using "homicidal gas chambers" and then burned most of the corpses in large ovens or open air fires.  Modern science & basic chemistry has long since de-bunked this story, which has been force fed to us since the early 1950's.  However, in 15 countries across the world, it is a felony punishable by prison time for questioning any aspects of the holocaust™.  NO KIDDING!!!  Think about that for a moment: You can & will be imprisoned for merely doubting or questioning ANY aspects of the holocaust!  Hot damn!  You mean to tell me that of ALL the era's in world history, of all the wars, of all the holocausts that have happened to various peoples throughout world history, ONLY the Jewish holocaust™ CANNOT be questioned or opened up to discussion, debate, and revisionism?  WHY?  Who the hell decided that this particular era of history was unquestionable?  How backwards is this? We have finally come to the point in time when thought crimes are a reality. This is a shame & an embarrassment. It just reeks of a cover-up. What are the Jews & the Zionists hiding? What are they afraid we might discover?  
Well, it's a bit too late!  There have been so many "secret" investigations & tests & research done at the alleged "homicidal gas chambers" and they all PROVE that they WERE NOT used for or as homicidal gas chambers!!!  Simple chemical tests done prove there was no use of Cyanide, in the form of Zyklon-B, in these "chambers."  Not to mention the fact that they have doors & windows in the buildings.  No reinforced steel, airtight doors like one would expect from a "homicidal gas chamber."
There have also been scientific tests done at alleged "mass graves" mostly at Treblinka, that show there were NEVER any mass graves there!  They have used modern, sophisticated sonar ultra-sound machines to conclude that the ground was NOT disturbed, was never dug to any significant depth, and certainly not deep enough to accommodate several hundred's of thousands of bodies! HOT DAMN!  This is incredible news!  They also did extensive searches for human remains, tested the age of many trees in the surrounding areas & forests, etc.  If there were HUGE open air incinerator's & fires, the Nazi's would've needed to chop down thousands & thousands of trees for the wood to burn the bodies.  Well ALL the trees in the area were found to be older than 1945, hence they couldn't have been re-planted post WWII, as the holocausters, the people who support the traditional holocaust™ story claim.  Additionally, hundred's of aerial photos from the time span that Jewish sources say the multitude of bodies were being burned, are devoid of any plumes of smoke!!!  If there were bodies being burned around the clock, as mainstream holocausters claim, there should & would have been plumes of smoke visible at many, many different times!  Huge clouds of smoke, flames leaping around, etc.  Also, photos of this & other camps DO NOT have ANY giant wood piles which would've been needed to burn that many bodies.  Seized camp blueprints & records are all lacking the location of wood storage sheds of any significant size.  This may sound trivial you say (and in 15 countries a person can be jailed for this kind of questioning!)  Seriously, I'm not an expert, but when the revisionists interview scores of people in the 'funeral-cremation' business, fire experts, doctors, fire fighters, etc, and they tell us how much wood & how big of a fire would be needed to burn 300,000 bodies, it DOES NOT jive with the traditional holocuast™ story.  THIS is what is meant by "holocaust revisionism."  Examining the 'crime scene' like is done at any other murder site.  Why the heck do Jews around the world want to jail us for asking these questions???   
Steven Spielbucks is the worst of the Zion-crooks!  His "Shoah Foundation" is spreading lie after lie after lie around the globe.  Now's he's got some documentary with this batty old lady, Irene Blattsss..something, telling us she smuggled her family diamonds into Auschwitz with her. In order to keep them hidden & safe, she swallowed them, not once, but EVERY NIGHT, then shit them out the next day, washed them off (even after telling us that water was scarce which no one denies, as shortages of food, water, and medicines were rampant, especially after the Allies bombed most of the railways & train tracks!), and then she re-swallowed them! Supposedly she did this EVERY BLOODY DAY for 15 months!!!  WTF?!?!  Who the heck believes this total b.s. pity story???  I don't buy it for one damn minute.  But hundreds of thousands, if not millions do: she tours America & other countries giving these talks to elementary, middle, and high school groups & classes, for a fee$$$$$.  Of course for a fee, after all, there's no business like "Shoah business!" This holocaust is a huge money making scam and that's all it is.  I don't buy it.  Sure, Jews suffered during WWII, at the hands of the sumbag Nazi's (I am no fan of the Nazi's at all!)   But it should also be mentioned that the Jewish populace declared war on Germany.  Economic war.  And believe me, they were very influential & prosperous and able to inflict serious economic damage.  Just look at how powerful the Jews are in America today.  They own almost every media outlet, movie studio, & leading internet sites.  They own most of the banks and a ton of property.  They are 2% of the American population but own 90% of the TV & radio stations & newspapers & magazines.  So Jews DID suffer, no revisionist or others argue that, but so did MY PEOPLE, the Catholics!  So did homosexuals, Gypsies, Jehovah Witnesses, and last but certainly not least, innocent German civilians!  Where is the German Memorial Museum for their people lost in WWII??? No one seems to give a rat's ass about them.  What about the brutal, inhumane carpet-bombing of Dresden which killed ten's or even hundred's of thousands of old men, women, & children!  Helpless, defenseless people, pets & property.  Hospitals, clinics, food stores, etc etc.
I've had enough of the lack of truth being promulgated.
I'm tired of this scamming of the people.
Sick, perverted, swine using a bloody war to make money 60 years later.  Gross and shameful.

Here is the letter this man wrote to Ms. Lipstadt:

Dear Madame:
My name is Jerzy Ulicki-Rek and I'm 56-years-old Polish-Australian.
After studying the "holocaust' for almost 25 years, I do not have
ANY doubts that the official version (6 millions, gas chambers,
electric chambers, vacuum chambers etc. is nothing else but a pile
of lies. Looking for new information, I forced myself to read your
book "Denying the holocaust".

The number of lies you produced between the covers is fantastic.
Some of them, as I stated in my email to the university, which
employs you, are absolutely fantastic and even the official 'holocaust'
Museum in Oswiecim (Auschwitz) is very reluctant to confirm you words:)
In fact they refuse to comment on your revelations.
To refute all the lies will take a long time, and maybe another book.
Now, here is just one of your creations:

On the page 115 you wrote:

"Harwood contended that the report made "nonsense" of the allegation that
there were "gas chambers' cunningly disguised as shower facilities".
He substantiated this assertion by quoting a passage from the report (IRC
report published in 1948 -Jerzy) that depicted how IRC officials inspected
baths and showers in the camps.
When they found problems they acted swiftly "to have fixtures made less
primitive and to have them repaired or enlarged".
This, Harwood argued, demonstrated conclusively that showers functioned as
showers, however primitive, and not as a killing apparatus.
The problem with Harwood choice of this citation, which he quoted correctly,
End of quote.

No ,Madame.
You are presenting us with another lie.

I am VERY familiar with the IRC report.
Those words are in relation to a concentration camp.
Please, do not insult us any more.

Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

CODOH message board/forum  (link)     

Please read The Barnes Review bi-monthly journal of historical revisionism.  It will open your eyes, enrage you, and enlighten you.

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