Hilarious New Spielberg Holocaust Hoax Parody!!! Worthwhile Link to a Cool Video--

Let me make my usual disclaimer for all the naive, small minded people out there: I hate racists. I strongly dislike Nazi's & National Socialist politics. Are there REALLY any Nazi's today? Not really. There is no country on the planet with a sizable National Socialist political party. Nazi is an abbreviation for the political party that once ran Germany. Therefore there are no real Nazi's around today. There are people who pretend to be Nazi's. I strongly dislike them, as I said. I am no huge fan of the Jews, as many people know. So what though. That doesn't make me a bad person at all. Many people, some even my friends (gasp!) are anti-Christian!!! Or anti-Catholic!!! Or anti-gay. That doesn't make them bad people. While I am not gay, I am a Catholic Christian! Actually, there are many people who flat out HATE Catholicism, even hating Catholic people. So what. That doesn't make that person racist. Being racist makes someone have racist tendencies. I hate racists. I also hate Zionist's, which are racists. Zionism = Nazism. I believe in Jewish holocaust™ revisionism, the same way I believe in revisionism of ANY topic. I love alien / extra terrestrial revisionism! Where at one time we thought we were perhaps the only living intelligent life in the universe, we now know that to be FALSE, due to revisionism. Just look at the messages encoded in many of the latest & greatest crop circles in England. Answers to the questions and information the world sent out on a deep space satellite & the radio signals the world sent towards the center of the Milky Way!!! That's an entirely separate issue, however.

>>>Check out this video, with an open-mind, and most importantly, QUESTION REALITY!
Question EVERYTHING! Use your brain. Investigate, don't believe the MSM (mainstream media!)
>>> UPDATE! 5/27/13------> This video is two hours long. The link is still alive & active, I just checked. Going thru some old posts on here, so that I can erase the redundant ones, or the ones that I no longer feel the same way about (yes, I am a revisionist, after all!)
>>> Remember to always use love & respect when talking to people you disagree with.♥♥♥

Spielberg Parody Movie (link)

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