Some Awesome Quotes--

"The Lord has shown that we cannot have the good work of perfect love if we only love those from whom in turn we know the return of mutual love will be paid in kind.  Hence the Lord wishes us to overcome the common law of human love by the law of Gospel love, so that we may show the affection of our love not only toward those who love us but even toward our enemies."

  - St. Chromatius of Aquileia (d. 406)

"It is certainly a finer and more wonderful thing to change the mind of enemies to another way of thinking than to kill them... The mystery [of the Eucharist] requires that we should be innocent not only of violence but of all enmity, however slight, for it is the mystery of peace."

  - St. John Chrysostom (347 - 407)

Thank you immensely to "In Communion" the journal of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship of the Protection of the Mother of God.

"In Communion" Orthodox Journal (link)

I have many, many more quotes which I will post in the coming days & weeks.  So much stuff runs through my head & hands every day.  So many incredible words of wisdom that I read & hear.  Thank God for this incredible gift of literacy.  Amen.  m//r

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