The Pain..... (an original poem & a SOIA song with it...) still lingers.  It probably won't  ever  go  away.
It's like a blanket I wear around me, all the time.
It's heavy. 
It hurts.
There is no "out."
What do others do?
What do YOU do?
My uncle took his life in 2011.
Some say he didn't end his pain.
He just passed it along to others.
I don't think he had the answer.
Who does?
What is it?
I look in the mirror & I see nothing.
The Mirror of Emptiness.
It's gone.
It fled.
It left me behind.
The pain it still lingers.
God knows. 
God knows it still lingers.


this sums it all up...SOIA  SICK OF IT ALL

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