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Holy smokes! Dug out three more boxes of books from storage!  Including doubles & triples of a few.  Those will go to my friends Catholic Men's House, "Friends of the Master" in Ypsilanti.  I've already donated around one hundred books to them, with about another hundred waiting to be transported.
I've decided I need to really make a serious inventory of what's here. And it's just as easy to put it on my blog as it is to put it in one of my hand-written journals. Wish me luck! m//r
note: I am NOT including novels & fiction (for the most part)

"Reading Judas"
  -by Elaine Pagels

"Christ, the Life of the Soul"
  -by Blessed Columba Marmion

"Saint Augustine"
  -by Gary Willis

"Early Greek Philosophy"
  -J. Barnes

"The Orthodox Way"
  -by Kallistos Ware

"Sadhana A Way to God: Christian Exercises in Eastern Form"
  -by Anthony De Mello

"Island of Light: Buddhism in Sri Lanka"
  -by T Y Lee

"Handbook of Catholic Apologetics"
  -by Peter J. Kreeft & R.K. Tacelli

"The Way it Was: Growing Up in Wartime Holland"
  -by Sid Baron

"A Fighter Pilot in Buchenwald"
  -by J.F. Moser 

"The Elder Archimandrite Anthimos K. Vayianos"
  -trans by Fr. Nicholas Palis

"Manjava Skete: Ukrainian Monastic Writings of the 17th Century"
  -by Sophia Senyk

"Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, & Bad Religion in a World Without God"
  -by Greg Graffin & Steve Olson

"The A to Z of the Orthodox Church"
  -by M. Prokurat, A. Golitzin, & M.D. Peterson

"Rommel's Desert War: The Life & Death of the Afrika Korps"
  -by S.W. Mitcham, Jr. 

"The Geography of Religion: Faith, Place, and Space"
  -by Roger W. Stump

"Divine Energy: The Orthodox Path to Christian Victory"
  -by Jon E. Braun

"Thomas Aquinas: Spiritual Master"
  -by Robert Barron

"The Doctrine of Christ: A Layman's Handbook"
  -by Bishop Dmitri

"Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco: The Apostle of Youth"
  -edited by Fr. J. Bacchiarello, S.D.B.

"Gift and Mystery"
  -by Pope John Paul II

"Truth and Tolerance: Christian Belief & World Religions"
  -by Pope Benedict XVI

"The History of the Church"
  -by Eusebius

"Jesus, the Apostles, and the Early Church"
  -by Pope Benedict XVI

"Secret Societies and the Hermetic Code: The Rosicrucian, Masonic, & Esoteric Transmission in the Arts"
  -by Ernesto Frers

"Not the Germans Alone: A Son's Search for the Truth of Vichy"
  -by Isaac Levendel

"The Confessions"
  -by St. Augustine

"Authority and Passion"
  -by Demetrios Trakatellis

"Saint Bernadette Soubirous, 1844 -1879"
  -by Abbe Francois Trochu

"The Letters of Mary Alacoque, Apostle of the Sacred Heart"
  -trans. by Fr. Clarence A. Herbst, S.J.

"Calls from the Message of Fatima"
  -by Sister Lucia

"Your Life in the Holy Spirit: What Every Catholic Needs to Know & Experience"
  -by Alan Schreck

"The Theory & Practice of Hell: The German Concentration Camps and the System Behind Them"
  -by Eugen Kogon

"Rolling Away: My Agony with Ecstasy"
  -by Lynn Marie Smith

"As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me"
  -by Josef M. Bauer

"The Birth & Death of the Miracle Man"
  -by A. Wendt

"The Secret History of Lucifer and the Meaning of the True Da Vinci Code"
  -by Lynn Picknett

"Ransomed from Darkness: The New Age, Christian Faith, and the Battle for Souls"
  -by Moira Noonan

"Prayers from the East: Traditions of Eastern Christianity"
  -by Richard Marsh

"The Universe Within Us, a Guide to the Purpose of Life"
  -by Jane E. Harper

"The Tao of Physics"
  -by Fritjof Capra

"Drunkard, a Hard Drinking Life"
  -by Neil Steinberg

"Mere Christianity"
  -by C.S. Lewis

"The Problem of Pain"
  -by C.S. Lewis

"A Grief Observed"
  -by C.S. Lewis

"A Short History of Atheism"
  -by Gavin Hyman

"History vs. Apologetics: The Holocaust, The Third Reich, & The Catholic Church"
  -by D. Cymet

"Called Out of Darkness, a Spiritual Confession"
  -by Ann Rice (yes, THAT Ann Rice!)

"The New Martyrs of Russia"
  -by Archpriest M. Polsky

"The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons of the Dead"
  -by Stephan A. Hoeller

"An Exorcist Tells His Story"
  -by G. Amorth

"Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World's Greatest Outlaw"
  -by Mark Bowden

"Rediscover Catholicism: A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion & Purpose"
  -by Matthew Kelly

"The Catholic Classics"
  -by Dinesh D'Souza   (I had no idea he is Catholic! I'm stoked to learn this!)

"Thomas Merton: Spiritual Master / The Essential Writings"
  -edited by L.S. Cunningham

"Full of Grace: Encountering Mary in Faith, Art, and Life"
  -by Judith Dupre

"Rise Above It: Spiritual Development through the Ten Commandments"
  -by Ray & Star Silverman

"The Girl Who Played With Fire"
  -by Stieg Larsson

"Spirits Rebellious"
  -by Kahill Gibran

"The Mantle of the Mystic"
  -by Eknath Easwaran

"The Fathers"
  -by Pope Benedict XVI

"Charismatic Renewal in the Orthodox Church"
  -by Rev. Eusebius A. Stephanou

"The Saints of Anglo-Saxon England"
  -by Vladimir Moss

"An Unbroken Chain: My Journey through the Nazi Holocaust"
  -by H.A. Oertelt

"The Orthodox Church: 455 Questions & Answers"
  -by Stanley S. Harakas

"Occult Holidays or God's Holy Days? Which?"
  -by F.R. Coulter

"Becoming Orthodox: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith"
  -by P. Gillquist

"Dear Mr. Mackin"
  -by R.J. Mackin   (awesome book that evolved out of his great 90's fanzine!)

"The Creed in Slow Motion"
  -by Ronald Knox

"The Mass in Other Words"
  -by Dom Hubert van Zeller

"The Way of Divine Love or The Message of the Sacred Heart to the World and a Short Biography of His Messenger"
  -by Sister Josefa Menendez  (an old, fantastic book from The Newman Press published in 1950)


"Madame Blavatsky, the Mother of Modern Spirituality"
  -by G. Lachman

"Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas"
  -by Elaine Pagels

"The Hidden gospel: Decoding the Spiritual Message of the Aramaic Jesus"
  -by N. Douglas-Klotz

"The Secret History of the World as Laid Down by the Secret Societies"
  -by M. Booth

"Essential Monastic Wisdom: Writings on the Contemplative Life"
  -by H. Feiss, OSB

"Before the Pyramids: Cracking Archaeology's Greatest Mystery"
  -by C. Knight & A. Butler

"Praying in the Cellar: A Guide to Facing Your Fears & Finding God"
  -A. Delisi O.C.S.O.

"The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus"
  -by Levi

"Metaphysical Meditation"
  -by Paramahansa Yogananda

"Buddhism: One Man's Search"
  -ed by J. Davison

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