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Sunday evening: The verdict was handed down in the murder trial of Trayvon Martin last night: G. Zimmerman was found not guilty. Que sera sera.
Started working at the Ann Arbor Art Fair 2013 today. As usual it's hot hot hot out there! Sunny, humid days are what's in store for me over the next six days--YUCK! But it's gonna' pay the bills, put food in my belly, and keep my hands occupied for a bit. We'll see where life takes me next! Had a nice time at Holy Mass this morning, glad I went. For some reason though, all day today I was deep in thought about my ex girlfriend. It comes & goes.....the loneliness that is. Not even loneliness so much. Mostly that I really, really miss that gal. I know I know, I've spent plenty of time bitching about her, but it really wasn't all that bad at all. I soooo loved that fuckin' woman! In fact I still do. I am still holding onto to some kind of hope. Some kind of hope that she'll come around. That she'll call me or text me or respond to my emails. I just really miss her & our Saturday night "date nights!" I miss talking to her & being in her company, dammit!

What I'm reading this weekend:

"The High Priests of War"
  -by M. Collins Piper
[Amazon link to book preview]

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