TERROR "Never Alone" Lyrics...

I still think TERROR are  one of the best bands in the hardcore scene....if there IS such a thing as a scene anymore.  Scott Vogel, singer of TERROR, is a dude who's my age (early 40's) & has been playing in hardcore bands since 1990 or so.  I know he played drums in FADEAWAY, then sang for SLUGFEST, DESPAIR, BURIED ALIVE, & presently TERROR for the past 12+ years.  He is one of the nicest, coolest, and most sincere people I've ever met!  I've seen most of his bands, dozens of times.  He really loves hardcore, probably as much as I do.  And to that end he's done a shit-ton of work, all in the name of hardcorepunk!  This song, "Never Alone" is on the album, "The Damned, The Shame" which came out in 2008 or so.  Solid album start to finish!  Keep on keepin' on...m//r

_____________________________________________________________Never alone!!!You've got to know...You're never alone!
So lost in these days, when there's nothing to believe.I couldn't see, couldn't breathI turned my back on everything.All my will, all my drive, put you to the test.When all that you love, all that you know is pushing you to your death.When you're down reach for me,With all you strength and I won't let go.It's you and me against this world.You've got to know that you're never alone!Never alone!You've got to know.....
You're never alone!In troubled times, I'll see you through.I feel the strains, the same pain that you do.When you're down reach for meWith all your strength and I won't let go.It's you and me against this world!You've got to know you & I are never alone.You've got to know!
Never alone!You've got to know!Never alone!

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