Some New Books & Other Goodies--(updated 07/14/13)

Got some outstanding new books in the mail last week. My bookshelves are swollen over capacity and it's high-time I found a new storage system! Does anybody else find it extremely difficult to store books away in boxes or in a distant storage unit?  I'm the kind of person who MUST have his books at arm's length all the time.  I tend to easily forget about what I own if I don't have it nearby to remind me!  Thus, I've been known to double-purchase a book, 'zine, or record before!  LOL, it's a waste of energy & money to buy something more than once!  Anyhow, here's what's new (to me) over the past couple of weeks.  m//r

"Iran: From Theocracy to the Green Movement"
  -by Negin Nabavi
[Amazon link]

"The Andean Cocaine Industry"
  -by P. Clawson & R.W. Lee III
[Amazon link to book preview]

"In the Flesh: The Cultural Politics of Body Modification"
  -by Victoria Pitts
[Amazon link to book preview]

"The Anatomy of Addiction: Overcoming the Triggers That Stand in the Way of Recovery"
  -by Morteza & Karen Khaleghi
[Amazon link to book preview]

"Gnosticism and the New Testament"
  -by Pheme Perkins
[Amazon link to book preview]

"Gnosticism, Judaism, and Egyptian Christianity"
  -by Birger A. Pearson

"Wounded By Love: The Life & Wisdom of Elder Porphyrios"
  -edited by the Sisters of the Holy Convent of Chrysopigi
[Amazon link to book preview] 

"Introducing Philosophy of Religion"
  -by Chad Meister

"Marriage and Virginity According to St. John Chrysostom"
  -by Archpriest Josiah B. Trenham

Also, I unearthed boxes & boxes of old fanzines from the past 25+ years.
Little by little (meaning VERY slowly) I am re-reading them, studying them, pondering & meditating on them, and just generally sifting through them.
Here are a few of them:

Initiative 646 (short, 1/4 size)
Analysis Paralysis #1 (done by James Marks of VG Kids, etc)
I Hate This Part of Texas #2 & #2.5 (excellent travel 'zine done by John Gherkin who has been known to spend time in Ann Arbor during Punk Week!)
Doris #13 - #17  (very popular 'zine done by Cindy Ovenrack aka Cindy Crabb. I know she also put out a book or two which I think are compilations of the 'zine, much like Cometbus, On Subbing, Burn Collector, Skam, etc. Microcosm Publishers & Distro would mos def have them)
Punkanut #1 & #2  (awesome thick 1/2 size travel 'zine by a guy named Wylie)
Cometbus (about ten issues or so, including "Double Deus" which I will NEVER get tired of reading! Also the "Back to the Land" issue)
Resist #44 & a dozen other issues (done by Matte from Minneapolis)
F.T.W. #4
Grundig #1-#3 (excellent 1/2 size travel & train hopping stories!)
Mishap #12 and a bunch of others...)kid from Eugene, OR...anarchy, hardcore, crust punk, travel, cool artwork, nice layout)
Catch 22 #5 (and maybe one or two others...some record reviews in here as well as a TON of scams! i love this 'zine from the mid 90's!)
Canvas #9 (really great 1/2 size 'zine with a cool layout....columns and good stories, including one from a gal named Sumei who lived in Ann Arbor on Church St & did shows in her basement for one summer. I love reading stories about people I know in areas I'm familiar with! Excellent!)
Zips & Chains #10 from Jan'97. Color cover & a nice computer layout....tons of fanzine & record reviews, interviews w/FUGAZI & Christine from Slug & Lettuce fanzine)
Cryptic Slaughter #18 1/2 size 'zine done by that kid Giovanni with some incredibly funny stories! I never get tired of re-reading this one!
Guilt #4  Straightedge hardcore & emo fanzine that is pro-marijuana legalization with info on hemp, etc. Made me smile b/c even tho this is from '93 or '94, I've never noticed that it has a short little quote attributed to my best friends stepdad! LOL, Thom Harris was (is?) very active & vocal in the marijuana legalization movement here in Ann Arbor. He was "Freedom Fighter" of the year sometime in the early 90's. So this little obscure hardcore 'zine contains a quote from him about growing your own weed or something. Neat.
Kiss Off #6 & #7  half size 'zine from stories
Confessions To Cory #3 / Another Name For Nothing #4 split 'zine
A Glimpse Of Hope
Almost Kissing #2 (held together with red yarn....a mainstay in emo 'zines of the 1990's! Done by Tim Rakunze of Oakland, CA)
Rule of Thumb (hitchhiking & travel stories)
Chumpire #142 and probably two dozen other issues of this (sometimes) one page fanzine that was a mainstay of the punk scene!
Dead City #7 full of Gypsy stories!
Nose Dive #10 (beautiful layout, great writing!)
Crude Noise #1  (done by Merry Death)
Complete Control #7  (Richmond, VA)

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