Eastern Orthodox Christianity & Chumpire Fanzine....

...I've been on a big Orthodox Christian kick lately.  I've always been amazed and mystified by this branch of Christianity, so this isn't anything particularly new.  But after I made contact with the zinesters who did/do "Death to the World" fanzine (which is all abut Orthodox, kinda from a punk rock slant), and started emailing around for more info, my interest & curiosity got even stronger.  I think I may have written about this before.  Sometimes I get confused about whether I wrote something on here, in my paper blog (aka journal), as a post on facebook or in a conversation with Cheryl or someone else.  I'm becoming a ditz....brain farts and "slow" moments.   Ahhhh, it's just growing old I guess.  This Orthodoxy thing is a trip though.  Somehow in the back of my head I'm wondering what it would be like to join the Orthodox church.  I've been watching this sweet DVD the monks at Holy Cross Monastery in WV sent me.  It's a mini-doc they made by themselves on day to day life at the monastery, work, eat, prayer schedule.  What it's like living together. etc.  I must have watched it at least two dozen times since I got it last week.  They also were kind enough to send me a small booklet all about Akathist, The Inexhaustible Cup.  A devotion to Theotokos, the mother of God, the Virgin Mary.  This devotion is said to be beneficial for addicts and alcoholics, as the Akathist took away a peasant man's taste for booze permanently.   Plus, I got some beautiful new postcatd sized icons to hang on my walls.  I sent my friend Eric one today.  Eric's in the joint doing a year, minimum.  He just got there a month ago, according to the internerd.  I sent him a small package of things I know are allowed to be sent in: religious postcars, pictures, icon's, papers, etc.
  So yeah, Orthodox Christianity, "spreading the truth since 33 a.d.!"
  Several fanzines got read by yours truly this past week.   A few issues of Chumpire, and a nice little read called "Baby Tee's & Chain Wallets" from like 1998 I think.  Oh, Chumpire #160 was about eight pages long which I believe is one of the longest issues he ever made.  Usually they range from a 1/2 page to three pages, tops.  Issue #160 was all about a trip to Argentina.  It's very well written and actually interesting.    ,,,,,,,More later

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