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Read some semi - crappy fanzines last night.  "Mishap" issue #11....This 'zine is sometimes called "Mayhap" or "Mayham," done by a guy in Portland, OR.  Don't know why he kept changing the name around.  This is a 1/2 size deal laid out with a typewriter, x-acto knife, and sharpie pen.  Lots of thoughts about anarchy, the "ten signs of being normal" (???), some hitchhiking stories, and something unique to this 'zine --ongoing science-fiction / fantasy / horror stories written by the author.  All nicely done.  Even the non-fiction pieces on anarchy are intelligently written.  Some letters from readers, and the low-down on the annual Anarchist Conference in Portland, plus anti-cop rants (surprise surprise).  All in all a pretty heady read full of well thought out arguments.  I have about seven or eight issues, since this kid used to send me several issues at one time and he was pretty prolific back in 1998-2004 or so.
"Moshi Moshi" which I think she said means "thank you" in Japanese, but I'm too lazy to walk three feet to look through the 'zine and verify this.  I'm also too lazy right now to open anew tab on my browser, where this and every other PIECE OF INFORMATION IN THE ENTIRE WORLD is at my fingertips.  God bless the internerd.  Haha, I'm listening to NOFX "Ribbed," right now!  Forgot what a great album this is!  Seriously haven't played this in at least eight or nine years.  I still remember all the lyrics, especially to "New Boobs!"  I remember when these guys ruled (in my mind.)  I also remember them opening for BAD RELIGION in 1990 (?) when they both played in the gymnasium at Oakland Community College.  No stage, all the bands played on the floor.  Mostly I remember the Toledo straightedge skinheads were there and now I'm wondering if MAJORITY OF ONE (from Toledo) also played.  That woulda' been around the time M.O.O. were big.  Well, big in the sense that kids from Toledo would actually drive 90 minutes to see them open for a touring punk band.  And this was also the time that there were actual straightedge skins in the scene.  Hmmmm...OK..."Moshi Moshi"...a cute little 1/4 size 'zine done by a chick named Lauren who also did "Pussy Cat Vision" fanzine.  This looks similar in layout to PCV.  Lauren says that many of her views and morals have changed and thus it was time for a new fanzine to replace the old.  She's sixteen, from Baltimore and loves hardcore.  A funny-ass rant about how her mom who is 48 has a bff who is a 17 year old dude!  Haha, everyone thinks this guy's sleeping with her mom, but mom insists that while she does love her bff, it's strictly platonic.  Lots of cute background pics and line sketches.  Everything smells of emo.  Super sensitive writings et al.  And almost as an aside she mentions that she just started making herself throw-up to lose weight.  WTF!?!  She devotes less than a page of this 'zine to this all kinds of fucked up disorder!  She then says she has stopped doing this...kinda'.  But, "food is calling my name."  Sad.  This little 'zine was done in 1994.  Lauren is about 33 now.  I wonder if she still loves hardcore and still pukes.  And sticking with the 1/4 size cute 'zines, I read issue #126 of "Chumpire" done by a dude named Greg.  This is a spit issue with "Raw Pogo On Scafold" #14.5.  Chumpire has been around for a long time and Greg's done many many issues, or at least he had by 1999, when this came out.  I remember this issue came with an awesome CD of mostly Japanese psychedelic music.  I loved that CD and listened to it all the time but it got stolen along with my other 899 CD's!!!  I'd put that CD in my discman, and then follow it up with that one weird CD from BIDDY'S LOVE MONKEY, a local band who I knew very little about except there was some weird psych instrumental mixed into an album of chugga-chugga mosh core.  I'm serious!  Anyhow I'm gonna' email Greg Chumpire right now to see if I can get some newer copies of the 'zine as well as that old CD comp.  I think he also included a compilation record especially made for a different issue of Chumpire, if I remember correctly.  This issue he includes a cool ABC of PA, name dropping bands, zines, record stores, etc from his home state. Cool.  The Raw Pogo...half is mostly reviews of Japanese music that I've never heard of.  Boring.
 I read a couple more things that I'll talk about tomorrow....."Liza & Louise" is a great song, even if NOFX suck these days.
  See you in the pit! 

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