Nick Cave, Nick Drake, Nick Lowe...

nick cave nick drake nick lowe low things we lost in the fire firestorm storm cloud cloud that band on genet records record collection urine collection criminal record record player player hater hate the player hate the game game over game face face to face face tomorrow mouthpiece piece by piece rest in pieces pieces on the ground wait now turn around pick those pieces off the ground ground work work horse horse the band the band the band the band we're an american band bandit bandits what a ditz the clash clash of interests lack of interest spazz lack of interest split split up split lip for the love of the wounded wounded jnee knee jerk reaction in your living room operation ivy lyrics rancid lyrics rancid vat vatican punk punks on parade bulls on parade parade rest that band on moo cow records that did a split seven inch with i forgot who who dunnit the who whosover belies in him shall not perish but have everlasting life life's halt halt right there there goes my girl girl friend thank you for being my friend thank you for being alive i thank you for the times you told me i'd be all right and for the times we talked all night thank you for being my friend thank you for being alive alive alive i'm too dead to be alive feels like i;m looking through dead man's eyes dead eyes under put out a ten inch record on plus minus minus the bear got their name from the movie bj and the bear and they said minus the bear so that means bj i was in j block with a black thug wanna be small time dope pusher and peddler named bj which is almost like aj and i have an old friend named aj who is in state prison and has been for a while and probably wii be for a while longer ;ong time jerk she hits me where it hurts that long time jerk time and time again that fabulous record from capture the flag from ann arbor ypsi detroit southeast michigan they put out two albums on conquer the world like the bad religion song ctw records is ok by me despite what others say and time and time again is an awesome record.

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