Nothing Left To Grasp s/t 7"

WOW!  What a great record!!!  From Germany and released in 1996.  Completely "90's emocore sounding band.  At times they sound like FRAIL or STILL LIFE.  For some reason I don't ever remember hearing of this band.  I could've easily seen their 7"s in a distro box at any number of hardcore shows in the late 90's.  And back then I was buying just about every single record in every single distro box.  Yeah, this is some great hardcorepunk.  Just found a split they did with KASSIOPEIA and their demo.  Here's a link to a blog called Make Friends With Time (couldn't agree more!) where there's a post about this band with a link to download what looks like their entire discography from mediafire: Make Friends With Time  As usual, there's nothing like finding or discovering new bands you never heard!  Especially when they kick ass! 
  OK, more resumes to send off....more on-line applications to fill out.  I even filled out apps at Wendy's & Tim Horton's when I was there yesterday.  They probably won't hire someone with a checkered past, but I'll give it a shot.

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