Ghoul's Night Out & God's Grace

This is the ghoul's night out
Suffer unto me
Devils born in angels' arms
Ghouls in heaven's fall
This is the ghoul's night out
All ghouls go to hell
Humans held on eating flesh
It's my destiny
 Hell is where you want to be
I feel the hell on you and me
I feel it every day
Hell is where you want to be
I feel the hell on you and me
It never goes away
Ghouls, ghouls, ghouls night out, destiny.
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 //Had a good night tonight!  Saw Cheryl and went to an "open talk" style AA mtg and listened to a kid-with-his-shit-together give a brief synopsis of how his life used to suck and how great God is in his life. Prayed vocally with a large group of friends, acquaintances, & strangers.  Wandered around a Meijer Superstore just like we did back in high school, sans the LSD.  Watched an episode of "House" and wondered how the hell this guy has and friends at all and is employed!  Cheryl & I agreed that his character is a douche bag, namely the way he treats everyone around him.  Yeah, this isn't a revelation or anything ground breaking to anyone who watches this show (which I did religiously, until I got religion) but just an observation that bears repeating.  "House" was or is insanely popular, and I do love the way they portray his addiction, as someone who has lived through that. It's accurate, though not realistic.  Which is my point, this dude would've been fired a long time ago, had his medical license yanked, lost all of his friends, and turned to giving head for heroin.  THEN, he'd make it into recovery from addiction, make some new friends, get his medical license back & get a job.  THAT would be more realistic.  Maybe I'll write more about this show another time.  It's worth it.  Speaking of things spiraling out of control.....later on in the evening I ran into a person I used to work with who has relapsed back in to her addiction. She was very drunk. She's got a new hair style and and breast implants, so I guess it's OK to get piss drunk now.  Oh well, all I can really do is pray for her and keep her in my thoughts!  "But for the grace of God go I..."//

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