Something Is Missing--

Checkin' in here, for anyone who may be reading. Friends, acquantences, lovers, and liars. Things have been going swell over the past two months. I'm working a lot these days--got a very good gig doing landscaping for 'R & J Lawn & Snow' out of Ann Arbor. We work all over Washtenaw county. Mainly in west A2, Dexter, Chelsea, and Ypsilanti. Mowing, weeding, edging, mulching, fall clean-up (well, not yet of course), and all things lawn & landscaping. I've been getting sunburned & tanned, sunburned & tanned, ad infinitum. Yes, it's a little hard trying to keep up with these 20-25 yr old kids, but I'm hanging in there! Beside's the money's really, really good! I've also lost 6 pounds since I started this job! Yay for me! God is good. He really is. But there's just something lacking in my life. Perhaps it's love. Yes. Love. Love. That four letter word....

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