JUDGE " Like You " Awesome song!

JUDGE played two reunion shows last Sat. & Sun. They played well & things sounded good. JUDGE will be playing "This Is Hardcore" fest this summer. Good for them. I'm very happy that they are playing shows again, and MAYBE writing new songs. Mike Judge alluded to that last Sat. during his show. We'll see how that pans out. Here's the song, "Like You." I love it. Guitar ballad intro, slower hardcore starts up, with Mike's rugged voice & kick-ass lyrics....YEAH BOY! Haha, enjoy the song! I'm dead dog fuckin' tired. Damn. Had to meet my boss at the corner of Jackson & Wagner in A2. That meant taking the #3 AATA bus to downtown A2, then transferring to the #9 for a ten minute ride to meet him. I jump in the truck & we hit the highway towards Ypsilanti. Turns out he had to drop off an invoice/bill to a customer. I said, "Boss! WTF?!? This is about two miles from my house, why the heck did I catch the bus all the way to the west side of A2 if you were gonna' be coming so close to Ypsi???" Boss goes, "oh. Yeah. Yeah I guess I could've." Haha, poor guy. He's a young kid, and he told me today his gf thought she might be preggers! Ah-ha! I *KNEW* he had something on his mind! I could tell! Anyhow, enough of that.....We cut, edged, & trimmed many, many properties today. Worked nine hours today. Usually Fridays will be 12+ hour days. But we got some stuff done yesterday, so we were all good today....


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