"The Most Holy Theotokos" by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo - Byzantine Seminary Press

Here's a quick link to a book I think will be interesting. I can never read or hear enough about the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, my Mother, & the Most Holy Theotokos. "Theotokos" is a Greek word that means, "bearer of God." In the Eastern Orthodox & Eastern Catholic churches, Mary is called Theotokos. I think it's a beautiful word! I will most likely order this book this week (last week of May), but I am already about sixty books in the hole. Meaning I have around sixty books on my shelves that I haven't even read yet! Yikes!!! OK everyone, remember to TRY to love on another & TRY to take care of one another. Peace.

>>The Most Holy Theotokos by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo (link to the Byzantine Seminary Press)

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