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I picked up several really, really good, short books recently:

"Anti-Semitism & the Babylonian Connection"  by Des Griffin

"Newspaper Control in America"  by R. Homan

These were two books being sold in a small, used bookstore, here in Ann Arbor, MI.   Not written nor published by "official" revisionist authors or any other radical group with an ax to grind from what I can discern so far.  I haven't done any research on the authors or books yet.  But trust me,  I will.  Thank goodness for the interwebz!!

The name Griffin reminds me that I got the new book by Greg Graffin, singer of BAD RELIGION.  Forgot the title but I read the first two dozen pages and it's engaging so far.  Griffin, Graffin.....blah blah blah.

Also got a new duplicate issue of The Barnes Review.  Cover story on the Hittites.  I love that mag / journal.  It smells good! LOL, but the paper & ink they use is of the highest quality.  I wonder how the heck they do it?  There aren't any ad's in it.
I received this weeks issue of American Free Press two days ago.  I plan on writing a little summary or at least a description of some of the key articles & columns from each issue.

 Many other great books, magazines, journals, and booklets on my reading list.  I'll post more this weekend.

And last but certainly not least, thank God that the little chica is OK.  I'm talking about Cheryl of course, and a tornado touched down in Dexter VERY close to her house.  WOW!!!  The sirens were blaring in town, streets were flash-flooded, and it was just generally chaotic.  I met up with her downtown and she was going to catch her bus back to Dexter, about 25 minutes away.  It had just begun hailing, and raining heavily.  Tornado warnings were officially issued, it was wild.  I went to grab some dinner and she texted me shortly thereafter that her neighborhood was in ruins but her house was OK.  So were her cats.  Thank God!!  :)

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