Interesting & Controversial Article from The Barnes Review on the Connection of the Jewish Race & Neanderthals


One of my favorite modern journals! Actually it's one of my all time favorite magazine/journals EVER! The level of honesty and the commitment to truth as the facts would have it is amazing. They are so not afraid of the Zionists or Jewish terrorists of the world. "Jewish terrorists?" Yes, I said it. Did you know a Jewish terror organization fire-bombed the headquarters of the Institute for Historical Review some 18 years ago? It was determined by police detectives and arson investigators that it was the work of Israeli backed Jewish gangsters & hate mongers. However, no charges were ever filed against them. Do you realize how difficult it would be to prosecute one of the wealthiest & well organized hate groups in the world? The ADL, the JDL, AIPAC, and other Israeli Talmudic Jewish hate groups own a little or a lot of almost everything on the planet, except The Barnes Review! Thank God! And I mean that literally! ♥

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