Fourth Plateau Adventure or Finding a Stigma in the Sigma:

Fourth Plateau Adventure or Finding a Stigma in the Sigma:

WOW!  I never really knew that dextromethporphan, commonly referred to DXM, could 
be such a powerful hallucinogenic / dissociative drug!  The more I read about it the more interested I become!  All of this talk about the second, third, and even fourth plateau's of tripping are deeply
interesting to me.  Even more so now that I read that one can use it to potentially get rid of a heroin or even Suboxone habit!  Incredible, though I've read about ibogaine as a "cure" for opiate addiction, and as a way to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and in some ways DXM is very similar to ibogaine. 
And now I'm even learning about the coveted "Sigma" plateau, waaaaay past the fourth plateau.
One user even said going to the Sigma cured him of his atheism.  That sounds about right, considering
that a deeply profound DXM trip is said to be a spiritual experience.  Notice I didn't say "like" a
spiritual experience, but an actual spiritual experience itself!  THAT, is how addicts can be cured of
the monkey on their backs.  Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous stated the AA 
members needed to have a spiritual awakening or spiritual experience to combat alcoholism.  He
certainly had a spiritual experience, albeit while high on opiates & tranquilizers and deep in the 
throws of alcohol withdrawal, hospitalized.  And heck, Bill W. even experimented with LSD, acid
two decades later, inviting his wife Lois to trip with him, as well as a non-alcoholic Catholic priest 
who's name eludes me right now.  I've been reading a non-AA printed book of Bill Wilson's life.
I guess I never really realized the extent of Wilson's LSD trials.  Most people who use drugs as a 
medication through trial & error, don't bring their wife & family priest along for the ride.  Modern
day AA members will state that Wilson was formally experimenting with LSD as a "sure" for the 
disease of alcoholism, a way to help fellow alcoholics who were struggling to get sober.  However
this book, which as I stated was printed outside the extended arms of the AA publishing family, goes
further in depth on this issue which has been a bone of contention since his experimenting in the 
late 1950's.
Where was I?  Oh yeah, off on a rampage as usual.  I'll get a thought in the middle of an earlier thought,
quickly analyze them both simultaneously in my strange brain, try to find a common thread, and 
then spit both thoughts back out together.  It's akin to writing with both your left hand and right hand at the same time...............Fourth plateau DXM trips.  Sigma.....Sigma.....Sigma.  I'm off to find new 
information about this "Sigma" plateau.  I'll post more later.  You know I always do.  :)

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