"The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel" by Jack Bernstein

 This is a book that was graciously posted to the website who used to publish
the paper version of it.  I've only read a part of it, but I back the other things
this publisher has done, so I posted this while I had the chance.


I am well aware of the tactics of you, my Zionist brethren, use to quiet anyone
who attempts to expose any of your subversive acts. If the person is a Gentile,
you cry, "You're anti-Semitic" which is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide
your actions.
But, if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, you resort to other tactics:
First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given in
widespread distribution.
If the information starts reaching too many people, you ridicule the
information and the persons giving the information.
If that doesn't work, your next step is character assassination. If the author
or speaker hasn't been involved in sufficient scandal, you are adept at
fabricating scandal against the person or persons.
If none of these are effective, you are know to resort to physical attacks.
But, NEVER do you try to prove the information wrong.
So, before you start your efforts to quote me, I offer this challenge:
You Zionists assemble a number of Zionist Jews and witnesses to support your
position; and I will assemble a like number of anti-Zionist, pro American Jews
and witnesses. Then, the Zionists and the Anti-Zionists will state their
position and debate the material in this book as well as related material - the
debate to be held on public television.
Let's explore the information and let the American people decide for themselves
if the information is true or false.
Certainly, you will willingly accept the challenge if what I have written is false.
But, if you resort to crying, "Lies, all lies", and refuse to debate the
material, you will, in effect, be telling the American people that what I have
written are the true facts. Jack Bernstein
This honest and courageous Jew was assassinated some years ago, by the MOSSAD. Before his death, he wrote a second book, that we recommend to every truth seeking persons, "MY FAREWELL TO ISRAEL, THORN OF THE MIDDLE EAST", By Jack Bernstein.
Before Israel became a state in 1948, Jews worldwide were filled with Zionist
propaganda that Israel would be a homeland for all Jews, a refuge for persecuted
Jews, a democratic country and the fulfilment of biblical prophecy.
I am an Ashkenazi Jew who spent the first 25 years of my life in the United
States, the country that has given ALL Jews freedom and the opportunity to prosper - and prosper we Jews did, to the point that one portion of the Jews
(the Zionists) have gained a position of political and economic dominance in the U.S.
To fully understand the story I am about to tell, it is important that you
understand what Zionism really is. Zionist propaganda has led the American
people to believe that Zionism and Judaism are one and the same and that they
are religious in nature. THIS IS A BLATANT LIE.
Judaism is a religion; but Zionism is a political movement started mainly by
East European (Ashkenazi) Jews who for centuries have been the main force behind
communism/socialism. The ultimate goal of the Zionists is one ONE-WORLD
Communism/socialism are merely tools to help them accomplish their goal.
After the 1967 War, we Jews were filled with pride that 'our homeland' had
become so powerful and successful. Then too, we had been filled with the false
propaganda that Jews in America were being persecuted.
So, between 1967 and 1970 approximately 50.000 American Jews fell for this
Zionist propaganda and migrated to Israel. I was one of those SUCKERS.
After being filled with all this false Zionist propaganda, I felt that I would
have a better chance to succeed in the new Jewish state. There was an added
enticement - the spirit and challenge of pioneering and of helping my fellow
I had no emotional conflict with leaving the U.S. because I was still able to
keep my U.S. citizenship and could return to the U.S. at any time.
You see, Jews are allowed to be citizens of both Israel and some countries -
U.S. is one of those countries. The U.S. government allows a Jew to be a citizen
of both U.S. AND ISRAEL.
German Americans cannot be citizens of both the U.S. and Germany.
Italian Americans cannot be citizen of both U.S. and Italy. Egyptian- Americans
cannot be citizens of both the U.S. and Egypt.....BUT, a Jewish American can be
a citizen of both Israel and the U.S.
Before leaving for Israel, a Jewish friend of mine had made arrangements for me
to stay a few days with her sister, Fawzia Daboul and her spinster aunt. After
arriving at Lod Airport just outside of Tel Aviv, I took a bus to the home of
Miss Daboul and her aunt. When I saw Fawzia, it was love at first sight. I
started calling her 'Ziva' her Hebrew name. Ziva is a Sephardic Jewess from Iraq
who, like myself, had fallen for the Zionist propaganda and had migrated to
Israel. She was employed as a hairdresser.
After visiting with Ziva and her aunt for two days, I left to spend 6 months at
Kibbutz 'Ein Hashofet' one of the well over 150 such communes then operating in
Israel. Since then, many more have been started - especially in the territory
taken from the Palestinian Arabs. A kibbutz is a farming and sometimes
industrial venture. It is important to explain that Israel's Kibbutz system is a
Marxist idea brought to Israel by the Ashkenazi Jews who migrated to Israel
mainly from Poland and Russia.
These Jews are part of that bunch of Jews know as the BOLSHEVIKS. Before 1917,
they were the force that laid the foundation for the Bolshevik Revolution of
1917 in Russia and the start of Communism.
Again, I want to point out, even emphasize, that it is some of that same bunch
of Ashkenazi, Communist/Socialist Jews who migrated to Israel, gained control of
the Zionist Movement and have dominated the government of Israel since its
beginning in 1948.
Now, back to the kibbutz -
Prior to 1967, most of the work on the Kibbutz was done by Jews. But, since the
1967 War, the work has been done by Arabs who are paid a very low wage, and by
volunteers from overseas. Members of the Kibbutz (all Jews) share all things
equally. They receive clothing,
food and a small allowance. All profits from the venture go into the Kibbutz
in was not hard-core communist. Yet, I was happy to leave after 4 months - two
months earlier than originally planned. During the time I was working in the
Kibbutz, I carried on courtship with Ziva. She was one of the reasons I left the
Kibbutz after only 4 months - we were to be married.
The marriage ceremony was held in the Sephardic Synagogue. The ceremony was
simple but beautiful. Ziva and I were happy, but our marriage created serious
problems. You see, Ziva is a Sephardic Jewess and I am an Ashkenazi Jew. For an
Ashkenazi Jew to marry a Sephardic
Jew is frowned upon in Israel by the ruling AshkenaziÆs. To understand why this
is the case, you must realize the difference between the Sephardic and Ashkenazi
The powerful Zionist propaganda machine has led the American people to believe
that a Jew is a Jew - one race of people and that they are "God's Chosen
People". I will deal with the "God's Chosen People" LIE later. First, it is
important for you to understand that Jews are NOT a race of people.
There are two distinct groups of Jews in the world and they come from two
different areas of the world - the Sephardic Jews from the Middle East and North
Africa and the Ashkenazi Jews come from Eastern Europe.
The Sephardic is the oldest group and it is they, if any, who are the Jews
described in the Bible because they lived in the area described in the Bible.
They are blood relatives to the Arabs - the only difference between them is the
The Ashkenazi Jews, who now compromise 90% of the Jews in the world, had a
rather strange beginning. According to historians, many of them Jewish, the
Ashkenazi Jews came into existence about 1200 years ago. It happened this way:
At the eastern edge of Europe, there lived a tribe of people know as the
Khazars. About the year 740 A.D., the Khazar king and his court decided they
should adopt a religion for their people. So, representatives of the three major
religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, were invited to present their
religious doctrines. The Khazars chose Judaism, but it wasn't for religious
reasons. If the Khazars had chosen Islam, they would have angered the strong
Christian world. If they had chosen Christianity, they would have angered the
strong Islamic world. So, they played it safe - they chose Judaism. It wasn't
for religious reasons the Khazars
chose Judaism; it was for political reasons.
Sometime during the 13th century, the Khazars were driven from their land and
they migrated westward with most of them settling in Poland and Russia. These
Khazars are now known as Ashkenazi Jews. Because these Khazar Ashkenazi Jews
merely chose Judaism, they are not really Jews - at least not blood Jews.
Throughout their history, these Polish and Russian Ashkenazi Jews practiced
communism /socialism and worked to have their ideas implemented in these
By the late 1800's significant numbers of these communist/socialist Jews were
found in Germany, the Balkans and eventually all over Europe.
Because of their interference in the social and governmental affairs of Russia,
they became the target of persecution by the Czars. Because of this, migration
of these communist/
socialist oriented Jews began. Some went to Palestine; some to Central and South
America; and a large number of them came to the U.S.
In 1897, the First Zionist Congress was held in Basle, Switzerland. At this
Congress, it was decided to work toward the establishment of a Jewish state and
a search for land on which to build this Jewish state began. Great Britain
offered the Zionists land in Africa. This the Zionists
At the time, Palestine was inhabited by a half a million Palestinian Arabs and a
few Palestinian Jews who are blood related and who had lived together in peace
for centuries. With Palestine as their choice for a homeland, European Ashkenazi
Jews began migrating to Palestine. As I explained earlier, most were
communist/socialist oriented with some of
them being radical Bolshevik communists whose aim is world domination.
So when you think of Jews, especially as related to Israel, keep in mind that
there is a great difference between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews. They are not
one united people. They are divided socially, politically and especially
Now, back to Ziva, a Sephardic Jewess and I an Ashkenazi Jew, and our lives in
the so-called democratic country of Israel.
For the first three years of our marriage, it was necessary for us to live with
Ziva's aunt. This was because of the critical housing shortage in Israel and
because of racism. Housing is allotted as follows:
* Ashkenazi Jews who have lived in Israel for many years are given first choice.
* Second in line are Ashkenazi Jews from Europe - especially if they are
married or marry an
Israeli born Ashkenazi Jew.
* The next favoured are Ashkenazi Jews from the U.S. - especially if they marry
an Israeli born
* Sephardic Jews have the next choice of whatever housing is left.
* At the bottom of the list are Moslems, Druze and Christians.
Opportunities for employment follow the same pattern:
Ashkenazi Jews get the choicest jobs, Sephardic Jews next, and Moslem, Druze and
Christians fill the menial jobs with a great many left unemployed.
Even through I was an Ashkenazi Jew from the U.S., I was placed lower on the
list for housing because I married a Sephardic Jewess.
Being denied housing was my second experience of the intense racism that exist
in Israel. From the very beginning of my arrival in Israel, many slurs were
yelled at me. We American Jews were merely being tolerated.
Because Israel, to survive, must depend on gifts of American Jews and sale of
worthless Israeli Bonds in America, there is jealousy among the elite Israeli
Ashkenazi Jews toward American Jews, even if the American Jews are also
Ashkenazi. Many times I was told, "Go Home!" and, "We want your money, but not
However, there was a portion of the American Jews who were welcome and given
favored treatment. They were the card-carrying communist Jews. Of the 50.000
American Jews who, like myself, had migrated to Israel between 1967 and 1970
about 20% (10.000) of them were Marxist oriented with a great number of them
actual card carrying communists.
They were welcomed by the Israeli authorities and local Ashkenazi and were given
favored treatment - housing, jobs and social life. It must be noted besides
coming from the U.S., a great number of communist Jews were migrating to Israel
from Chile, Argentina and South Africa.
Of the 50.000 who had migrated to Israel during that time, 80% of us eventually
returned to the U.S. The 20% who remained were those who were card-carrying
communist or sympathetic to Marxism.
From what I have told you so far, you must have the idea that Israel is a
Marxist (socialist/communist) country. This would be correct. But, Israel has
three faces: communism, Fascism and democracy.
The Ashkenazi Jews who migrated to Israel from Russia brought with them the
ideology of socialism/communism and have put into practice much of that
The Ashkenazi Jews who migrated to Israel from Germany, while sympathetic to
communism and support it, tend to favour the practices of Nazi-style fascism.
During World War II, in Germany these elite Zionist Ashkenazi Jews worked
closely with Hitler's Gestapo in persecuting the lower class German Jews and
delivering them to concentration camps.
Now living in Israel, these elite Zionist Jews, who were well trained in
Nazi-style fascism and favour it, have imposed many facets of fascism on Israel.
To give the impression that Israel is a democracy, members of the Knesset
(Israel Congress) are elected - an odd type of election.
This is where Israel's so-called democracy stops. It doesnÆt make any difference
which party wins an election, the LIKUD or LABOR, the elite Zionist Jews rule in
a dictatorial manner - giving favours to the elite clique and brutally suppressing any dissent.
In the Zionist/communist scheme of world domination, it is Israel's role to
continually stir up trouble in the Mideast. Since wars are a big part of this
scheme of aggression, it is only natural that from early childhood on, Israeli
youth are trained mentally and physically for war. For instance:
Israel has its equivalent of Hitler's youth group. It is the GADNA; and all high
school and junior high students are required to participate - boys and girls.
Like Hitler's youth group, the youth in Israel's Gadna are dressed in khaki
uniforms. They take training and engage in para-military exercises.
Even at play, guns and thoughts of war are present. When on a picnic, instead of
taking along baseball or soccer equipment, they take sub-machine guns and
assault rifles and practice shooting and playing military games.
Once graduated from high school, all young boys are required to serve 3 years in
the army (2 years for girls) or 4 years in the navy or air force (3 for girls).
Ultra-orthodox religious Jews are exempt from military service.
Once out of the service, a number of the ex-service people join the Shin Bet,
the equivalent of Hitler's GESTAPO. Like the Gestapo, they engage in repressing
anyone who acts or speaks out against the Marxist/Fascist government of Zionist
dominated Israel.
Like in Nazi Germany, all people in Israel are required to carry identity
booklets called "Teudat Zehut" in Hebrew. One day I changed jackets and forgot
to take out my ID booklet when I went down town in Tel Aviv. A police officer
approached me and asked for my "Teudat Zehut". I told him I had left it in my
other jacket. Because I didn't have my ID booklet with me, I was taken to the
police station. At the police station, the desk sergeant informed me that for
not having my ID booklet with me, I could be jailed for up to 16 days without
even being taken before a judge. All that was necessary is for the Police
Lieutenant to sign a "Remand Order".
I asked permission to make a telephone call to my wife and tell her to bring my
ID booklet to the station. The sergeant allowed me two hours to have my "Teudat
Zehut" produced. I called my wife and she brought my "Teudat Zehut" - arriving
just minutes before the 2 hour deadline
expired. If she had been late in arriving, I would have been jailed for 16 days
for not having my ID booklet with me. his is just one indication that Israel is
a 'Police State' and not a democracy.
Concerning Nazism/Fascism, please let me clear a point. Germans are an admirable
people - I dare say even great. But in Germany, the general population were
victims of the Nazis who through cunning and brutality gained power. In Germany,
the average Jews were victims
of the Zionist elite who worked hand in hand with the Nazis. Many of those same
Zionist Jews who, in Germany, had worked with the Nazis, came to Israel and
joined hands with the Zionist/Communist Jews from Poland and Russia. It is the
two faces of communism and Nazi-style fascism that rule Israel. Democracy is
merely an illusion.
Regarding the tie between the elite Ashkenazi Jew and the Nazis, take a look at
the word 'Ashkenazi' - look again - 'Ashke-NAZI'.
Interesting isn't it?
There is a great confusion regarding the relationship of fascism to communism.
Fascism is national socialism. Communism is international socialism.
Economically, Israel is bankrupt. Of course, this could have been predicted
because Israel's economic structure is based on socialism.
Whenever a government of a state and its citizens spend more money than the
value of the goods produced, economic bankruptcy will result.
If it were not for aid from America, Israel's economy would have collapsed long
ago. Israel is a 'welfare state' in every sense of the word - it is America's
most favoured welfare recipient.
While America's farmers, small businessmen and labourers are struggling to
survive, the U.S. Government, dominated by Zionist Jews, are draining the
pockets and purses of American taxpayers to support Israel's socialist economy
and war machine.
Since the Israeli government knows, and the favored Zionists know, that the
Zionist pressure in America will ensure that America will keep sending them
massive amounts of money, the Israel's government and its favoured citizens
spend money like drunken sailors. This practice leads to inflation and
eventually to an economic collapse. Comparing Israel to drunken sailors is
unfair to sailors. Sailors spend their OWN money - Israel spends money it gets
from America.
Because Israel is a welfare state depending mainly on American aid for
survival, it is on a down-hill slide. In 1982, Israel's inflation rate was 130%.
In 1983, it was 200%, and this year (1984) it is expected to exceed 400%. That
means a hamburger that cost $ 1.00 last January
will have risen to $ 5.00 by the end of December. History shows that no nation
mired in economic problems as Israel has become, has ever avoided an economic
collapse. Only with a massive increase in American financial aid can an economic
collapse be averted - even then, this solution would only be temporary.
Regarding the destructive tendencies of socialism, there are circumstances that allow a country to successfully provide social programs to help its people. It is possible in a country that has sufficient financial resource and where its citizens are deeply religious and considerate their fellowmen.
NONE of this exists in Israel. Even in countries where conditions are ideal there lingers a danger - Since the government of the country provides for the needs of its citizens, most of these citizens have a tendency to lose incentive to work hard; and a country with a complacent citizenry is easily conquered.
Tourism is one of Israel's main sources of income. The largest group of visitors
are American Jews. But, there are also many American Christians who want to
visit the holy shrines and to see the land of 'God's Chosen People'. These
Christians come away very impressed and filled with religious fervor.
While in Israel, Jews and Gentiles alike are carefully watched so that they do
not stray and happen to see the sordid side of Israel - the true Israel.
Like in Soviet Russia and other communist countries, visitor to Israel are taken
on carefully planned guided tours. They are shown the religious sites, the
universities, the lush orchards, the technical accomplishments,
the arts, and to stir sympathy, they are taken to visit the Holocaust Museum.
But, kept from the eyes of the tourists are the ghettos, the prisons where
political prisoners, mostly Arabs and Sephardic Jews, are subjected to the most
inhumane forms of torture. The tourists do not see
the widespread crime activities and the corruption and cooperation between
organized crime bosses and government and police officials.
The tourists do not learn of the true inner workings of Israel's Marxist/Fascist
government; nor do they see Israel's Racism.
I met one American tourist who couldn't help telling me about the wonderful
religious feeling she had from just being in Israel - the Holy Land. I remarked
to her, "Just try giving to a local Jew and you will see how much religion and
religious freedom there is in Israel. If seen by the police, you will be arrested.
Regarding the Holocaust Museum, I cannot help but comment:
1. If the Zionist leadership in Germany had not cooperated with the Nazis.
2. If the Zionists, world-wide, had not persuaded various countries to refuse to
accept Jews from Germany. The Zionists in America persuaded President Roosevelt
to shut the door and not allow Jewish refugees into America before the war when
there was still a chance for Jews to leave Germany.
* It must be added that many people, including Jews, question whether the
Holocaust happened as portrayed by the Zionist propagandists - at least not to
the extent the Zionist claim.
The land on which the present state of Israel has been built, formerly
Palestine, was once walked upon by Moses, Jesus and Muhammed.
Since Palestine was the site of many religious events and has many religious
site, it is rightfully referred to as the Holy Land. So, one would think that
Palestine, now Israel, would tend to have an air of holiness about it. When
Palestinian Moslems and Palestinian Jews
occupied Palestine, there was a religious aura. But, since the Zionists took
over the area and set up the state of Israel, it is one of the most sinful
nations in the world where only 5% of the Jews are religious.
It is interesting to note that who are strongly religious are Arab Moslems and
Arab Christians who make up a small minority in Israel.
Israeli laws suppress all religion - For instance, it is against the law to try
and convert a Jew to another religion even if the Jew is an atheist or humanist.
A Christian is permitted to preach the gospel in a church building, but for the
clergy or anyone to even tell anyone about teachings in Bible outside the church
building will bring a 5 years prison sentence. For a Christian to give a Bible
or religious article to a Jew will also bring
a 5 years sentence. Even an act of kindness by a Christian toward a Jew, such as
giving a gift of food, can be interpreted as trying to convert the Jew to
Christianity and can bring a 5 year prison sentence.
This same law of religious suppression applies to those of the Islamic faith who
in an act of kindness give a gift of any kind to a Jew. A 5 year prison sentence
can result.
The treatment of religious Jews is touchy for the ruling Zionists. World-wide,
Jews and non-Jews view Israel as a land where Jews may practice their religion
without persecution. Therefore, the Zionists do not dare risk suppressing
Judaism for fear of arousing world opinion against them. So, the ruling Zionists
merely tolerate the religious practices of the small
minority of religious Jews in Israel.
The American people have been led to believe that Jews are "God's Chosen
People". This myth was started by a small group of Jews.
A few Jewish leaders took excerpts from the Bible and interpreted them as
"Chosen People". But, isn't it odd that it is not the religious Jews who claim
to be "God's Chosen People". It is the atheistic non-believing Jews who claim
that honour.
Leading the cry, "We are God's Chosen People" are the Zionist/Marxist
(Ashkenazi) Jews who for political purposes chose Judaism and who don't have a
drop of biblical Jewish blood in them.
One Israeli religious Jew said it well, "At one time we Jews were chosen by God
to be his messengers. But, long ago we forfeited that right".
Anyone who has read the Bible with an open mind knows that God gave Jews of that
time special favors. But, it was in the form of covenants. In these covenants
were conditions - the conditions were that God demanded the Jews obey his word.
Time after time the Jews broke the covenants. They rejected God and turned to
adoring mammon. It doesn't take a biblical scholar to realize that long ago even
the real Jews lost the right of being God's chosen people. In comparing the
degree to which the followers of the 3 major religions practice their beliefs, I
make this observation:
Judaism - Few Jews, Sephardic or Ashkenazi, are religious. This is true in
America, in Israel and world-wide.
Christianity - The Christians religion has felt the influence of Jewish meddling
and infiltration (especially in America) resulting in confusion and bickering
between the various Christian denominations. This has led to a "luke-war"
attitude among most Christians toward their religion. There is evidence to prove
that Jews, or one of their many fronts, have started many of the Christian
denominations and thus dominate doctrine.
Islam - Moslems, who follow the teachings of Islam, are by far the most fervent
of the 3 major religions in followings their religious beliefs.
The Judeo-Christian ethic we hear so much about in America is a big joke - the
result of an intense Zionist propaganda campaign.
I'll toss in one last thought about the "God's Chosen People" myth:
God said, 'Beware of those who call themselves Jews and are not, for they lie'.
Could it be the Ashkenazi Jews are the people to whom God was referring?
In the Holy land, it would seem that there would be peace. Instead, war and
preparation for war is ever present.
The Israeli military machine is recognized as the fourth most powerful in the
world. From the standpoint of the amount of planes, tanks and other fighting
equipment, plus the fact that it is of the latest design, does make the military
machine of Israel very powerful. But, in the army, serious weaknesses have
developed. Before exploring the weaknesses of Israel's army, let's briefly
review each of the wars in which Israel has been involved - an average of one
every 8 years since it became a state in 1948.
1948 War - Just after Israel had declared itself a state, Palestinians and other
Arabs attacked the Israeli Army which had been formed out of the terrorist
groups, the Irgun and Stern Gang. The reason for the attack by Palestinian was
to try and regain their homes which, through murder and terrorism, the Zionists
had confiscated. The Palestinians had been a peaceful people and were not
trained in the art of warfare, while the Ashkenazi Zionist Jews who had migrated
from Soviet Russia, Poland and Germany had more knowledge of tactical warfare.
In addition, Zionists had built up a large amount of arms which they had
purchased from the U.S. and communist countries and had illegally smuggled into
the area. The Arabs were defeated and in the progress, Israel conquered more
Palestinian territory.
1956 - Egypt owned the land through which the Suez Canal flows. Egypt's
President Nasser declared his intention of taken over operation of the canal
from England. This would have hurt England's colonial empire. So, England along
with France and Israel conspired to attack
Egypt. With Egypt nearly subdued, America's President Eisenhower stepped in and
ordered England, France and Israel to withdraw. At the time, the United States
was still militarily strong enough to back Eisenhower's order, so England,
France and Israel did withdraw. This
was the only time during U.S.-Israeli relations that a U.S. president put the
interests of America ahead of Israel's interest.
1967 War - Tension was mounting between Egypt and Israel over territory located
between the two countries - the Sinai and Gaza Strip. To help Israel get an
unfair advantage, the Soviet Union resorted to trickery: Soviet diplomats in
Egypt told President Nasser to threaten war but not attack. Then Soviet
diplomats told Israel's leaders to threaten war and then go ahead and attack.
This act of treachery enabled Israel to attack while Egypt was 'off-guard' and
destroy Egypt's military capacity in 6 days. It has been the goal of Israel's
leaders to take over all the land between the Nile and Euphrates Rivers.
Besides the Sinai and Gaza Strip which Israel intended to take from Egypt during
the war, they desired the West Bank which was part of Jordan, and the Golan
Heights which was part of Syria. So during the 1967 War, Israel resorted to
trickery. Israel had the technical equipment to intercept radio messages and
change these messages (boil them) and them send them on to their destination.
During the war, Israel intercepted messages from Egypt to Jordan and Syria and
changed the messages, tricking Jordan and Syria into entering the war. The Arab
countries were defeated and Israel took a big step toward it's goal of conquest
by occupying the Golan Heights and the West Bank as well as the Sinai and Gaza
Strip. Even though Israel's attack on Egypt is called the 1967 War and often
referred to as the six-day War, it can hardly be called a war. Egypt, the most
powerful Arab nation at that time, didn't have a chance to fight. Trickery on
the part of the Soviet Union and Israel as I have explained, rendered the
so-called 1967 War nothing more than a treacherous act of terrorism for which
the Soviets and Israel are famous.
During the 1967 War, one of the most daring acts of treachery was committed. It
was the attack on an American ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, by America's so-called
friend, Israel.
During Israel's treacherous attack on Egypt, the U.S.S. Liberty, an American
surveillance ship, was cruising off the coast of Israel monitoring the progress
of the attack.
Realizing the U.S.S. Liberty was learning and recording Israel's acts of
treachery, Israeli leaders decided to 'Get Rid' of the evidence. Israeli planes
and torpedo boats attacked Liberty with the obvious intent of sinking it. If the
ship was sunk, thus destroying the evidence, Israel then could blame Egypt for
the attack - and the Zionist controlled newsmedia in America would have given
the lie as fact with the intent of turning the American people against Egypt.
But, fortunately - Bravery on the part of the Liberty crew kept the ship afloat.
Israel failed in its act of treachery against America, its ally, but during the
attack, Israel killed 34 crew members of the Liberty and wounded 171.
Israel claimed the attack on the Liberty was a case of mistaken identity. But,
reports by the surviving crew and other evidence prove the attack by Israel
Facts about the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty were conveniently omitted by the
Zionists controlled American news-media. All that the Zionists told the American
people war that Israel had sunk an American ship, but that it was a case of
mistaken identity.
An investigation by the U.S. Government was subdued and the matter quickly
forgotten. This is a good example of the tremendous influence the Zionists have
over the U.S. Government.
The cover-up of the whole scandalous affair by the U.S. Government could not
have succeeded if the news-media had done its duty and reported the facts
surrounding the attack. It is a good example of the power the Zionist controlled
news-media in America to distort or with hold important news from the American
1973 War - The treachery on the part of Israel and the Soviets that led to the
1967 War embittered the Arab people and immediately they began arming with the
intent of retaliating for this Israeli treachery and to try and take back the
land that Israel had taken from them.
By 1973 they were prepared. Even though several Arab countries were preparing
militarily, they were trying to peacefully work out a solution with Israel. But,
Israel was assured that their Zionist brethren in America would use their power
over the U.S. Government to make sure that the U.S. would support Israel. So,
Israel's leaders continued to maintain a belligerent attitude.
Realizing the hopelessness of further negotiating with Israel's leaders, Egypt
along with Jordan, Syria and Iraq attacked Israel - and they were winning. With
Israel facing defeat, the powerful Zionists in America pulled the strings of
their power over the U.S. Government and the U.S. Government officials obeyed
their Zionist masters. Massive amounts of U.S. military equipment and arms were
airlifted at taxpayer's expense to Israel to bolster the retreating Israeli
This U.S. aid enabled Israel to turn the tide and emerge victorious. Yes, Israel
was saved, but so much U.S. military equipment was airlifted to Israel at that
time that the U.S. armed forces were left in short supply and in a weakened
U.S. Government officials are so much under the influence of the Zionists that
they had alerted the 82nd Airborne Division stationed at Ft. Bragg, N.C. and
U.S. troops stationed in Germany for the purpose of being sent to aid Israel, if
It is pretty sad that to please the Zionist power in America, U.S. Government
officials are willing to sacrifice the lives of American boys to save
Zionist/Marxist Israel.
Young men already in the U.S. armed forces and their parents, grandparents,
brothers and sisters should especially be concerned about Israeli precipitated
wars and attempts to involve the U.S. in these wars, because if necessary, to
save Israel in one of their acts of aggression, the U.S. Government will bow to
the American Zionists and send American boys into combat - the boys will have no
choice but to fight on the side of Zionist/Marxist Israel.
At this point, you may be confused, Israel and the Soviets are ideological- both
follow the ideas of Karl Marx, so both are communist/socialist. Yet, the Soviets
supplied military equipment to the Arabs - Israel's enemies; and at the same
time, the Soviet Union's enemy, the United States, was arming Israel.
To understand the treachery which Zionist/Bolshevik Jews are capable and to
understand the treachery which took place before and during the 1973 War, I must
explain the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle. To do so, it is necessary to go
back a few years in history. A heavy migration of Jews from Russia to America
started in 1881. Most of these communist/Bolshevik Jews settled in New York City
that New York has been referred to as 'Moscow on the Hudson'.
It has been pointed out, and with good reason, that decisions regarding
communist policies come not from Moscow, but from New York City. Whether this is
a fact or not is immaterial. What is important is the fact that there is a close
tie between the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews in New York City and the
Zionist/Bolshevik Jews in Moscow, and extending to include the Zionist/Bolshevik
Jews who dominate Israel's government.
The Zionist power over the U.S. Government in Washington, D.C. stems from the
Zionist/Bolsheviks centered in New York City. It is from New York that orders go
out to the waste Zionist network all over the U.S. -
a network that influences the economic and political affairs of not only our
federal government, but nearly all, if not all, state government, and to a great
extent the governments of the larger and even medium sized cities.
This power of the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews over the U.S. makes the New York leg of
the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle a tremendous influence over communist
In viewing the 1973 War, most people and it seems most Arabs are of the
impression that since Soviet Russia sold equipment to Egypt and other Arab
countries, the Soviets were in support of the Arabs of the Arabs in the 1973
War. This is a false impression. To understand that this is the result of more
deceit on the part of Israel and the Soviet Union, you must be aware of Golda
Meir - Stalin/Kaganovich Pact.
Golda Meir had been born in Russia, grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in 1921
migrated to Israel. In 1949, Golda Meir became Israel's first ambassador to the
Soviet Union. Representing Israel, Ambassador Golda Meir, a Bolshevik Jewess,
met with two representatives of the Soviet Union: Kaganovich, a Bolshevik Jew
and Stalin who married a Bolshevik Jewess. They made a secret agreement - a
1. Israel would not allow any Western country, especially the U.S. to build
military bases on Israelis territory.
2. Israel would allow an official communist party to function freely in Israel.
3. Israel would not make any agreement to solve the Palestinian problem.
4. Israel would influence world Jewry, especially in the U.S. to have Western
powers adopt a policy of favoring Israel over the Arabs.
5. Israel was to continue its Marxist economic policies and prevent any
free-enterprise tendencies.
1. The Soviets would institute a pro-Arab policy solely as a camouflage for its
true intentions which was to furnish aid to the Arabs, but never enough to
enable the Arabs to destroy Israel.
2. The Soviets would open the gates of Soviet satellite countries to Jewish
immigration to Israel. Should this be insufficient, Soviet Russia then would
open its own gates to emigration.
3. The Soviets would absolutely guarantee the security of Israel.
** Both the Soviet Union and Israel would exchange intelligence reports.
From the terms of this pact, you can see it was, and still is, the aim of the
Soviet Union and Zionist/Marxist Israel to prevent peace between the Arab
countries and Israel until all the Arab countries are forced to adopt socialism
under Soviet leadership.
In the conduct of the 1973 War you can see part of this deceitful agreement
being utilized - in particular the part about the Soviet Union helping the Arabs
- but not helping enough to defeat Israel.
In planning the 1967 War, Israel was aware that the Arab countries bordering
Israel were buying equipment from the Soviets, an Israeli ally. But, because of
Golda Meir - Stalin/Kaganovich Pact, Israeli leaders knew the Soviets would not
help the Arabs enough to defeat Israel - that the aid the Soviets were giving
the Arabs was only 'bait' to draw the Arab countries into the Soviet trap. Also,
Israeli leaders knew that their American Zionist brethren were making sure the
U.S. Government was supplying enough arms to stop the Arabs; and would send more
equipment, even troops if necessary. When the 1973 War started, Jordan, Egypt,
Syria and Iraq surprised Israel with their improved fighting capability. The
Egyptian Army faced what would seem an impossible task in its attempt to
penetrate Israeli territory. First, there was the water barrier, the Suez Canal,
to cross. Then, they would face a high wall of sand and fine dust which was
erected by Israel. Behind that wall was a third barrier - a line of Israeli
fortifications. These fortifications were stronger than the Maginot Line erected
by France before World War II to stop any German invasion of France.
Yet, by ingenuity, the Egyptian Army crossed the Suez Canal, went over the sand
and dust barrier and broke through the heavy fortifications in a matter of few
hours. Israeli was in trouble; the Arabs were winning the war. But, as
pre-planned - if necessary, the U.S. airlifted huge amounts of military
equipment and supplies to Israel and, as I mentioned before, the U.S. Airborne
Division at Ft. Bragg, N.C. and U.S. troops stationed in Germany were placed on
alert and would have been sent to help the Israeli forces if it became necessary
to help Israel win the war. Fortunately for America, American troops weren't
needed to help Israel survive.
The additional arms were enough. However, the Arabs forces were strong enough to
stop Israel from taking over more Arab land. In fact, Egypt was able to take
back part of the Sinai.
Egypt's President Sadat realized that the Soviets had no intention of helping
the Arabs win the war; that the Soviets in selling them some equipment were only
trying to trap Egypt in the Soviet net. So, Sadat kicked Soviet military
advisors and civilian technicians out of Egypt.
In Israel, most Jews have become tired of Israel's involvement in war and
aggressive acts and want peace. It is only the communist faction that wants war.
Sadly, it is these communists who are in power in Israel. The 1982 attack into
Lebanon by Israel further divided the Jewish population of Israel - even within
the more militant Zionist Jews there is a split.
The reason given by Israeli leaders for the attack into Lebanon was 'to root out
the Palestine Liberation Army (PLO) and stop their terrorist attack into Israel.
Many Israeli's have dared speak out and condemn this reason as false. They have
pointed out that in an effort to achieve peace with Israel, the P.L.O. had for
11 months refrained from making any attacks on Israel.
The real reasons for Israel's attack into Lebanon were:
1. It is the intention of Israel's Zionist/Marxist leaders to carry on perpetual
war. The attack into Lebanon was merely another phase of Israel's 'wars of
aggression' policy.
2. Water is scarce in the Mideast, especially in Israel. Ever since Israel
became a state, it has wanted the waters of the Litani River for use in Israel,
and the only way they could get it was to go in and take it militarily. Israeli
leaders and the general population figured the war would last only a few days.
But, the Palestinians and other Arabs fought heroically against the Israeli
invaders who had far superior equipment. As the months passed without victory,
and as more Israeli soldiers were brought home and buried, dissent within Israel
spread. In the Israeli military forces, many members resigned or refused to
carry out orders because it would have meant killing innocent civilians. The
death of the 250 Marines serving in Lebanon has been blamed on the Arabs. This
is as it had been reported by the Zionist controlled news-media in America. But,
this has not been proven! In fact, reliable reports coming out of Lebanon
indicate the terrorist attack on the American marine base was planned by Israeli
military personnel or the Mossad, Israel's secret service.
In that case, who actually carried out the attack is - immaterial - Israeli
personnel planned and instigated the attack. It is common practice for the
Zionist/Marxists to plan a covert act and then get someone else to do the dirty
work. By instigating the attack on the marine base, the Israeli 'War Hawks' had
hoped the attack would turn the American people against the Arabs and that
America could be drawn into the war and further help Israel in its aggression
against the Arabs.
Fortunately, the American people didn't fall for the trap. A good example of how
the Zionists will commit an act of terrorism with the thought of someone else
being blamed is the Lavon Affair. I 1954 a group of Israeli's set off a series
of bombings of American institutions in Egypt including the American Embassy.
They expected that Egypt would be blamed for the bombings and cause a break in
U.S.-Egyptian relations. Fortunately, Egyptian authorities caught the Israeli
agents in the act of setting one of the bombs and the whole Israeli plot was
Most Americans are not aware of the treacherous Lavon Affair because the Zionist
controlled U.S. news-media failed to report it; just as they failed to report
the facts surrounding the Israeli shelling of the U.S.S. Liberty.
When will Israel stir up another war - 1985? 1986? It is difficult to predict,
but it is certain that Israel will cause another war - UNLESS the American
people learn the truth about Zionist/Marxist Israel and act to stop the
politicians in Washington from bowing to the American Zionists and stop using
American taxpayer's money to finance Israel's war machine.
There is no doubt that Israel has a powerful military force. The base of
Israel's military power is the massive amounts of the latest equipment supplied
by the U.S. and paid for by the American taxpayers.
But serious weaknesses have developed in Israel's military. It is in the makeup
of the personnel that weaknesses emerge. This is due to two main reasons:
1. Because Israel has continuously been involved in war or preparing for war,
the cream of Israel's youth are leaving Israel or they find some excuse to not
serve in the armed forces. The Israeli Army is so short of manpower that is
openly recruiting homosexuals of which Israel has an abundant supply. In 1976 an
Israeli army officer testifying before the Knesset (Israel's Congress) said in
effect, if we do not recruit homosexuals, e will not have enough manpower to
fill the ranks. Also, it has been learned that Israel has had to resort to
hiring foreign mercenaries (paid fighters).
2. Another weak point is the growing ill-feeling between Ashkenazi Jews and
Sephardic Jews in the Israeli Army. This has developed because nearly all the
officers are Ashkenazi Jews and most of the lower ranks who must do the fighting
are Sephardic Jews. Due to the shabby treatment of Sephardic Jew by the
Ashkenazi Jews in the Army, a mutiny by Sephardic Jews is a strong possibility.
The Marxist Zionists who rule Israel and the Marxist Zionists in America have
been trying to trick the U.S. into a Mideast war on the side of Israel, of
course. They almost succeeded when U.S. Marines were sent to Lebanon in 1982.
The blood of the 250 American Marines who died in Lebanon is dripping from the
hands of the Israeli and American Zionists. If more Americans are not made aware
of the truth about Zionist/Marxist Israel, you can be sure that, sooner or
later, these atheists who claim to be God's Chosen People will trick the U.S.
into a Mideast war against the Arabs who in the past have always been America's
best friends. Then, - More American boys will die because of these clever
murderous Zionists, WHO, incidentally, have been responsible for pushing America
While Zionist International Bankers and other Zionist Jews were busy counting
their profits from those wars, American mothers and fathers, brothers and
sisters were mourning the loss of their sons and brothers.
Zionist treachery.
Since Israel (formerly Palestine) is the land where, Jesus and Mohammed once
walked, it would seem the inhabitants of this land would have respect for this
holy land and for the religious sites that exist.
Nearly all Arab Moslems and Arab Christians do have respect, even reverence,
toward the holiness of the land; but, only a small minority of the Jews have
this same respect. 95% of the Jewish population are atheists or secular
humanists and are not held back by the 10 commandments or other restraints on
sinful human behavior. When the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews won control of the 'Holy
Land', every form of sin began seeping into this land.
Within a few short decades, this holy land became a modern-day Sodom and
Gomorrah. Drug trade, drug abuse, illegal weapons sales, prostitution, gambling,
labour racketeering, murder, extortion, blackmail, insurance fraud, loan
sharking and corruption of government officials and police.
Israel has a highly organized crime syndicate headquartered in Bat-Yam near Tel
Aviv. Many members of the crime syndicate are ex-convicts and ex-commandos from
the Israeli Army and they are highly skilled in the use of weapons and
The crime syndicate in Israel operates openly because of corruption in
government and police circles. Some of the police and government officials are
actively associated with the crime operation. The average American doesn't hear
of this, the real, side of Israel because the Zionist controlled press, radio
and TV in America keeps silent about it.
But, in Israel some newspapers report the facts. For instance: Right in the
middle of page one of one of the Hebrew language newspapers a couple of years
ago was an article that said in effect, what the Italian mafia couldn't
accomplish in 40 years, the Israeli mafia accomplished in 5 years. It has
developed the largest illegal drug exporting ring in the Mideast, selling drugs
mainly to Germany and the U.S. They have even set up a distribution network
within Germany and the U.S. Except for a few religious Jews who have emotional
religious ties to the holy sites in Israel, and lower class Jews who can't
afford to leave, all other decent Jews have left or are planning to leave. One
big reason is the sin permeating virtually every phase of Israeli society is too
much for decent Jews to endure.
Since terrorism, violence and war are a way of life in Israel, it is only
natural that manufacturing of military equipment and arms has become Israel's
main industry and export. During the first few years of its existence, Israel
acquired its military need from the U.S. and from communist countries.
But, gradually with U.S. assistance, Israel developed its own arms industry.
manufacturing certain military materials in the U.S. and thus provide jobs for
American worker, factories were set up in Israel with U.S. financing and
technical assistance to manufacture these products. The U.S. has also helped
Israel set up factories to produce electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals,
chemicals, home appliances, etc., all products that could have been produced in
the U.S.
While Israel profits from these 'Help Israel' ventures, American workers are
left standing in unemployment lines.
Manufacturing of certain war materials has become so great that it has become
Israel's main export. This war creating country which has been portrayed as 'the
only barrier to communism in the Mideast' sell its war products to anyone who
has the money - including repressive dictatorships - FASCIST or COMMUNIST.
Israel not only sells weapons made in Israel, but also sells weapons supplied to
Israel by the U.S. It has been discovered that some weapons used by Soviet
forces in Afghanistan were MADE IN AMERICA and originally shipped to Israel.
Also, it has been learned that some weapons used by Cuban forces in Angola were
MADE IN AMERICA and originally shipped to Israel.
It is ironic that the United States is in a life and death struggle against the
spread of Communist. Yet, our Zionist dominated U.S. Government allows military
equipment to be shipped to communist forces VIA ISRAEL.
You will recall that I mentioned my troubles in Israel began when I, an
Ashkenazi Jew, married a Sephardic Jewess. Anti-Sephardic treatment by Ashkenazi
Jews is even official government policy. This racism runs very deep in Israel
and sharply divides the Jewish population. One day, I entered a cafe in Tel
Aviv. The place was crowed and I sat down on the only seat available. Also
sitting at this table were 5 Sephardic Jews from Morocco. They learned that I
was studying the Hebrew language, so they were helping me with my studies when a
blue-eyed, Nazi-type Israeli police officer walked into the cafe. He ordered me
to "Get away from those Kooshim. 'Kooshim' in Hebrew means 'Niggers'. I replied,
"After I finish eating". The officer drew his service revolver and says, "You
move now!"
"You had better listen to him", the cafe owner advised. So, I got up. Standing
close to me, the officer pointed his gun right at my face and ordered, "Throw
your coffee and pastry on the floor". With a gun pointed at me, I didn't argue,
I threw the coffee and pastry on the floor. Then he said, "Get out of here and
don't come back". Latter, I learned that I was lucky. He could have arrested me
if he had wished; and he could have even shot me under vague Israeli laws.
In the U.S., if anyone complains of police brutality or misconduct, there is an
investigation, but not in Israel. The person registering a complaint can expect
police reprisal in the form of a beating. Besides being denied decent housing
and decent employment because I was married a Sephardic Jewess, I was the target
of racial slurs. Several times I was even attacked by Ashkenazi Jews because I
had married a Sephardic Jewess. Other American Ashkenazi who had gone to Israel
and married Sephardic Jewesses received the same treatment as I.
Because Sephardic Jews are victims of the racist practices against them, I had
often heard, in Israel, a Sephardic Jew tell a European Ashkenazi Jew, "Hitler
didn't kill enough of you bastards".
Please read the next paragraph carefully:
I was born in the United States, attended public schools, worked in various
parts of the U.S. and served 2 years in the U.S. Army. Not even once was I
persecuted or had racist remarks made to me because I was a Jew. It is ironic
that once in Israel, the so-called "Paradise for All Jews, 'I A JEW suffered
because of racism. The Zionist controlled news-media in America has kept from
the American people the news that Israel is intensely racist. Most Ashkenazi
Jews in America are not aware of the racism in Israel. Even those Jews who have
visited Israel are not aware because they are carefully kept from witnessing
racist incidents. However, Sephardic Jews in America have spread the truth about
the practice of racism against the Sephardic Jews in Israel. Knowing of this,
Sephardic Jews have not been among those Jews who migrated to Israel from America.
From what I have written so far, you should now realize that few Jews practice Judaism. Most Jews are atheists or they follow humanism which is anti-God religion. So the portrayal that Jews are a religious people who look to Israel as a fulfilment of biblical prophecy is a myth. Also, the portrayal that Jews are one race of people is a myth. The Sephardic Jew - Ashkenazi Jew division is adequate proof.
The Zionist controlled news-media in the U.S. has led the American people to believe that Israel is the only barrier holding back communism in the Mideast.
This would be humorous if it did not have such serious implications for the United States.
From what I have said so far, you should now realize that Israel is basically a Marxist country mixed with some Nazi-type fascism. A large book could be written about it, but for now I only wish to add:
1. Israel is the only country in the Mideast that allows communist parties to operate - there are three. Ironically, it is the Arab countries which forbid
communist parties to operate. (The exception is North Yemen which, through treachery, was taken over by the communists). Some of the Arab countries buy military equipment from communist countries because they can't get enough from the U.S. to offset the huge amounts the U.S. provides Israel. But, that's as far as any Arab/Soviet ties go.
2. The Soviet Union allows a good number of Jews to leave if they promise to go to Israel and Israel welcomes these communist oriented Jews. It must be noted that once out of the Soviet Union, many, if not most, Soviet Jews come to the
U.S. instead of going to Israel. It must also be noted that hundreds of
thousands of Jews have left Israel since its founding; some sources put the number at one million. Some of these Jews have requested to go back to the Soviet Union rather than live in Israel. Life for these Jews is better in Soviet Russia.
3. The latest scientific developments that the U.S. provides Israel is channelled on to the Soviet Union. The main center through which this scientific information passes is Israel's Weizman Institute in the town of Rehoovot about 40 kilometers south of Tel Aviv.
4. About one-third (1/3) of the Knesset belong to one of Israel's communist, socialist or other Marxist oriented parties.
In fact, it is the Arab countries that form the barrier that has stopped the spread of communism in the Mideast. Israel is one leg of the New York/ Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle which is behind the communist movement.
At the First Zionist Congress which was held in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland, one of the goals set was to create a Jewish state in the land of Palestine. At that time, only a few Jews were living in Palestine and they were nearly all native Sephardic Jews who are blood-related to the Arabs. These Palestinian (Sephardic) Jews and the Palestinian Arabs were living in peace as they had for centuries.
After the Zionist Congress in 1897, European Ashkenazi Jews began migrating to Palestine and buying land wherever they could. Yet, by 1920 Jews owed only 2% of Palestine. By 1948 when Israel declared itself a state, these invading Jews had increased their land ownership; but, it was still less than 6%. To accommodate the increasing European Jewish migration, the Jews needed more land, but the Palestinian Arabs refused to sell. So, to get more land from the Palestinians, these communist oriented European (Ashkenazi) Jews resorted to the one thing at which they are adept - TERRORISM.
Their first major act of terrorism against the Palestinians was at the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. During the night of April 9, 1948, two
Zionist terrorist gangs, the Irgun and the Stern Gang attacked and massacred over 250 men, women and children. Menachem Begin, leader of the attack on Deir
Yassin and later Prime Minister of Israel, has this to say, "The massacre was not only justified, but there would not have been a state of Israel without the
'victory' at Deir Yassin".
The massacre at Deir Yassin caused other Palestinians to flee their homes in fear. Zionist terrorists drove trucks the with loudspeakers through the streets and over the roads of Palestine warning Palestinians that what happened at Deir Yassin would happen to them if they didn't leave.
These Zionist terrorists weren't bluffing: For Example:
* They killed 60 Palestinians at Balad Esh Sheikh.
* They blew up 20 homes in Sa'sa', killing 60 women and children.
* They killed a number of women who were working in Saint Simon monastery in
* They massacred 250 at Lydda.
* they killed 200, mostly old people, in the village mosque in Ed-Dawayimeh.
* They killed 51 workers as they returned from their fields at Kafr Qasem.
* Christian inhabitants of Kaba Bir'im were expelled from the village and the village destroyed. The village cemetery was desecrated, including the smashing
of 73 crosses.
During the few months when these and other acts of terrorism were taking place,
300.000 Palestinian Christians and Moslems were forced to leave their homes or be killed by the terrorist groups which were made up of European, communist oriented Jews. It was these same Marxist oriented Jews who were soon to became the ruling elite of the State of Israel. From the beginning, and to the present, these terrorist Marxist oriented Zionists have ruled Israel.
After Israel declared itself a state on May 14, 1948, Israeli terrorism continued in an effort to push more Palestinians from their homes.
Since 1948, 350 Christian churches and Moslem mosques have been destroyed by these Zionist terrorists. At this point, I wish to give this warning to all God-believing people in the United States, Christians, Moslems and Jews. The destruction of religion by the Zionist Jews is well underway in the U.S. In Israel, it has nearly been accomplished.
To accomplish their goals, the Zionists will let NO ONE STAND IN THEIR WAY.
During World War II, the Zionist leadership cooperated with the Nazis by delivering lower class Jews to the concentration camps.
So, it is not surprising that they sank the ship 'Patria' carrying 252 Jewish immigrants who the Zionists feared may oppose Zionism. In another incident, 760 Jewish lives were lost when the Zionists sank the ship 'Struma' for the same reason.
Even well-know world figures are not immune to Zionist terrorism and violence.
In 1948, in a effort to bring about a peaceful settlement in the Israeli/Palestine area, United Nations sent Count Folke Bernadotte of Sweden to mediate. Count Bernadotte favoured a partition of the area - a portion of the land for Jews and a portion for Palestinians. This angered the Zionists who wanted all the land. In a brazen show of disregard for diplomacy, justice and common decency, the Zionists 'eliminated' Count Bernadotte. He and his driver were assassinated while riding down the streets of Jerusalem. Tens of millions of people have been killed since the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews, backed by the Zionist Oriented Jewish International Bankers took over Russia. In the Mideast, these same Zionist/Bolshevik Jews are using the very same tactic: To route the Arabs from their land they have killed untold thousands of Arabs and rendered hundreds of thousands homeless.
The question arises: How many Arabs will they kill when the Zionist/ Bolsheviks gain control over the Mideast and when they gain physical control over America?
They already have control of nearly every phase of American life. If the Zionists ever succeed in imposing gun control on the American people, there will be nothing to stop them from complete take over of America.
Ephraim Sevilla, a Russian Jew, migrated to Israel in 1971. After five years of frustration in Israel, he left as have nearly all other decent Jews.
In his book, 'Farewell Israel' Sevilla predicted that Israel would only last another 10 years. This he wrote in 1975.
Israel's existence could drag on past 1985, but I agree with Sevilla that Israel is doomed. Israel's Marxist/Fascist policies, wars of aggression plus racism has led Israel to the brink of disaster. In anticipation of Israel's collapse, corrupt Israeli leaders and other Jews in position of power have already been charged with embezzling large amounts of American taxpayer money given to Israel
and Jewish donations and deposited this money in foreign accounts.
It must be kept in mind that because of Israel's policies, the free countries of
the world have turned against Israel and against the U.S. for supporting it.
This has hurt Israel and especially the U.S.
If Israel as it now exists simply collapsed and ceased to exist, the world would certainly be better because of it. Unfortunately the New York/ Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle will not allow Israel to die quietly. As the collapse of Israel draws near, one of two courses of action by the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle is likely to be taken:
1. Israel could trigger a large scale Mideast war, a large war which Israel could not win alone. Then the New York leg of the New York/Moscow/ Tel Aviv Triangle would use its influence on the U.S. Government to send U.S. military forces to aid Israel. It isn't expected that the Moscow leg of the Triangle will become militarily involved. Moscow will merely sit back and let the U.S. weaken itself in helping Israel fight the Arabs. At some point during the war, when the U.S. military is deeply involved and the U.S. citizens demoralized, the Zionist oriented Jewish International Bankers will make their move. Evidence leads to the conclusion that it is these bankers who own the Class A Stock of the U.S.
Federal Reserve, America's central bank. In this position of power, these Zionist bankers can, and likely will, trigger an economic collapse in America - like they did in 1929 when they caused the stock marked crash and started the severe depression of the 1930's.
Since the money system currently used in the U.S. is not backed by gold, silver or anything of value, the paper dollars and tin coins now in use will be worthless.
In the resulting state of confusion and in an effort to obtain food and other necessities, the American people will accept the 'New States Constitution' which has already been written. This will place the American people under the dictates of 'ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT' run by the Zionist oriented International Bankers and Zionist/Bolshevik Jews. Exactly what direction the war in the Mideast will take only the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle and God will know.
When it is all over, the main losers will be:
The American people.
The Arabs people.
The Sephardic Jews and that portion of Ashkenazi Jews who are for justice and freedom.
The only winners will be:
The Zionist International Bankers and the Zionist/Bolshevik (communist/
Socialist) Jews.
2. The other likely course of action would be a back-up, if the American taxpayers say, "That's is enough"! The cost of supporting bankrupt Israel is draining increasing amount of money from the American taxpayers. At some point, the taxpayers are going to say, "That's enough"! When that happens, the Moscow leg of the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle will move in to fill the void. To neutralize the United States, the Zionist International Bankers will likely create an economic collapse and throw the U.S. into a state of chaos. What military action the Soviet Bolshevik Jews and Israeli Zionist/Bolshevik Jews will take against the Arab countries only the TRIANGLE and God will know. It is likely they will strike into the Arab oil field first.
Whatever action is taken, one thing is certain - the losers will be:
The American people.
The Arab people.
The Sephardic Jews and that portion of the Ashkenazi Jews who are for justice and freedom.
The only winners will be:
The Zionist International Bankers and the Zionist/Bolshevik
(Communist/Socialist) Jews.
Based on developing military, economic and political actions in both the U.S.
and Israel, the two courses of action I have mentioned appear to be the most logical for the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle to follow. Whether one of the two develops, or whether a surprise is in store for us, only the Zionist/Bolshevik 'War Lords' and God know.
This raises the question: What can we in America do to stop the New
York/Moscow/Tel Aviv 'War Lord's'.
In deciding the course of action to be taken to stop the Zionist/Bolshevik 'War Lord's' two points are the keys and must be restated and emphasized:
1. One leg of the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews is based in New York City. It was from this base that financial and organizational aid was given to carry out the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. This Revolution enabled the establishment of the second leg of the Zionist/communist power, Moscow. If it were not for the continued support by the New York Zionist/Bolshevik Jews and their nation-wide network, communism would have collapsed long ago. But, the various facets of power held by these Zionist in America, have enabled them to trick the American people into supporting communism.
2. Communism would now have gotten started and most problems faced by Americans would not have developed if the news-media would have kept the American people informed about the actions of the Zionist/ Bolsheviks. However these Zionist/Bolshevik (communist) Jews are clever.
Before they began their acts of subversion in America, they gained control of the major newspapers and specially the news services which supply national and international news to the smaller daily newspapers.
Since they controlled, and still control, the major news-media outlets, including radio and television, they have been able to distort or omit the truth about their subversive acts.
In 1920 Henry Ford, Sr. wrote, "If the American people ever become aware of the truth about this coterie of Jews, it would be the solution".
What Henry Ford meant was: If the American people ever learned the truth, they
would take whatever action necessary to stop this bunch of Zionist/Bolshevik
Many individuals and groups are in the process of trying to inform the American people about the danger they present to America and to the free world nations, but it is still far too little to be effective. It would be in the interest of nearly every person who is aware, to quietly but energetically help to spread
the information to others.
People who have an interest would include:
* The average American who wishes to preserve his or her freedom.
* Arab American who wish to remove the thorn of oppression in the Mideast.
* People from the captive nations of Europe who wish to rid their homelands of the Bolshevik scourge.
* Ethiopian Americans and other Afro-Americans who have seen their homelands taken over by these Bolshevik/communists.
* Chinese Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Korean Americans and other Oriental Americans who have felt the heavy hand of communist oppression.
Since each and everyone of these nationalities are fighting the same destructive enemy - the Zionist/Bolshevik (communist/socialist) Jews, it would be more
effective if all joined hands in a cooperative effort.
I might add that leading the fight against the Zionist Jews should be the
pro-American Jews, like myself, who love America and realize the destruction the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv has brought to the world.
Since the land now occupied by Israel is rightly referred to as the 'Holy Land', all Christians Moslems, and anti-Zionist Jews should cooperate in an effort to transform Israel into a de-militarized HOLY LAND STATE under international supervision. Then, from this holy land could come the word of God instead of torture, war and drugs.
I want to emphasize a key point of this book. It is a waste of time to talk about fighting communism and the problems it has caused; and it is a waste of time to talk about the international problems facing America UNLESS the main cause of those problems has been identified. The cause, of course is the Zionist oriented Jewish International Bankers and the Zionist Jews who operate behind a cloak of secrecy.

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