Holocaust Myths...Many of Which Were Taught as Fact in the Past...

 There never were any lampshades made out of human skin.  That was a lie perpetuated for many years, but long since proven false.  I wonder, what kind of sick, disgusting, nasty, vile, creature make up a story like that?  And to keep it going & going & going.  Oh, soap made with fat from murdered Jews?  Are you kidding me?  That was proven false too.  No one even claims that anymore, but at one point it was taught as "fact" in high school textbooks.  The lies go on & on & on.  It's despicable & I'm sick & tired of it.  I don't buy it anymore & I would like some honest answers.  Is that too much to f'n ask?  Some history based on FACTS and not feelings.   ...And they did it all for the money. Zionist propaganda at it's best.

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