Download Many of Historian David Irving's Books for Free via Focal Point Publishing ~

Historian of World War II & The Holocaust™, David Irving, is making his books available in pdf format (and maybe other formats also) for free! No strings attached (external link) 

This is a very generous undertaking.  I've noticed over the past three years that many Holocaust™ revisionists have their books, monographs, academic papers, & thesis' available for free online.  I think this shows that they aren't necessarily in it for the money.  (On the contrary, many Holocaust™ revisionist's go bankrupt, having their livelihood ruined by the Kosher Kriminals involved in the brutal coverup.)  When & if you can, try to purchase some hard copies of books & pamphlets from some of the brilliant minds involved in revisionism.  (The Barnes Review journal, IHR, CODOH, etc) 

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