Lots & Lots of stuff...

...but most notably the fact that my computer hard drive crashed and I lost over 250 GB's of music, photos, videos, documents, resume, bookmarks, etc.  I am completely devastated.  I can't even begin to express my grief.  I'm mos def not over-reacting, those who know me know that my music is one of the most important things in the world to me.  I lost files that I will NEVER, EVER get back or be able to find again.  There were so many obscure, underground, hard to find, out of press, never-released-on-CD recordings that I'm so overwhelmed as to where to start collecting it again.  The hard drive (which is now in a box on the table next to me) stands a better chance of fixing itself, than I do of even finding HALF of all that music again.
 What would YOU do?  What should I do?
 In 2009 my entire CD collection (over 900 CD's) was stolen and never recovered.  At that time ALL of my photos, clothing, Doc Martens, books, 'zines, furniture, etc was also stolen & thrown out.  I'm STILL not over that, especially when I know who did it and the police won't follow through with the charges I filed.  Well, what can you expect from a bunch of monkeys.  Police are, by nature, slow, lazy, and inept.   Essentially worthless but it seemed the only recourse I had at that time.
I've gotta figure something out.  Man, sooooooo many of my lost files were vinyl-only 7"s & LP's with all the art-work & lyrics scanned in with them.  I spent countless hours up all night at the computer organizing and cleaning all my folder.  I have about 4 GB's saved at, about 7 GB's on my ipod, and 12 GB's burned onto two DVD's.  If ONLY I had burned more shizzit to DVD.....if only.

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