Jewish Wealth, Power, and Influence--

THIS is taken directly from the comments section of a Jewish website.  It
is pertaining to the list published by Forbes of the 400 richest people in 
America.  The fella who wrote the article says that 150 of these folks are 
Jewish.  I, for one, find that alarming since by the Jews own admission they
comprise 1.7% of America's population.  The comment I am posting below
succinctly sums up what is wrong with this entire scenario.

In a capitalist society, Wealth = Power and Influence. 

According to this analysis, 35% of the wealthiest Americans are Jews, while Jews, according to their own estimates comprise merely 1.7% of the population.  This means that Jews are grossly over-represented in the wealthiest category by a factor of over 20 times (35 / 1.7) or 2,000%!  This combined with their over-representation in the media and academia makes a convincing argument for their elite status and helps explain their power and influence.  When this power and influence is used to advocate policies that are detrimental to the non-Jewish population, it legitimizes a focused analysis of Jewish behavior.

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