Excellent Page On The Holocaust™ & The Bucket Of Lies Surrounding It

Holocaust Revisionist Truths (link)

Here is an excellent page on the website about the Holocaust™ lies.
I dislike Nazi's, neo-nazi's, fascism, Hitler, etc.  But most of that crap is in the past.
Zionism & Zionazism is a modern day threat to humanity's freedom & peace.
There has been a HUGE propaganda campaign to indoctrinate the public with the
ridiculous idea & thesis that 6 million Jews were killed by Hitler and his henchman. 
This is, for the most part, bullshit. I used to be one of the sheeple that believed the traditional
Holocaust™ story.  I was brought up believing that.  Over the past twenty years I have, little
by little, uncovered the truth about this alleged European Holocaust™ of Jews.
Six million Jews were NOT killed by Hitler.
There were NO "homicidal gas chambers" in Auschwitz nor anywhere else in Poland, 
Germany, or anywhere else in Europe.  That is a fable based on irrational mass hysteria.
Nazis used small gas chambers to fumigate clothing & bedding.  They never killed a single
Jew nor anyone else with Zyklon B (cyanide).  Myths, fables, and outright lies.
Modern technology has proven this false.  However, Jewish Zionist's, being as crafty as they
are, have made any questioning of the traditional Holocaust™ story completely illegal.  A felony
resulting in severe prison sentences.  WTF?!?  Why?  Why threaten a person with incarceration
if your story is so true?  Truth does not fear inquiry!  Amen.
Institute for Historical Review, The Barnes Review, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Germar
Rudolf.  Brave souls and brave organizations & publications daring to tell the truth.
Please watch all of the available videos, read the plethora of information available. Decide for
yourself.  Do not be bullied by Jewish Zionist terrorist thugs!!!  And remember, always use love. ♥

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