Currently Reading This Week--

Here are a few of the MANY books that I am simultaneously reading at this moment in time. In addition to these books, I also have several magazines & journals that I refer back to, plus about six dozen books on my immediate bookshelf. I always say, one can never read too much! 

"Alien Agenda"
 - by Jim Marrs 

"Ruled By Secrecy" 
- by Jim Marrs 

"Forbidden Science" 
 - by J. Douglas Kenyon 

"The Babylonian Codex" 
- by C.S. Graham 

 "The Monk of Mount Athos" 
 - Trans. by Rosemary Edmonds 

 "Essence of the Upanishads" 
- by Eknath Easwaran 

"Papa Dimitri Gagastathis: The Man of God" 
- Trans. by Dimitrios N. Kagaris

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